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   Chapter 56 Give Him Everything

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Allen didn't expect that Bella would come uninvited. Did she have no shame? Her brazenness him very unhappy. He couldn't vent his dissatisfaction because of his mother was here.

"Allen, tell me why you like Sherri. I want to know what kind of girl you like so that I can give you some advice." The middle-aged woman suddenly changed the topic. She wanted to find out whether the girl named Sherri was right for her son. She hadn't seen Sherri for two days, so she had to ask her son directly.

"Sherri's greatest advantage is that she is kind, considerate, and never makes trouble out of nothing. She doesn't care much about money. These are the main reasons why I like her." As Allen said, he looked at his mother's face sincerely. Seeing that his mother didn't believe him, he nodded to show that everything he said was true.

"According to what you said, Sherri has no shortcomings?" The middle-aged woman didn't believe it. She had never seen that Allen had thought highly of a girl, and he sounded sincerely. Her eyes were looking elsewhere, as if she was thinking about something.

Allen could never imagine his life without Sherri. Since they were together, he had a very deep feeling recently. He didn't know how Bella knew his mother was in hospital. With the connections and reputation of their Murong family, it was easy to find out a person. Allen was used to it now.

"It seems that you like Sherri very much."

"Yes, mom."

The middle-aged woman looked at her son and didn't want to ask too much about his relationship, but Bella seemed to be better than Sherri in family background. She could not help but think weight it in her heart. She'd better know more about it in the future before she drew a conclusion. If she showed her objections in front of Allen, he would be anxious.

"You have to take care of me after getting off work. Go back early have a rest."

Allen nodded, "I bought you a mango."

"I know. I'll eat whatever I want."

On the way back to the apartment from the hospital, Allen leaned against the chair of the bus and almost fell asleep. When he woke up, rubbing his eyes, he found that it was past nine o'clock. He returned to his small room of the apartment with heavy steps, and the anger in his heart gradually rose. His fist hit the wall, and he was in a bad mood.

The more he compared with others, the more he felt that she was inferior to them. Even the director misunderstood the relationship between him and Jackson. He didn't like Jackson at all. The director misunderstood that Jackson had been supporting him secretly. What made Allen even more speechless was that he didn't know that there were many people discussing him in private because they thought that he had pulled some strings before being recruited. Allen, who had a strong self-esteem, couldn't stand it and lost his appetite.

"Jackson, Jackson, it is Jackson again... Why there can't be a clear line between me and Jackson? Why does everyone associate me with him?" Allen said resentfully. His eyes

emselves with him. He was like the other ordinary men when it came to woman. Even if he didn't care about Sherri's resistance, he would remember that because of Allen that two women in his family were all against him now.

"Allen, it's you who want to be against me, but you are no match to me at all."

The man lit a cigarette unexpectedly. He was in a bad mood and had a few puff. He had already decided to teach Allen a lesson. The sneer at the corners of his mouth deepened, as if he wanted to make everything clear. Since Allen and Sherri didn't want to break up and Bella appreciated Allen, Jackson would like to see who would be the final winner.

"What? He resigned?" Bella stared at Joe with her eyes wide open.

"Yes, miss. Allen resigned last month. I don't know where his new company is." Joe couldn't help but look at her up and down.

Bella looked at him unhappily. After thinking for a while, she didn't say anything. She didn't expect that Allen had resigned. He couldn't wait for a while at all. Fortunately, she had time to come to him today. She didn't expect that he had already resigned. It was so annoying. Sherri really did a good job of keeping this secret from her.

"Miss, are you a friend of Allen?"

"Sort of. Since he resigned, there is nothing to talk about anymore. I have to go."

In the astonishment of the Joe, Bella left impatiently. Many things had changed, and it was hard to explain why. Seeing that Allen didn't say anything and refused to greet her, Bella knew that he didn't like her because of Sherri. Such a man made her feel very bad. She stepped on the gas and left the mall. If it weren't for the traffic lights, she really wanted to drive her car with the terminal speed.

"I just don't understand why Allen likes Sherri. I can give him whatever Sherri can't give him. Why doesn't he give me a chance? " Bella said, feeling a little depressed. She stared at the phone aside sadly. Suddenly, she thought of a person. Maybe that person would have a solution.

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