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   Chapter 2 A New Life

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"Do as I say! Don't you dare question my decisions! Ask Vicky Chu to come to work tomorrow. Ask the interviewer to inform her to be prepared. Working in InHo Group is not as simple as she thought."

"Yes! I'll do it right now,"

the man said and sprinted out of the office.

"Vicky Chu, you have put your hand in the lion's mouth. Brace yourself for a torturous life!" he muttered under his breath.

This man was none other than Steve Gong, the person who held the highest position in InHo Group. He was the youngest heir of the Gong family, and also the man who had made Vicky's life a living hell.

While Vicky was going back home, her phone rang. "Congratulations, Miss Vicky Chu. You have been hired by our company! Other details will be given when you come to the company tomorrow," the caller said.

Vicky, who had been almost certain she wouldn't get this job, was taken off-guard.

Thanking him profusely, she kept the phone. 'That's great! With this job, I can help Randy have a better life!' she thought with a new-found hope. Vicky held her phone tightly as if was her last ray of hope. She believed this job would change her and Randy's lives.

Steve Gong sat in his luxury car, and noticed the elated look on Vicky's face.

'Humph, after everything that happened, I thought you would never smile. Your happiness is short-lived. I will make sure you pay for what your parents had done!' he thought as his face contorted with an evil smile.

Nothing could bring Vicky down today. Before going home, she stopped by a supermarket and brought some grocery items. Once she was back home, she busied herself in the act of cooking. It had been a while since they ate something delicious.

"Vicky, I'm back!" Randy announced. Vicky was in the kitchen. When she heard his voice, she came out of the kitchen carrying two bowls of rice in her hands.

"We will be having dinner now. Go wash your hands."

"Okay!" After Randy washed his hands, he sat on a small chair.

Looking at the dishes on the table, he started to drool.

"Vicky, did something good happen today? Have you passed the interview?" Randy couldn't think of anything else that would make his sister so happy.

Putting the bowl on the table, Vicky nodded her head happily. "Yes, from now on, I will have a salary. Once the summer vacation begins, you can stay home and study. I will be out, making money. By the way, your head teacher told me that you are so smart that you can directly the university entrance examination. Why didn't you cooperate with the teacher and fill the application form? Why don't you want to skip a grade?"

"Vicky..." Randy put down his chopsticks and looked straight into her eyes. "Vicky, I know it isn't easy for you to support us. It has been three years since you haven't gone shopping. It is time you brought yourself some new clothes. To skip a grade, I will need to take an examination. And I have heard it

is very costly. If I fail, your money will be wasted. And if I pass, you will have to spend more money on my college." He had thought this through and knew what he was doing.

"Randy, how many times should I tell you this is none of your business? Your concern should be your education. Don't fret over money. I can handle that." After everything that had happened, Vicky knew it was impossible for her to lead a good life. But she didn't want her brother to suffer because of her. He deserved to be happy.

"No. I don't want to go to college anymore. I want to lend you a helping hand. I could perhaps work as a tutor and bring in some money."

Vicky fell into silence. It was her incompetence that made Randy so desperate.

"Randy, listen to me, I've found a job. You go back to school and fill that form, okay? I will be making lots of money from this new job. You must listen to me. I want you to have a secure future and for that you need education!"

Vicky had persuaded Randy into saying yes.

The next day, Vicky reached the office early in the morning. "Today, new colleagues will be joining our office. Please do as I say. And Vicky, you..." The man looked through his notebook and reread the words written.

Once he was certain he had read it right, he said, "From now on, Vicky will work in the logistics department. Follow me to your department!"

'Logistics department?'

Vicky stood stunned for a few seconds. She had a finance degree and was an outstanding student. Her resume had given full information about her capabilities. It was beyond her why she was being sent to the logistics department.

"Just give your best. Also, since it's your first day, don't worry too much. There is always room for improvement!" he added, seeing the shocked look on Vicky's face. He thought she was nervous.

'Room for improvement?' Vicky thought and wanted to laugh. This job was a piece of cake. However, beggars can't be choosers. She had to make do with the position she was given.

"Well, that's it for today. I don't know why the leaders gave you this position. Perhaps the other positions were full. Just work hard. If you give your best, you could be promoted in the future."

Vicky smiled. But her excitement was gone now.

Once she entered the logistics department, a lady asked, "Are you the new colleague they were talking about? It can't be! There must be a mistake. How could they let a pretty girl like you work here?

You are in the wrong department, aren't you?"

Vicky shook her head. With confidence, she announced, "I'm not in the wrong department. I'm here to work. Are you Ruby?" Gracefully, she walked towards that woman.

Ruby analyzed Vicky from head to toe. Disbelief was etched on her face. "You are really here to work? Vicky Chu?"

"Yes, I am Vicky Chu. Can I start working now?" Vicky said, cutting to the chase.

"Yes, of course you can! Tina, take her to get changed."

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