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   Chapter 13 Sherri Woke Up

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Allen didn't respond when he heard the voice. He knew that it was Bella who had come. Jackson was enough to annoy him. Now, with Bella, he felt that the Murong family was really unreasonable and difficult to deal with.

"Bella, why are you here? Go back and lie down." Jackson scolded her angrily.

"If I haven't come, you still want to fight, right? Is it worth it for Sherri? What is she worth you fighting over? I think both of you are crazy. " Bella looked at Sherri unhappily, who knew nothing. Thinking that the two important men around her fought because of her, she couldn't calm down because of jealousy.

"That's enough. Go back and lie down. You are a patient. Be good."

Seeing that Bella was not going to leave, Jackson rolled his eyes at Allen who was in a stalemate with him and stared at Bella unhappily. She shouldn't get involved in a man's fight. It had nothing to do with her. Jackson always thought that his sister Bella was really disobedient sometimes.

Allen had been watching them coldly all the time. He felt sick when he saw that neither of them were good people. Especially Bella, she was shrewish and unreasonable. He really didn't know how Sherri had been in the Murong family. Every time he met her, she would tell him the good news but not the bad news. In addition, in order to find a new job recently, he didn't have time to accompany Sherri. Now he was extremely regretful.

"I won't leave. You are going to have a fight again if I leave. Look at your faces. If you go out, people will laugh at you. There are so many doctors and nurses outside. Aren't you afraid of losing face? " Seeing the bruise on her brother's face, Bella felt very embarrassed.

"If you are afraid, you can leave first. I'll stay and wait for Sherri to wake up. Stop pretending. Anyway, you and your sister have never treated Sherri as a family. Don't be hypocritical. " Allen stared at them angrily. Thinking of that Sherri had been working for the Murong family with gratitude and didn't ask for return, but that they never treat Sherri better, he felt that the Murong family was really shameless.

"Don't even think about it. Allen, do you think I don't know what you want to do when we are not here? Do think you can still protect Sherri? You can't even protect yourself, and you still want to be the hero to save the beauty. Wake up. " Jackson stared at him coldly, with a touch of disgust in his eyes.

Bella didn't expect that Allen would say something so unpleasant. Although she appreciated Allen, Jackson was her brother. She couldn't still keep silent. Staring at the bruise at the corner of his mouth, she said sadly, "Allen, don't you feel hurt?"

"Don't worry, Miss Bella. I'm fine." Allen stared at her coldly.

Embarrassed, Bella looked at her brother sadly and said, "brother, look at him."

"I've told you before, but you don't believe me. A poor boy like him who has no money but also no manners. Only a blind woman like Sherri would fall in love with Allen. " As Jackson spoke, he sneered at Allen coldly. In his eyes, Allen was just a man who couldn't be respected. He didn't know why Bella was interested in him.

Ignoring Jackson's irritating words, Allen was about to refute when he heard a muffled hum from the bed. He turned around and saw Sherri opening her eyes. He ran to her excitedly and held her hand. "Sherri, are you awake? Look who I am. I'm Allen. "

Sherri's vision wasn't very clear. She heard Allen's voice. She searched carefully in front of her eyes and finally saw the person in front of her clearly. Her parched voice barely managed to make out a sound, "Allen, is it you, Allen?"

"It's me, Sherri. You finally wake up. I'm so worried about you." Allen held her hand nervously.

Jackson was unhappy to see the two hands clasped together. The first person Sherri saw should have been him, but now that it was Allen instead. How could he be in a good mood?

So did Bella. Seeing that Allen attentively lay on Sherri's bed and cared about her, she was jealous. Why didn't Sherri get such good treatment? She didn't even get. She was the daughter of the Murong family, and Sherri was just a servant and an orphan. Who the hell was she?

"Brother, she is awake. Why don't you speak?"

Glancing at Bella, Jackson walked up to Sherri who had just woken up and said, "it's good that you're awake. I still remember how you fainted."

"Faint?" Sherri tried her best to look for it in her memory. After thinking for a while, she looked at Jackson and nodded slightly.

