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   Chapter 57 Be Alert

No Way Out: Devil CEO Runs After His Wife By Qian Mo Mo Characters: 9614

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As Nina answered the phone, she frowned and looked at the urgent documents in her hand. She comforted, "How about this, Bella? If you have time, you can come to Sun Group and hang around nearby. I'll go to see you after an hour, okay? That's it."

Taking a deep breath, Nina muttered impatiently, "What a precious daughter of the Murong family! Doesn't she need to worry about anything else? Why is she idle every day. She doesn't go to the MR Group as an intern, but stays around a man who doesn't deserve her all day long."

Nina complained as she walk to her brother's office. When she knocked on the door and saw her brother was talking on the phone, she nodded slightly and put down the document. After her brother finished talking on the phone, she said, "These are the reports you asked me to do this morning. I have to see Bella an hour later and get off work early."

"Bella Murong?" Dane asked suspiciously.

"Yes, who else would it be? I have to finish the rest work as soon as possible. I don't want to delay it until tomorrow." After saying that, Nina fixed her eyes on her brother's meaningful expression. She knew what her brother meant from his expression. He must want to ask why Bella came to her at this time.

Dane didn't say anything and said lightly, "She is Jackson's sister. You'd better deal with her carefully."

"I know, Dane. Don't worry. I'll take care of it." Nina said confidently, glancing at the messy documents on the desk. She then calmed down.

"I met Jackson last time, but I haven't seen him since then. Today, let's see if you have a chance to meet him. I think Jackson must be interested in our plan, but we lack an opportunity." Dane said confidently, staring at his sister with deep eyes.

"Do it have to be Jackson? There are no other partners?" Nina didn't understand why her brother insisted on choosing Jackson as partner.

"Nina, don't think about anyone else. It must be Jackson. He is our best choice." Dane said firmly. His voice was sincere and his words were clear. The whole office was shrouded in a domineering aura.

Nina thought for a while, biting her lips and tilting her head. Thinking of the person she saw in the golf course, she blurted out, "It would be great if Ryland's personality is not that tough. He is also a good candidate."

Squinting at his sister, Dane smiled awkwardly and looked into her eyes. After a long while, he said, "Indeed, Ryland is very powerful, but he doesn't control the entire L City. Haven't you met his wife before? She is not a simple woman either."

"I don't know what kind of person his wife is, nor do I know the love story between him and his wife. But he become famous because of his masterly ideas in business. He can succeed in whatever he does. I really admire him." Nina said, looking at her brother's disdainful eyes and smiling in surprise.

"You can't j

uld figure it out after thinking for a while. But it was normal that lookers on see more than players. It was reasonable that people couldn't see things clearly when they were in love.

"I don't know why Jackson is unhappy recently. It's normal for him to hate Sherri. Why does he look down on Allen either? I almost had a fight with my brother last time. I don't know where I got the courage. Alas." Bella felt terrible at the thought of it. She didn't know why she dared to argue with her brother.

"Don't worry. Your brother won't make a fuss with you. You are his sister." Nina tried to persuade Bella. All of a sudden, she realized that it was not that Bella was not stupid, but that she put all her thoughts on something else.

"Nina, I'm good to Allen, but why is he so mean to me? I don't believe that it is all because of Sherri. She is not attractive at all. Why would Allen like her?"

Bella was still mad at Sherri. Otherwise, she wouldn't have propose to lock Sherri up. Thinking that Sherri would definitely be taught a lesson after being locked up for a whole night, Bella thought that it would be nice if Sherri couldn't say a word to refute.

"I don't think your brother will be angry with you. Don't worry."

"I know. He is my brother. He won't really be angry with me."

Nina thought of the first time she saw Jackson. She looked at him from a distance, and she had been staring at his handsome back when he left. The sky clouded over at that time, but Jackson still left an indelible impression on her. The real contact between them was last month. When Jackson took the initiative to send her home, Nina was in a very good mood. She thought she could be closed with him in the future. After closer acquaintance, she found that Jackson was very cautious.

"Nina, what do you think I should do to attract his attention and make him care about me?" Bella grabbed Nina's hand anxiously.

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