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   Chapter 5 The Situation Was Different Now

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You By Yi Shi Characters: 4467

Updated: 2020-08-14 00:06

Finn Fang and Vicky had known each other since high school. At that time, Vicky and Randy were still living a comfortable life. At that time, they had a good relationship, but the situation was slightly different now.

Finn Fang was still a member of the well-known family, while Vicky was no longer the powerful lady!

"Sister? Sister? "

"Hmm? What's wrong? "

"I just said... I have found a part-time job these two days. It's not bad. It's a job in a cafe! Finn introduced it to me. It only takes me five hours to work every day. I want to have a try... "

"No way!"

Vicky refused without hesitation! This was absolutely impossible! Randy was not in good health since he was a child. Except for going to school every day, he was almost forbidden by Vicky to go anywhere else.

"Randy, I have found a job! You don't have to do part-time job. You just need to do what you should do. "

"Sister... You have done so much for me, and I also want to do something for you. "

Vicky walked to Randy and hugged him. The embrace of family could always make a person feel at ease.

"I know what you have suffered a lot these years, but I can't do anything to help you. I don't want to be so useless. You have always told me to study hard, but when will I finish my study? There are still many years left. You will have to suffer a lot for me! "

With a gentle smile, Vicky gently patted on the soft hair of Randy.

"Little fool, I can take care of you now! Prepare for the entrance exam this summer vacation. You must go to college! In this way, all the difficulties I had went through will not be in vain! Do you understand? "

"But Sister... "

"Well, don't say anything more. After dinner, you should study for a while before going to bed! You have class tomorrow. " Vicky interrupted Randy. She was tired of this topic and didn't want to go on!

The weather gradually warmed up, and gradually it began to move towards summer. Sitting in front of the window, Vicky took off her gloves. The wound was exposed to the air again and she felt a little cool.

"Haven't you decided to let me go after so many years, Steve? What on earth do I owe you? Why are you forcing me? Why? "

Vicky stared blankly at some

where. Only the pain in her palm made her awake.

So many years had passed, and those bad memories were like a rein, fiercely strangling Vicky's neck, making her unable to breathe.

"Sister, you haven't gone out with me for a long time! Sister, if you have a holiday, let's go out for the outing together, okay? "

Said Vicky, touching Randy's head with her hand. "Okay, I'm waiting for that. If I have a holiday, I will go out with you, okay? "

After breakfast, Vicky asked Randy to go to class as soon as possible! And she couldn't be late for work today! Randy still didn't know who Vicky had met, and it seemed that Steve wouldn't let Vicky go this time.

Vicky walked to work and saw a woman's dress shop on the street. The white dress on the plastic model had been placed in the shop window for about ten days! In the past ten days, she passed by here every day and stopped to watch for a minute.

Her figure was reflected on the bright window glass. She had worn this dress for three years. Although it was clean, people would know it was an old one at a glance.

Vicky took a look at her watch. There were really only ten minutes left! Vicky didn't stop. She still had to go to the company as soon as possible. Otherwise, Steve would probably come to make things difficult for her again after he knew it.

When Vicky was about to run, a mellow male voice behind her stopped her. "Vicky, where are you going? Let me drive you there!"

"Benjamin? Why are you here? "

"I was just passing by and wanted to go to your home to look for you! But I saw you go out, so I just wandered around. Then I saw you! "

In the past few years, Benjamin was the only person who had been taking care of and supporting her by her side! They had known each other since childhood, but before the decline of Vicky's family, his whole family had emigrated abroad! He didn't come back to find Vicky until Vicky graduated from the University.

"I see..."

"Don't talk any more. I think you are in a hurry to go somewhere. Come on, let me drive you there!"

Benjamin Bai put his arm on the car window, and Vicky worried that she would be late, so she didn't refuse. "All right, Benjamin. I'm really in a hurry. Please!"

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