"Sherri, did you faint in front of me on purpose? When did you become so scheming? I really underestimated you. " Jackson said in a tone of discord. He had wanted to ask Sherri if she was okay, but Allen, who was standing next to him, looked at him with hostility. So he was in a bad mood.

Allen was

surprised to hear Jackson teach Sherri a lesson. He stood up, pointed at Jackson's chest and said, "she just woke up. Mr. Jackson, you are too rude to say that."

"Even if I don't mind what you have just did to me, there seems to be nothing to talk about between us." Jackson ignored Allen. He could still feel the pain of the bruise on his face. He stared at Sherri with his mouth twitching.

Sherri, who had just woken up, felt that the atmosphere around her was very strange. And what made her feel even more strange was Bella, who was having an intravenous drip. She looked at Jackson and Allen with confusion. Seeing the strange expressions on the faces of the two, she couldn't figure out what the reason was.


"Sherri, are you very proud now? My brother and Allen are fighting for you. You must be very proud. Stop pretending. Stop your innocent eyes. I'm not a man. I won't buy it. " Bella said crossly, pointing at Allen who had caring eyes for Sherri and watching Sherri gently. She was very depressed, and her mood was greatly affected.

"I... I don't know what's wrong with them. Did you really fight?" Sherri didn't expect that they would fight, and she didn't expect that Jackson and Allen would fight. Jackson, who had always paid attention to his image, should not compete with Allen.

"Sherri, don't think too much, you are just awake. I'm fine. My face will recover in two days."

Seeing her staring at him, Allen thought she was observing the wound on his face. But it was not the case. Sherri was just curious about the injury on their faces. It didn't look serious but it was hard to ignore. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but open her mouth and ask, "did you two fight because of me?"

"If it's not because of you, who else can it be? Look at you, you have messed up our life. Sherri, don't you think you've gone too far? I've never seen someone like you." Bella was angry at her brother and Allen, but she hated Sherri more. All this was because of her.

"Bella, I don't know. If I knew it, I would definitely stop them." Sherri explained anxiously. She didn't want to be misunderstood again, because she really didn't know if she could explain it clearly in the future.

Bella, who was arrogant, didn't listen to her explanation at all. Sometimes explanation would only make things more complicated. Thinking of this, she felt heavy in her heart. Looking at Allen, who was standing aside, she forced herself to cheer up and said, "I'm fine. I see that you're not in a good mood. You'd better go back first."

Looking coldly at Sherri and Allen flirting with each other in front of him, Jackson felt depressed for a moment. He took a look at his sister, Bella, who also stared at them with a gloomy face and was discontented with them. A feeling of loss emerged in the bottom of his heart, which instantly overwhelmed his normal sense. What was more strange was that he had other feelings for Sherri besides disgust, which made him repeatedly deny and refuse to face her.

"Shame on you! You are flirting with each other in front of me and my brother. I can't stand it anymore." Bella stared at Sherri jealously, wishing to separate their hands.

"Well, Bella, let's go to your ward first. You are also a patient. You can't stand too long." Jackson wanted to ignore them and dragged his sister out of Sherri's ward.

There were only the two of them left in the ward. When Sherri got a chance to breathe, she looked at Allen guiltily and asked, "how did you fight with Jackson?"

"He went too far. I really can't stand what he did to you." Allen said with a look of deep hatred. He finally felt relieved when he felt Sherri's warmth from his palm.

Sherri was terrified by Jackson's attitude before he left. She didn't know what kind of attitude it was, but she felt frightened and powerless. She didn't dare to look directly into Jackson's eyes, as if he wanted to eat her. Only Jackson had this domineering expression. Although he had just left, the strange atmosphere in the ward still lingered.

Seeing the frightened look on Sherri's face, Allen regretted that he couldn't fight against Jackson. He could only hold Sherri's hand more tightly, and her soft little hand filled his self-esteem. He couldn't control his emotions and said, "Sherri, don't worry. Although I don't have the ability to make you live a good life now, I will work hard for the future of the two of us."

Hearing Allen's words, Sherri was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes. Recalling the time when she saw him and Bella together at the beginning, she felt guilty. And now, she didn't care about it at all. The two looked at each other with a smile, as if they had never been as calm as they were now.

"Brother, why don't you let me continue? I see that the two of them are both annoying!"

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