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   Chapter 48 A Master of Seducing Men

Miss CEO: Lost In Love And Trickery By Li Zi Hai Shi Xing Characters: 9567

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They arrived soon. When they went upstairs, Jake was in a daze. They didn't know what was going on. When Jake saw someone coming, he raised his eyes. But when he saw Tilda, he came to his senses in an instant. He ran to her, grabbed her arm and said, "Tilda, are you okay? Where have you been? Let me explain, okay? "

Mark had known Jake for so many years, and it was the first time that he had seen him so anxious. It seemed that he really fell in love with Tilda. But why the road to happiness was strewn with setbacks? Mary was also a big trouble. It was also a difficult to solve it in a short time!

Della gave a hint to Mark and Peter out. After the three went out, Tilda and Jake talked for more than half an hour.

They didn't know what they were talking about. Anyway, Tilda went downstairs angrily in the end.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm fine. Peter will drive me home. Help me deal with the rest. I don't want to see this man anymore!" For the first time, Della felt Tilda's domineering. She had never been like this before. It seemed that their conversation was not pleasant.

After Peter left with Tilda, Jake went downstairs. Without saying anything, Mark gave him a punch, indicating him to explain everything as soon as possible.

It turned out that his father was saved by Mary's father with his life. When his father died, he asked Jake to get engaged to her. At that time, he wanted to refuse, but the Li Family agreed to the marriage. Moreover, his father also said that he had to take good care of Mary, so he was forced to get engaged to her.

But for so many years, she had been abroad. He had told her that their engagement was carried a few years ago. He wanted it to be invalid, but she just didn't agree. He didn't expect that Mary would come.

Jake said that he really liked Tilda and didn't want to break up with her, but because of this matter, they might never be able to make up.

"If you don't want to get engaged, why don't you tell Tilda the truth? Do you really like her? You made her a mistress. Do you think this is love? "

"But I..."

"Bo buts. Can you cancel the engagement with Mary now?" Della was really angry. Wasn't he making a fool of her?

Jake didn't say anything but shook his head. Della sneered, "Good. You'd better not appear in front of Tilda in the future. Otherwise, the Tang Group and the Zuo Group will destroy the Lin Group even if they go bankrupt!"

After saying that, Della left. But Jake seemed to want to say something more. Mark asked, "Why are you so hesitant?"

Mark really didn't understand why he hesitated since he really liked Tilda! "My mother is sick. She threatened me to be with Mary. Tilda heard the phone call just now!"

At this moment, Mark didn't know what to say, so he had to hurry up to chase after Della.

When he walked out of the villa, he saw Della squa

Antonia's arm.

Being praised by Lana, Antonia was very happy. She waved her hand and asked her to go upstairs.

Of course, Lana obediently went up to call Evan. Maybe he would forgive her when he heard that she had begun to take revenge on Della. So she had decided how to show off in such a short time while going upstairs.

But the fact was not what she thought. Evan was not upstairs at all. Even Antonia did not know when her son went out.

So she called Evan, but it was his secretary who answered the phone.

"Mrs. Lana, Mr. Evan is in a meeting now. He can't answer the phone for the time being because of an important meeting!" The secretary was also very nervous. It was the first time that she had seen the president so angry, so she dared not say much.

"Okay, I see."

"How is it, Mom?" Lana didn't dare to call Evan, she asked his mother to call him instead!

"You go to bring food to him and see what happened to make him so anxious. I heard the Secretary stammer as if something important had happened!" Antonia stopped laughing and wondered what else could happen. Did the company's share price fall again?

"Yes, Mom!" After tidying up, Lana went straight to the company.

As soon as she arrived at the building of the Xiao Group, she found that something was wrong. Everyone looked very serious, as if something serious had happened.

Lana didn't show any arrogance as usual. After careful inquiry, she knew that the Luo Group was going to withdraw its investment.

Lana didn't dare to go up now. She called John, but he didn't answer the phone.

Then Lana put down the food and went to the Luo Group.

When the people of the Luo Group saw that Lana came, they all looked at her in fear. She stamped her feet and said, "What? How hateful I am? Why are you so afraid of me?"

"No, Miss Lana, Mr. John is not here!" The guard stepped back and dared not approach.

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