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   Chapter 14 Faced It Calmly

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Steve walked up to Vicky and looked at her viciously. When he looked at her, she didn't dare to look into his eyes. She just looked away!

He reached out his hand, easily pinched her thin chin and forced her to look at him. "What? How dare you bargain with me? "

Vicky looked at his eyes. The sadness in his eyes had been well concealed, but... But he still inadvertently revealed it.

"It's been three years. Now I see such expression in your eyes again. Don't you think it's ridiculous? I thought our relationship would be over three years ago, but... Do you think we are still a little strange now? "

"Can't you just let it go?"


When this matter was brought up, Steve slapped directly on Vicky's face! When Vicky was slapped to the ground, her white and tender cheeks suddenly turned red and swollen. She felt that there was a bloody smell spreading in her mouth.

"How dare you talk about this in front of me? How dare you! Vicky, do you really think that I won't do anything to you? !"

He was furious, but she was very calm.

It turned out that after so many years, in his heart, it was not that he did not remember this thing, but... Instead, he learned to ignore it.

"I'm sorry, but I have given you back what I owe you. I really don't know what my father has done. I..."

Suddenly, Steve pinched Vicky's chin and looked at her playfully. "You father can't pay back what he had done, but you are different. You still have a lot of time to pay back, right?"

"What do I owe you? My father destroyed your family, and you destroyed mine. We are already even now. Why do you still torment me like this? "


Their eyes looked so alike!

Her eyes could always remind him of the source of hatred!

"Aren't you afraid of me now? Aren't you afraid of me at all? "

Even in the face of such a situation, Vicky was still so calm, which really made him angry! "Tell me! Tell me you are afraid of me! Beg me! As long as you beg me, maybe I won't do anything to you. Beg me! "

He pinched her chin hard. The pain Vicky felt made every nerve of her clear. Such pain made her eyes and nose sore. But she still chose to endure it.

"Why don't you say anything? Aren't you afraid of me? "

"Why do you have to make people afraid of you? I just want to work now. That's all. Please don't make things difficult for me. If you make things difficult for me, you will reopen your healed wound and expose it to the sun, won't you? "

"What do you know?"

He was very angry, and the strength in his hand gradually increased. But Vicky still didn't say a word. She just silently endured all the pain!

He looked at her forbearing expression and gradually let go of his hand. He turned around and wiped his hands with a handkerchief.

"I will give you a chance to solve this case, and you will give me a perfect follow-up solution. Then I can... I will consider to raise your salary. Isn't this what you want? "

"Okay, I promise you."

This was exactly what Vicky was waiting for. If she hadn't prepared this plan in advance, she wouldn't have had such a chance to get involved in it.

After weighing the pros and cons, Steve would definitely not take a risk because of her. In other words, he would compromise with her for the cooperation plan with the other party. As long as he compromised, there would be a chance!

"General Manager, I will give you the plan tomorrow. I'm going back to work. "


Damn it!

This tone was so familiar to Vicky!

"What's wrong?"

"I suddenly thought of something. I want to ask you, if you answer my question, you can leave."

He really wanted to know that. Now he can't wait for others to tell him the truth!

"How did you get through all these years? I didn't expect to see you again. Even if I see you again, I didn't expect that you would fall into such a situation. What on earth has happened to you these years? Tell me. "

"Me? Everyone has their own life, and I, live the life arranged by God for me. In fact, isn't this what you want to see most, General Manager? I'm living such a miserable life. You must be very happy to see that. "

"It's good that you know it yourself. Go away. Don't get in my way."

After Vicky left with the bucket, Steve looked at his right hand which he used to touch her cheek just now. It seemed that he could still feel it.

"What's wrong with me? How come I don't look like myself when I meet

Vicky? Hum... It's ridiculous to lose control of myself for a woman! "

In the evening, in the night club...

"Mr. Steve, why haven't you come here recently? I thought you were seduced by certain woman... "

"Are you kidding? It's impossible. I'm just busy with my work recently. "

When the man heard this from Steve, he couldn't help but laugh.

When Steve heard that the man was laughing, he finally became a little impatient. "What are you laughing at?"

"Because of what you have said. You said you it was because of your busy work? I've known you for so long, and I never know when you'll be so upset about your work. "


"Yes, upset! Didn't you notice? You are frowning now. Didn't you see it when you looked in the mirror? "

"Are you mentally prepared to tease me like this?"

"Hey, Mr. Steve, are you really doing this for a woman? I think you really don't have to do this. It's really irrational to make yourself confused for a woman. "


Was he that obvious?

"I think you are talking nonsense. Do you think I will be so upset about a woman?"

"That's right. You've always been like this. Well, forget it. We're here to have fun today. I'm not here to see your upset face. Look, there are so many beautiful women here. Which type do you like? "

The girls who came to the night club were all dressed in the same style. The so-called beautiful women all have performed face-lifting. Steve had no interest in such women at all.

"What's wrong with you?"


"You are usually very happy to come here. Why are you still so depressed now? It's not like you? So? There are so many beautiful girls here. Don't you like any of them? "

Steve didn't say anything and just drank the wine in his hand. The man sitting opposite him also understood that Steve was in a bad mood today, so no matter what he said, Steve was not in the mood to talk about it.

On the other side, Vicky really had no time to think about anything else. She had a way to solve the problem of InHo, but if it was a very simple problem, Steve could have solved it by himself.

She still worked overtime today. At half past eight in the evening, there was no one in the company.

Seeing that Vicky didn't go home at night, Randy was very worried about her safety. He called her, but she was too busy that she didn't found that her phone owned money.

"Why hasn't Vicky come back yet? Her phone is out of service. What should I do? Did something happen to her on the way? "

Randy didn't know what was going on with Vicky, and he didn't know that in order to stay and continue to work and make money, a top student in finance was now a cleaner in the company.

She didn't dare to tell her brother. She knew what kind of person Randy was. If Randy knew something, he would definitely not let her compromise.

"No, Vicky hasn't come back yet. I can't wait at home all the time. I want to find her. I believe she will be fine now!"

After locking the door, Randy changed his shoes and set out to look for Vicky. Although he had never been to InHo before, this group was so famous that as long as he checked the map on his mobile phone, he would know where it was.

It was destined that Steve wouldn't be able to enjoy himself here tonight. What he was thinking now was all about the stubborn expression of Vicky, who was desperate.

"What happened? Mr. Steve, where are you going? We just started. Is it not good for you to leave? "

"You can continue to play. I will pay the bill later."

"Yes! That's exactly what I want! "

When Steve walked out of the night club alone, it was blustery outside. It was so cold, and he was chilled to the marrow.

'That woman didn't wear too many clothes and she was thin. Moreover, the mess was still in her hands. I really don't know how she deal with it.'

"What am I doing? She is just a woman I abandoned. Why would I think about her? Well! From now on, I don't want to think about anything. In that case, is everything okay? "

After getting in the car, the driver asked if Steve would go home immediately, but that the first thing he thought about was to go to the company. "Forget it. Let's go to the company."

"Yes, Mr. Steve."

In the large car, there was only one person, and the blood red wine in his hand was shaking rhythmically. He looked at the neon lights outside. The weather was so bad today, but he also saw a strange charm.

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