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   Chapter 6 Sherri Fell Into Water

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Sherri was surprised and shocked at Bella's near-self-injurious behavior. Seeing her painful eyebrows tangled together, she warned her disapprovingly, "Bella, are you crazy?"

"Yes, I am crazy." Bella stared at her fiercely.

"Your wound hasn't healed yet. It will aggravate it. Don't you want to get better earlier?" Sherri didn't know what she was going to do. Although she knew Bella was up to no good, she couldn't turn a blind eye to see her in pain.

Bella stared at her fiercely, with beads of sweat falling down from her forehead. She touched her legs with both hands, gritted her teeth and said, "Sherri, you let me get hurt, so I won't let you go!"

Looking at her full of resentment, Sherri had no choice but to go out to ask the nurse for help. The two worked together to carry Bella to the bed. No matter how Bella struggled, Sherri didn't intend to leave.

"Thank you, nurse."

Looking at her hypocritical face, Bella said crossly, "don't pretend to be kind in front of others. I know you. You wish I could never stand up."

Helplessly, Sherri stood beside the bed and stared at her silently. Although Jackson asked her to take care of Bella, it didn't mean that she had to put up with her insult and humiliation. If Bella wasn't injured, she really wanted to leave.

"Bella, you know it was you who caused the car accident. Why do you still blame me? Now Jackson is not here. I want to know why you did that. "

Bella looked at her coldly, snorted and said nothing.

Sherri continued, "I know you hate me, but I'll try my best to make you not hate me. Can't we live in peace with each other? "

"Sherri, when they adopted you at the age of twelve, I told you that you're just a toy I can fiddle with if I want to and toss aside if I don't. I just don't like you. It's disgusting to see you flirting with Allen! " Bella looked at her with disdain. What else did she have that was worth a man's heart besides that face?

"Bella, since Jackson asked me to take care of you, I will try my best. If you don't want to see me, you have to get your brother's permission. " Sherri had made up her mind that she couldn't back down even if she was pestering her.


Bella couldn't vent her anger, she lay on the bed and didn't dare to move either. She was so painful just now. After thinking for a while, she smiled and said to Sherri, "go out and buy me a bottle of milk."

"Milk? I see. "

Without any precaution, Sherri didn't know that Bella had told Jackson about her leaving.

After finishing his work, Jackson drove the Bugatti Veyron back to the hospital in a hurry. He arrogantly glanced around the ward and saw the expressionless faces of his sister and Sherri. The atmosphere between the two seemed very strange.

"What did you do to upset Bella again?"

Seeing Jackson, Sherri felt stuffy in her chest. She didn't expect that Bella would call Jackson here. Looking at her smug face, she realized that Jackson would scold at her later.

"Brother, it's all her fault. I just asked her to bring me water. How could she be unwilling to do that? She came to the hospital to take care of me. Why does she pretend to be a lady in front of me? She is so hypocritical! " Bella held her brother tightly, with a pitiful look on her faces. She deliberately twitched, making she look more pitiful.

Seeing that his sister had been wronged, Jackson was unhappy. "Sherri, even if you have any complaints about me, you don't have to vent them on Bella. You are just a servant of Murong family, not the hostess. "

Sherri stared at Bella in bewilderment. Seeing that she kept snickering in Jackson's arms, she was in a bad mood. Looking at the man questioning her, she retorted, "She rolled off the bed herself, I had nothing to do with it. There were only two of us at that time. Even if I told you the truth, you still didn't believe me. I didn't do anything wrong. I'm not afraid. "

"Sherri, shame on you! How dare you lie to my brother? You are so heartless. " Bella squeezed out two teardrops and looked at her brother with tearful eyes.

Seeing his sister so aggrieved, Jackson comforted her and stared at Sherri. It seemed that he couldn't let her continue to take care of Bella in the hospital. If it went on like this, something else would definitely happen.

"Come back with me. I have something to tell you."

Bella made a face at her and rolled her eyes at her.

Sherri followed Jackson and trotted to catch up with him. Looking at the familiar Bugatti Veyron, she hesitated and was about to open the back door.

"Sit in the front!" Jackson shouted angrily.

The rear door was just opened and then closed. Sherri sat on the passenger seat. Under normal circumstances, Jackson wouldn't let anyone sit beside him, but today was different. He didn't know what he wanted to do.

