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   Chapter 4 I Won't Let You Go

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"What do you think?"

Jackson grabbed Sherri's arm and dragged her to the storage room. He said to the Tibetan mastiff leisurely, "I'm sorry that you have to stay with her tonight."

Sherri looked at the Tibetan Mastiff in horror. She didn't expect that Jackson would come up with such a ridiculous idea. Subconsciously, she wanted to break away from his big hand, but was held tightly in the man's arms.

"You finally know what it's like to be scared."

"Are you crazy? I'm a human, and it's a Tibetan mastiff."

Hearing her teeth chattering, Jackson said tentatively, "as long as you are willing to listen to me in the future, I can consider making you my closest servant."

"Servant? Jackson, I've always been a servant in your eyes. Have you forgotten what you said? " Sherri struggled violently and inadvertently glanced at the Tibetan mastiff. She was afraid of the saliva coming out of its mouth, fearing that it would pounce on her and bite her.

Jackson said in an evil tone, "I think you've heard the rumor that a mastiff only recognizes the first person it sees when it opens its eyes, so that means it only recognizes me as a master. Even Bella doesn't dare to provoke it, let alone you. "

Sherri looked at Jackson nervously, gritted her teeth and asked, "Jackson, do you really want me to sleep with the Tibetan mastiff? Are you a psychopath? "

"Psychopath? I'll let you know what a real psychopath is now. "

Jackson pushed Sherri's shoulder unhappily. Seeing that she fell to the ground with a painful look on her pretty face, he just looked at the woman's aggrieved eyes. Without shaking his head, he directly tied the Tibetan mastiff to the doorknob, caressed its head casually, and closed the door of the storage room and locked it from the outside.

Sherri screamed, "you can't lock me in the storage room. I have to go out! Jackson, let me out! "

Ignoring the scream of the woman inside, Jackson left triumphantly with the key.

Hearing the voice, Lee rushed over in a hurry. When he saw that Jackson's brows relaxed, he calmly walked over and said, "Mr. Jackson, the voice just now..."

"Don't worry about her. I want to have dinner." Jackson swaggered into the dining room.

The Tibetan mastiff lay on the ground quietly and motionless. The saliva at the corners of its mouth kept flowing out, and soon its neck was covered with disgusting saliva. It had thick hair, and looked completely non-aggressive, but Sherri didn't dare to make a sound. She had seen the terrible face of the Tibetan mastiff, which was the most terrifying dog.

"Jackson... You are so horrible. "

After a long time, Sherri muttered in a low voice. As time went by, she felt as if a year had passed. She didn't know when her back was wet with sweat. She didn't dare to look into the eyes of the Tibetan mastiff, and her strength seemed to be fading away little by little.

There was only a small window in the storage room. She tried to stand up. The original unmoved Tibetan mastiff heard the sound and stood up from the ground. She squatted down again in fear. There was only half a meter between her and it, but she was afraid that the Tibetan mastiff might attack her. If she was bitten by it, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Terrified, Sherri squatted down and peeked at the Tibetan mastiff.

"Wow! Wow! "

"Stop shouting. I won't move."

Sherri buried her head in her knees and couldn't help sitting on the ground, not daring to move for a long time. The barking suddenly stopped. She could only sigh that the Tibetan mastiff was too obedient to its master. Its owner, Jackson, must be psychopath.

The dining room was in dead silence, as if no one was there. Jackson ate all the dishes alone, feeling tasteless. He didn't know how Sherri was doing. He seemed to hear the Tibetan mastiff barking her a few times just now. It was good to frighten her. At least, she didn't have the courage to challenge him.

Jackson stood up, and the others bowed respectfully and began to clean up the bowls and chopsticks.

Tina looked at Carol and Julie in confusion, "where is Sherri?"

"I don't know." Julie replied.

"Tina, you can ask Lee. He might know." After saying that, Carol added another half bowl of rice.

Lee walked into the kitchen from the outside and coughed, "she offended Mr. Jackson today. She has to bear the consequences."

Everyone looked at each other and soon lowered their heads to eat in silence.

Sitting on the handmade sofa from Italy in the living room, Jackson kept changing the channel. He was in a good mood, but when he thought of Sherri's pale face, he couldn't help but go to the storage room to check what she was going on.

'No, I can't go! If I go there now, she will be proud again.' She would think what he said just now was just to frighten her, so he'd better wait until she took the initiative to beg for mercy.


"Mr. Jackson, I'm here." Lee trotted over in a hurry.

Jackson whispered to him and told him something. Lee kept nodding.

