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   Chapter 55 Not Familiar With Her

No Way Out: Devil CEO Runs After His Wife By Qian Mo Mo Characters: 9966

Updated: 2020-09-23 00:02

Sherri looked at Jackson coldly and stared at the man, who was burning with rage, and said in surprise, "Mr...Mr. Jackson."

"Since you are afraid of me, why do you still dare to disobey me?" As Jackson spoke, his voice was so cold that he didn't want to see her for even a second. The strength of his arm on her shoulder became stronger and stronger. Looking at the woman's painful expression, he continued, "You want to be with Allen, you want to be together with him, you want to stay with him, and now you are also eager to take care of his mother. You like him so much that you even forget who you are now."

"How... How do you know that I went to the hospital?" Sherri looked at Jackson in disbelief. Was he angry about this?

"Who am I? Do you really think I won't know what you have done at home? I know clearly that you and Bella quarreled with each other because of Allen." Jackson made it clear to Sherri directly. He didn't want to listen to her nonsense even for one more minute

sly. Was it because of Sherri? But she usually doesn't buy fruit baskets, since the fruit inside was expensive and not fresh. In addition, she couldn't get her salary until the end of each month. He couldn't think of anyone else except her. He smiled faintly. What her mother said next made him stunned for a long time.

"It's not Sherri but another girl. She said she is your friend. I saw her beautiful face and looked like the daughter of a rich family. She said her name is Bella."

With a long face, Allen impatiently put down the mango he bought and said, "If she comes again in the future, you tell her not to come here. I'm not familiar with her. It's not good."

"She said she is your friend. Since she is your friend, there is no need to feel embarrassed."

"Mom, you don't understand. Just tell her as I said." Allen raised his voice impatiently.

The middle-aged woman looked at her son's unhappy face and nodded obediently, "I know. I will tell her next time she comes."

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