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   Chapter 3 Meet Again

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Vicky tied up her hair with a rubber band. A trace of stubbornness swept through her eyes. 'I will do my best, ' she thought to herself. Without wasting a second, she began the work. Cleaning was one of her specialties and she could do it without any trouble.

"Mr. Gong, Vicky has started working," someone informed Steve.

His face twisted with a smile. He couldn't wait to see how downcast Vicky looked. "I can't believe she agreed to do it. Anyway, I'd like to see it with my own eyes,"

he announced as he spilled his coffee on the floor. "Now look what happened! Go and ask Vicky to come here. She has some serious cleaning to do," he said and burst out laughing.

"Yes, sir!" the man said and hurried out of the office.

Vicky was occupied with the task of cleaning the meeting room. According to her rank, she was only allowed to clean the meeting room.

"Vicky, Mr. Gong has accidentally spilled his coffee. He wouldn't want the stain to be permanent so hurry and go to his office," the man declared.

"Okay, I'll be right there," said Vicky politely and left when she was done with the meeting room.

After putting away her belongings, Vicky was about to go to the general manager's office. When she passed by, her colleagues began to whisper among themselves.

"Look! She is going to the general manager's office. Turns out he has specifically asked for her. Do they know each other? Not everyone has the access to general manager's office! Even people from other departments aren't allowed to enter it without a solid reason. If he has asked for her, there must be some connection!"

"Oh, come on! You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't talk rubbish about the general manager! If you are found out, you will be doomed!"

The women looked around. They knew he couldn't stand gossip. "Shh, keep your voice down and no one will know! Now that she got an access to go inside, she is bound to make use of this opportunity. What if she fights for a better position using her beauty? Perhaps we will have to lower ourselves when we see her in the future!"

"Are you crazy? No way! He isn't dumb to fall for it. Beauty won't bring fortune. Forget it! Her turn will only come in the next life!"

Enduring their taunt-filled words, Vicky walked over calmly.

She knocked on the door but found out it was already open. Her gaze instantly fell on the area where coffee was spilled. "I'm here to clean the office," she announced. Vicky put down the plastic barrel in her hand.

"Go ahead!" The man's voice sent shivers down her spine.

She could forget her own voice but not his. It was the voice of the man who had tortured her da

y in, day out.

Vicky stopped what she was doing and kept her head down, not daring to look up at the person in front of her.

"What's wrong? Won't you look at me? After all, we are meeting after such a long time."

Steve stood up and walked towards her. With his cold hand, he touched her shoulder. But she didn't budge.

"Well, is that how you respond to your boss's call?"

Steve asked, feeling a bit annoyed as she wasn't acknowledging his presence.

Vicky continued to do her job. Watching her pay him no heed curdled his blood. Brimming with rage, Steve grabbed Vicky's wrist and threw her to the floor.

When he touched her, he noticed calluses on Vicky's hands. From what he remembered, they had been soft and smooth. Steve was taken off-guard. 'Hadn't she had a good life these years?' he wondered.

Vicky raised her head indifferently and looked at the man in front of her like she wasn't afraid of him. He hadn't changed a bit.

"What do you want?"

she asked confidently.

This was the most interesting sentence that Steve had heard.

He mulled over it and said, "Three years ago, I told you not to appear in front of me again. But now you came to my office, all by yourself. What do you think I want?"

In the past three years, Vicky had lived the worst life. If she let go of this job out of fear, then she and her brother would soon starve to death. She had to become strong. Hiding the softness in her heart, she decided to show the world her tough side.

"Let the bygones be bygones. Now, I work here as an employee." After tidying up the debris and water stains on the floor, Vicky turned around and left.


Although it was the voice that shook her to the core, she maintained her composure. 'He can't get to me. I will take no one but my brother seriously, ' she chanted in her mind.

Vicky stopped for a second and said politely, "Mr. Gong, I've finished my work. I should be leaving now!" Without waiting for his response, she dashed out.

"Where do you think you are going? As long as you work for me, your life is at stake. Vicky, you rekindled my hatred for you!" he said and his voice echoed in his office.

Taking his landline, he called Jason. "Jason, go ahead and run a check on Vicky's background. Bring me the details as soon as possible!"

"Yes, sir!"

After hanging up the phone, Steve relaxed in his chair. The moment he looked into her eyes, his desire for revenge reawakened.

On the other hand, after leaving Steve's office, Vicky found respite in an empty corner. She couldn't believe what had just happened. Three years later, her nightmare was once again turning into reality.

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