Sherri, who was sleepy unconsciously, curled up in the corner with her arms crossed, barely keeping a certain dist

ance from the Tibetan mastiff. Both her body and heart were tired, and she huddled up pitifully.

The sound of the window knocking gradually became clear, but the sleeping woman seemed not to hear it at all. The Tibetan mastiff lay on the ground with its eyelids drooping. Everything seemed to be fine.

Waking up from his sleep, Jackson looked around and muttered, "so it was just a dream..."

He took a look at his watch on the bedside table and rushed into the bathroom the next second. Soon he got dressed and went downstairs. With the key to the storage room in his hand, she gently turned the door and opened it. The storage room was quiet and no one make any sound. His confused and sharp eyes quickly caught Sherri in the corner.

He looked at her up and down and found that there was nothing wrong with her. Her face was yellow and lifeless. He frowned slightly and kicked her legs. "Get up. It's dawn. How long are you going to sleep?"

Sherri didn't expect to see Jackson when she opened her eyes.

Ignoring her confused eyes, Jackson said calmly, "what do you think after staying with the Tibetan mastiff for a night?"

His words were very annoying. Sherri still remembered that she was extremely cold last night, and the floor was cold. She could only curl up in a corner of the mess to barely warm herself up. She didn't expect herself to fall asleep. Fortunately, the Tibetan mastiff didn't bark, or she really didn't know how to spend the long night with it.

"I think... Jackson, you are a freak. "

Squinting his eyes and touching the hair of the Tibetan mastiff, Jackson said, "Sherri, you still have the strength to talk to me. I didn't expect you to be a bitch."

Sherri pursed her lips and stumbled out of the storeroom, ignoring his presence. The soles of her feet were weak, and she couldn't get any strength into her calves. Maybe it was because she caught a cold last night. She felt hungry and tired.

Looking at Sherri who was frail, Jackson felt indescribable melancholy. The more he saw her suffering, the happier he was. But why did he sympathize with her when he saw her being tortured and devoid of vitality? Holding the leash tethered to the mastiff, he walked out.

"Sherri, Mr. Jackson is up. What's wrong with you?" Lee looked at Sherri and knew that Jackson was dissatisfied with her, but he also noticed that she didn't look good.

"I'm fine, Lee. I'm going to wash my face and come down later." Sherri forced out a smile with her breath drifting. She went upstairs helplessly with her dizzy body in her arms.

Jackson tied the Tibetan mastiff to the yard and asked Lee to feed it.

Looking at her face in the mirror, Sherri, who had no spirit at all, forced herself to wash up and close the door, intending to change into clean clothes. All of a sudden, the door was kicked open. With a livid face, Jackson walked in and locked the door.

"What... What are you doing here? Isn't it enough to torture me all night? "

"It's not enough. These are far from enough!" Jackson approached her step by step, his face was calm and frightening.

Sherri stared at Jackson. Thinking of the treatment she received last night, she had a complicated feeling. She looked at the man in fear and stepped back, afraid that she would fall into another trap.

Jackson wore a limited edition watch bought from Switzerland last year on his wrist. He rudely touched Sherri's forehead. But she blocked his hand defensively, and the watch fell to the ground. He narrowed his eyes, squatted down to pick it up, but he did not expect that the needle did not leave.

"I know you don't like me now, but I'm a human, not a toy. You cannot just do whatever you want to me."

"Shut up! How are you going to compensate me for my limited edition watch? " Jackson put the watch in front of her and smiled coldly.

Sherri felt that he was baffled, so she turned her head away and said discontentedly, "I didn't mean to do that. It's the quality of your watch that's not up to par. It's none of my business."

"You can't afford the price of this watch even if I sell you. How about I go to Allen and ask him to compensate for me?" Jackson said in an evil tone, pretending to turn around and be about to leave.

"No, you can't go to find him." Sherri said worriedly.

Jackson hated it the most when he saw her caring about her lover. What was so good about Allen that she was willing to do anything for him? Thinking of this, he couldn't help feeling jealous.

Sherri endured the sadness and murmured, "Jackson, can't you just let me go?"

"Let you go? Bella is suffering in the hospital. Why should I let you go? " Jackson's attitude became strong. He pressed Sherri against the wall, preventing her from moving around.

"Why? Why did you do this to me?"

A bloodthirsty smile appeared on Jackson's face. He whispered in her ear in a hoarse voice, "torturing you is my greatest pleasure. Don't you want to protect your little lover? Then you must satisfy all my requirements. "

Sherri stared at him angrily, letting him unbutton her shirt and closed her eyes coldly.

"Sherri, I won't let you go easily."

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