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   Chapter 7 Couldn't Let It Go

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You By Yi Shi Characters: 4808

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"Excuse me. What did I do? Let me tell you, it was you who shredded the document. If you hadn't shredded it, it wouldn't have happened. So, it's all your fault! It has nothing to do with us or anyone else! "

Yesterday, Susanna saw that Vicky went to the General Manager's office. Out of jealousy, she didn't want her to live a good life. After Susanna realized that she had done something wrong, she asked Vicky for help and set her up.

"Vicky, I won't arrange any work for you today. Now you'd better find a way to restore the documents! Otherwise, you will have a hard time in the future! We still have something else to do. You should work hard! "

After saying that, Ruby tidied up her clothes and left. She was also afraid that it had something to do with her. She had to raise several children and serve the elderly at home! She couldn't afford to lose her job.

Enduring the pain in her foot, Vicky picked up all the pieces of paper on the ground.

"What a poor girl Vicky is!"

"Poor? I think she is too stupid! She didn't know that she was taken advantage of by Susanna! Humph! She is beautiful, but she is so stupid! She deserves it! "

"What's wrong? Are you jealous that she is more beautiful than you? "

"Am I jealous of her? Stop kidding! Look at that stupid woman! "

Endure! This was the only thing Vicky could do now!

There were so many pieces of paper on the table, including useful and useless! They were all mixed together. It was not impossible to sort it out, but it was definitely not easy.

It was a cold office and quiet environment. Only the sound of typing could be heard from time to time. The Butler came in with the documents in his hands.

"Mr. Steve, I have sent someone to the place you want me to go! This is the photo taken there! "

Looking at the photos, Steve found it hard to imagine that a shabby house could still accommodate people. The last few photos were taken when Vicky went out with her brother.

"Is this where they live?"

"Yes, Mr. Steve!"

How could Vicky that arrogant woman live in such a shabby place? "Are you sure?"

"Mr. Steve, we have investigated it. They have been living in there for two and a half years! Besides, I heard that Vicky had a hard time in the past two and a half years. "

"Hard time?"

How come? He remembered that he had given a sum of money to Vicky three years ago! Why did their li

ves change dramatically in just half a year?

The butler witnessed what happened between Steve and Vicky three years ago. However, Steve still couldn't let it go.

"Mr. Steve, according to the investigation, Vicky's younger brother Randy. Three years ago, he was sent to the hospital because of his heart problem. Later, he had a heart operation and was discharged half a year later. They moved here after Randy were discharged from the hospital. "

Three years ago, Randy was in hospital?

He remembered clearly that one day three years ago. She suddenly became obedient and had no dignity. Was that the reason why she asked him to give her the money?

"Butler, go and find out the truth..."

"Yes, Mr. Steve."

The butler bowed his head and walked out of the office. Steve suddenly paid attention to this matter, and it was hard to guarantee that it would not go on what happened three years ago. For the butler, he didn't want to see Steve suffer again.

It was getting dark, and most of the documents were still in disorder. It seemed that she couldn't go home tonight.

"Randy, I have to work overtime today. Maybe I won't go back tonight. Take care of yourself. Call me if you have any problems. "

She received a message from her brother soon. The simple sentence warmed her heart! Even if the whole world hated her, she still had her brother. As long as she had Randy, everything she had suffered was worth it!

It was late at night and everyone left the company. But now, there were only two places where the lights were still on. Vicky had to work over the night tonight, and Steve didn't want to go back so early to face the troublesome trifles.

The documents were restored bit by bit. Vicky saw the problems of these documents. It turned out that there was a big financial problem. Besides, there was a big loophole in the market information. No wonder the manager was so nervous!

"What am I worried about? As long as Steve sees this document, he will definitely understand the contents of it. "

Looking at the pieces of paper, Vicky decided to get up and get a glass of water first.

"What did you say? The document was shredded? You are such an idiot. Didn't I tell you that you must put away that document? We haven't done anything about it yet. If the general manager knows the existence of that document, we will be doomed! Why are you so careless? "

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