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   Chapter 54 Other Reasons

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After tidying up all the documents, Jackson walked out of the office. It was nearly an hour after all the other employees got off work. He asked Tasha to get off work first. He wanted to stay alone in his company quietly, without talking or communicating with anyone. He just wanted to be alone.

"My own space is the most comfortable." Jackson murmured to himself, leaning against the back of the chair. He didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Without his secretary around, he was freer.

He turned on the computer screen and looked at the stock market again. It was quiet now. What he wanted to see was very simple, the stock price of MR Group. Everything was within his expectation. In the past few years, he had been familiar with all the business and impatiently accepted the MR Group. Till now, his mind was as calm and composed. He felt everything was natural and didn't care about anyone. As time went by, he got used to it.

The phone rang suddenly. He knew who was calling at a glance. Someone was calling him on the landline, so he knew that it was the housekeeper. If it were Bella, she would definitely call him with her private number instead of a landline number.

"Hello... Okay... Bella went out? Where did she go? I'm going back now... Okay." After hanging up the phone, Jackson was surprised to know that Bella had just gone out and Sherri was staying at home quietly. Didn't she say that Allen's mother was in hospital? Why didn't she go out in a hurry today?

Without thinking too much, he took the car key and the suit jacket and left the CEO's office.

With a basket of fruits and a bunch of flowers in her hands, Bella walked out of the flower shop and walked into the Municipal Hospital with a big smile on her face. She was still very nervous when she thought of meeting Allen's mother. She finally got rid of Sherri and didn't let her out, or she wouldn't have time to do these things alone. Bella didn't know what kind of woman Allen's mother was, so she walked to the nursing station.

"Hello, is there anyone called Allen registered in the patient department?"

The nurse looked at Bella, who was dressed in famous brands, and said indifferently, "I'll check it."

Bella looked at the nurse for a long time before she found out the ward nunnery. She took a look at the nurse and went to the ward with her gifts. As soon as she pushed the door open, it was a fair-sized ward. There were three beds. Smelling the strange odour, she stood at the door with her mouth and nose covered. She didn't know which one was Allen's mother. There were all female patients living in this ward, a young woman, and two middle-aged women.

"Hello, I'm looking for Allen's mother."

Hearing her son's name, the middle-aged woman who rested on the bed with her eyes close suddenly opened her eyes and saw Bella standing outside the door. Bella's strange and fashionable dress made her a little confused. She then asked curiously, "Who are you looking for?"

Bella looked at the woman who was talking to her and found that this woman and Allen were somewhat alike. She then pick

to ask him first. At least she could know what he meant.

"I can't come here if I have nothing to do? What nonsense? You are a member of the Murong family. Don't think you can act at will without my permission. You can't go out without my permission, understand?"

Sherri looked at Jackson, dumbfounded. She didn't expect that it was his real intention, and things would become so outrageous. She explained with dissatisfaction, "What do you mean? Why can't I go out?"

"Why? You can ask yourself. How did you behave yourself recently?"

Said Jackson, looking at her sharply. He thought that the reason Sherri went out was to take care of Allen's mother, and would rather go to the hospital to take care of Allen's mother than stay at home quietly. She liked Allen so much and wanted to marry him desperately and took care of his mother in hospital. What's wrong with the Murong family? Why does she always want to leave? These questions had been bothering him all the time. His impatience was on the verge of breaking out. He pushed her abruptly and watched her fall onto the bed.

Sherri didn't understand what Jackson meant. She didn't know why he restricted her freedom of life peremptorily, nor did she know if there were other reasons for her being so annoying in his eyes except that he had been looking down upon her. She stood up from the bed, looked into the man's eyes and said in confusion, "Mr. Jackson, why do you hate me? Is there any other reason? Tell me please."

"Humph! Are you trying to set me up?" Jackson's sharp eyes wanted to penetrate the woman's body. When he met her confused eyes coldly, he suddenly had a strong impulse. He didn't expect that she was quite scheming.

"Mr. Jackson, is it inconvenient to tell me that I..."

"Shut up!"

Sherri looked at Jackson in astonishment. Looking at his livid face uneasily, a cold feeling suddenly surged from the bottom of her heart. Seeing him approaching step by step, she stepped back with worry.

Jackson grabbed her shoulder coldly and said, "Aren't you not afraid of me?"

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