Along the way, neither of the two people spoke. They looked straight ahead and Jackson drove faster and faster. Jackson wanted to vent his in

ner discontent. He looked at the road ahead with his deep eyes empty. He stepped on the accelerator and the car sped up quickly.

Sherri looked in horror at the man's crazy actions, "Jackson, are you crazy?"

"I won't let you go even if I'm crazy."

After a while, the car stopped on the dam beside the river. It was very remote and there were only boats coming and playing nearby. She unfastened the seat belt carefully and followed the man to get off the car and keep a safe distance with him.

"Jackson, what do you want to say?"

Jackson didn't say anything. He unbuttoned his suit and loosened his tie, leaving her a cold back.

For Sherri, the man in front of her was a demon, and a demon that kept making trouble for her. Some things didn't matter to him at all. As long as he wanted to get it, he would try every means.

"Sherri, it seems that my warning doesn't work. Your attitude towards Bella is still the same as before." Jackson turned around and stared at her, his eyes full of coldness and contempt.

With strong self-esteem, Sherri didn't want to put up with him anymore. She calmly replied, "Bella is your sister. No matter what she says, you choose to believe her. If you don't listen to me, why should I say?

"It seems that you are very angry with me and Bella,"

"You won't understand my feelings. I will repay the kindness of the Murong family for raising me. But I'm a human, and I have self-esteem and emotions. I can't be trampled on by others." Sherri straightened up with a stubborn look on her face. She clenched her fists and refused to compromise for a moment.

Driven by her emotion, Jackson squinted at her and spoke after a long time.

"Sherri, I really want to see if your heart is made of flesh and why you are so vicious?"

Sherri replied stubbornly, "those who understand me don't need me to explain, on the contrary, it's useless for me to explain those who don't understand me."

''Do you think we'll get even? I tell you, never. I won't let you go. I will torture you until you surrender, and let your self-esteem go to hell! "

As Jackson spoke, he became agitated. As long as he thought that she was still thinking about her little lover at the moment, he couldn't control his anger and wanted to find an outlet to vent his anger. Holding Sherri's hands, the two of them tangled. Their steps jumbled as they walked to the river, and their faces were livid, neither one of them willing to give in to the other.

"Let go of me, Jackson." Sherri struggled and felt dizzy.

With an evil smile in his cold face, Jackson said, "Sherri, you will never escape from me for the rest of your life. If you want to leave with your little lover, I tell you, don't even think about it! "

The man's anger ignited Sherri's rage. She struggled hard to get rid of his hand, stumbled a few steps forward and fell into the river.

The water was very cold, and Sherri felt a chill all over her body. Out of instinct, she wanted to survive. She swam in the river and swallowed a few mouthfuls of water. Then she opened her mouth to call for help.

"Help... Help... "

Jackson stared at Sherri who was struggling in the river and wanted to see how long she could pretend. She acted like she was really drowning.

Sherri stared at Jackson who was standing by the river. Seeing him motionless, her heart gradually cooled down. Struggling in the river, she really wanted the man on the shore to save her. She was torn inside at this moment. Her strength was slowly extracted, and she felt her body sinking. Soon, her consciousness became blurred and fell into boundless darkness.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Jackson hesitated. His hatred for Sherri could not be eliminated for a moment.

"Help me..." Sherri's self-esteem was all taken away at this moment. She looked at Jackson with her last bit of her strength.

Listening to her faint cries for help, Jackson took off his suit jacket and jumped into the river. He paddled with one hand and dragged Sherri with the other to bring her to shore. The woman's face was pale and her body was cold. Only then did he realize that he shouldn't have been standing by the river and didn't save her. He just wanted to frustrate her, but he didn't expect that she would drown.

"Sherri, wake up Can you hear me? " Jackson kept patting her on the face. Looking at her closed eyes, he became anxious.

The woman lying on the ground was lifeless. Only then did he feel that something was wrong. According to the traditional method, he opened her mouth, took a deep breath and poured it into her mouth.

Jackson was not sure whether the artificial respiration could work, so he had to keep trying it. At the same time, he helped her press her belly, hoping that she could spit out the water she had drunk.

"Sherri, if you don't wake up, I won't let go of Allen. If you don't wake up, I'll leave alone! " Before she woke up, Jackson stood up and was about to leave.

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