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   Chapter 53 A Little Trust

No Way Out: Devil CEO Runs After His Wife By Qian Mo Mo Characters: 9982

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Allen looked at the director strangely. He didn't know why he would ask Jackson. He said suspiciously, "I have nothing to do with him. Director, what do you mean?"

"Stop pretending. I know you want to keep a low profile. I know you don't want anyone to know your relationship with Mr. Jackson. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone." The director looked at him with a smile and had a plan in his mind.

"Director, do you misunderstand me? I know Jackson, but I'm not familiar with him." Allen said, fixing his eyes on the director. He didn't want to have anything to do with Jackson, let alone make things complicated. It seemed that the director must have misunderstood him.

"Allen, I know you want to keep a low profile. Go to work." The director said with satisfaction, patting him on the shoulder and walking in first.

Only then did Allen realize that his explanation was useless. He didn't expect that the director would misunderstand him. It was not curious how the director knew Jackson since was famous and everyone in L City knew him. But... With these thoughts in his mind, Allen returned to his desk with a strange feeling.

"Allen, why did the director ask you to go there?"

"Yeah, it's so mysterious to ask you out alone."

As the colleagues echoed each other, Allen pretended to be helpless and said, "Nothing. Just talk about my work. There's nothing to talk about."

"I have told you."

"I'm just too curious. The director is very demanding..."

Allen saw that the colleague still wanted to continue, but was poked on the elbow by the male colleague beside him. The two returned to their seats, laughing and joking. Suddenly, the environment around Allen became quiet, and he was not used to it. His colleagues had gossiped him again in such a short time. The director had just mentioned Jackson, and it was obvious that he had misunderstood. Allen thought that he should find a time to explain it thoroughly.

"Why did he mention Jackson? How did he know that I know Jackson? Has Jackson met the director and the director asked him out of curiosity?" Allen speculated that it was not a simple thing, and he felt that there was no such a simple thing in the world. If it weren't for the fact that he had just come to the new company and that he needed to establish a good relationship with his superiors and colleagues, he would find it out as soon as possible.

The first thing Tasha did in the company was to go to the CEO's office and give Jackson an investigation material. She didn't know why Jackson wanted to investigate a man called Allen. He was an ordinary white-collar worker, who went to and off work like others every day. His social network was very simple, and his family background didn't have much value.

"Mr. Jackson, I'm Tasha."

The crisp knock on the door was very abrupt. Tasha was very careful. It was easy to know Jackson's temper after staying with him for a long time, and she knew what to do in different situations accordin


Sherri couldn't help worrying about Allen's mother. She didn't have a mother, so it was nice to get close to Allen's mother. Sherri wanted to take care of her and be filial to her since she was Allen's girlfriend. She didn't expect that Jackson knew it last time. He was so angry, and today she was caught by Bella. She was in a bad mood.

"So you went out to take care of his mother in the hospital... Sherri, I didn't expect you to be such a scheming woman. You know how to get along well with his mother, and you are so desperate to be a member of his family." Bella said abruptly. She looked at Sherri with hostility and impatiently plotted how to stop her from going out.

"No, I don't want to leave the Murong family. I just want to help Allen take care of his mother. I lost my mother when I was a child, and it was nice to visit his mother..."

"Well, don't pretend to be kind in front of me. You are really good at lying."

"Miss Bella, please. I'll be back soon. My works at home won't be delayed."

Bella was pleased to heard Sherri's begging in front of her. Thinking that Sherri had to beg her for mercy from me now, Bella was even more complacent. Thinking that Allen's mother was hospitalized and in poor health, Bella knew that it was a good opportunity. She wanted to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Looking at Sherri, she asked, "Which hospital is Allen's mother in?"

Sherri thought she had a chance, so she blurted out, "Municipal Hospital."

"I see." Bella listened to the answer complacently, thinking that things would be easier to deal with next.

"Miss Bella, may I go?"

Bella shook her head, "No, I have to make sure that you are not lying. You stay at home and don't go anywhere. I'll ask the housekeeper to keep an eye on you so that you cannot mess around."

Sherri was frustrated, thinking that Bella would believe her and agree to let her out. But she didn't expect that Bella didn't trust her at all, just like Jackson.

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