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   Chapter 1 Three Painful Years

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You By Yi Shi Characters: 6542

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Most people thought back to their high school days with happiness, but that wasn't the case with Vicky Chu.

She had experienced such horrors that would leave anyone paralyzed. In the blink of an eye, she turned from a princess that everyone admired to a trash that people walked all over. At the age of nineteen, she graduated from high school. Everything was going fine. But soon, it took a dark turn.

"Vicky, do you think people respect you anymore? If yes, then you are deluded. Let me make it clear. You are nothing but my slave. You are bound to do what I ask you to! Stray dogs have better lives than you do!"

Saying this, the man tore her clothes and began to kiss every inch of her body. Ever since that day, he had abused her wantonly. He had tortured her both physically and mentally.

"Ah!" Vicky Chu was awakened by the same nightmare.

Running into the washroom, she turned the shower, squatted down in the bathtub and hugged herself. As the cold water dampened her clothes, she cried aloud. Nobody could hear her now.

"Vicky! Vicky! Are you okay? Did you have that nightmare again?" her brother asked, concern etched in his voice.

The nightmare was quite frequent and her brother knew how it disturbed her. Not wanting to worry him, Vicky Chu suppressed her trembling voice. "I'm fine. I just fell off the bed. Go back and sleep. After all, you have an exam to prepare for!"

After a while, he finally left. Hearing his footsteps, she breathed a sigh of relief.

This nightmare wouldn't leave her. It had followed her for three years. And in these three years, she had never felt safe. Every time she looked at herself in the mirror, disgust oozed through her. "I am dirty!" she would say to her reflection.

The morning was no different. Gloom followed her wherever she went. It was a sunny day and Vicky Chu was out with her brother, Randy Chu.

"Vicky, soon, it will be time for our summer vacation. I was thinking if I could give you a hand and try finding a job. I hate to see your struggle!"

Randy Chu was more thoughtful than other boys of his age. He sincerely wished to help his sister. But Vicky Chu couldn't let him work because of his poor health.

"You silly boy, why do you want to work? I am looking for a job. Your priority should be to study hard. Then I will put you into a reputable college. After you graduate from college, you are free to help me!" she replied, putting a full stop to his protests.

He insisted, "But Vicky, if I join college, you will have to pay a huge amount for it. I don't want you tire yourself for my sake. This is hard to watch."

Vicky came to a halt and stared at him straight in the eyes. "Everything I do is for your sake. That's the only pleasure I have in this life. If you truly care for me, do me a favor and study hard. Leave everything else to me, okay?"

Listening to this, he had no choice but to nod his head.

Vicky arrived at the InHo group. It was a tall and exquisite building. Even from outside, one could tell it was a magnificent place! The decoration itself had a domineering effect. It was one of the biggest financial group in the country and had countless branches.

Vicky Chu felt intimated being here. But composing herself, she walked in. Aft

er all, such opportunities wouldn't come every day. She felt fortunate to be called here for an interview.

"Number 57, Number 58, Number 59, get ready!" the receptionist called out. Looking at her own token, she realized she might have to sit here for hours before her turn would come. Her number was 388.

Being someone who liked to observe, she looked around at the interviewees. Most of them were girls. They were well dressed and seemed to have come from a good family. In an instant, she felt insecure about herself but she did her best to hide her emotions. As the ladies passed her, smell of amazing perfume wafted through the air. This room smell of a flower shop. Perfume was the last thing Vicky Chu could spend her limited money on.

The girl sitting opposite to her whispered to her friend, "Look at that girl! How can anyone come to an interview dressing up like this? Ridiculous! She is not bad looking, but she has no sense of dressing."

That lady's friend gazed at Vicky Chu. Feeling awkward, Vicky Chu looked down at her tattered shoes. "Well, I agree. She looks like quite an inexperienced girl. Perhaps she doesn't have any knowledge about how one dresses for an interview! Mark my words, she won't even pass the first round!" she said and both the girls burst out laughing.

Clenching her fists, Vicky Chu remained silent. The girls who had ruthlessly criticized her wore beautiful suits. She deeply felt the contrast between their classes. Her face flushed with shame. They noticed the sudden shift in Vicky's expression.

With an intention to taunt her further, one of them said, "Don't bother sitting near us. The interviewer might misunderstand and think we came here together! If that happens, I am pretty sure we will be eliminated as well!"

Their sarcastic tone and relentless ridicule pierced her heart. But she held her tongue, not wanting to argue. Taking her resume, she walked to a corner where it was quiet and peaceful.

After what felt like hours, her number was finally called.

Three interviewees were called in together. However, the interviewer's gaze was on Vicky Chu most of the time.

"Well, let's begin. Here is a test for you. I want to know about your theory.

We are competing with another venture investment company and we turn out to be well-matched. Our target is to get a client. How do we do it?"

While this interview took place, someone went to the president. "Sir, the person you mentioned last time has arrived and is giving the interview at this moment!"

The president had a large, well-furnished office. It had an ominous look, a bit like the man it served. Every furniture was painted black. Apart from the cactus on the table, everything here seemed dead and gloomy, including the president.

"That's good. Tell the interviewer to hire her instantly. But make sure she gets a job of lowest rank!"

"A job of lowest rank? Sir, I have checked her resume. She is quite a capable girl. Isn't it wrong to give her a job at this rank when she is capable of handling a more competitive position?"

He stopped speaking as he noticed his boss's eyes. It had turn red with fury. Knowing his life and job would be at stake if he protested further, the man agreed to follow his order.

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