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   Chapter 30 Eaton Is Obsessed With You

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Seeing the wound on Eaton's face, Della asked, "Why is your face also injured? It's just on the arm, isn't it? Do you need a doctor to bind up your wound? "

"Why are you so nervous about me? Do you like me? If you like me, just tell me. Maybe I will marry you when I am happy in my heart after my father passes away? Then you can continue to be Tang Family's madam fair and square! Then all the property of the Tang Family will be yours. "

"You... Eaton, I didn't expect that I was such a person in your mind, and I didn't expect that you would say something like that! You've gone too far! ! ! I don't want to quarrel with you... "

At this time, Della was too tired to argue with Eaton. She knew in her heart that she had been ready to accept all kinds of words since she had decided to refuse Eaton.

She didn't want to disturb Mr. Tang's rest. Besides, she had been tired for a whole day. She really wanted to have a rest now, but she had to hold on because she was worried about Mr. Tang. She saw a rest area nearby. She just wanted to sit on the chair and have a rest. But she fell asleep unconsciously.

After a while, Eaton didn't see Della come out of the lounge. He thought, 'What the hell is this woman doing?'

So he came to the door of the lounge and saw that Della had fallen asleep on the chair in the lounge, with her hands holding herself. She looked insecure. Eaton stared at her for a long time.

'This woman was less stubborn when she fell asleep. She looked so pitiful. It really made me want to protect her. Although she was weak, she always pretended to be strong.'

'I really can't see through this woman. I can give her money and status. I can satisfy her whatever she needs, but she refused my love.'

'Although she has refused me, I just can't control my feelings. What's so attractive about her? The more I love her, the more I have to speak ill of her, because I'm afraid that I can't control myself and make her embarrassed... "

Although he thought so, Eaton couldn't help caressing Della's head affectionately.

However, this scene was witnessed by Mark who was standing in the distance. His eyes seemed to be about to spit fire, and his fist hit the wall. At this time, he had no time to care about the bleeding hand.

Why was Mark here?

It turned out that it was not a coincidence that Della worked overtime today. It was arranged by Mark in advance. When everyone in the company got off work, he asked manager to leave all the work to Della. "You can go home and have a rest after work! Just leave the work to Della. "

Secretary, of course, was very happy to hear what Mark had said. She thought, 'It's said that the president has a crush on her, but in my opinion, it's not like that. Humph, a group of ignorant mobs! If Mr. Mark really loves her, he wouldn't have arranged so much work and deliberately let her work overtime here... '

After throwing the work that needed to be done on Della's table, secretary walked away without looking back and frightened Della who was working.

"Well, it seems that I have to work overtime today!" Seeing Della like this, Mark couldn't help smiling.

In fact, Della didn't know that she wasn't the only one who worked overtime tonight. Behind her, there was always someone quietly watching her every move. All Mark did was to stay with her alone for a longer time. When he heard Della scold him, he was angry and funny;

"Am I right or wrong?"

He was also conflicted. He had planned to invite Della to dinner after work, but now he hesitated and decided to change the plan.

When Della left the office and went back home, he had been following her all the time, silently protecting her until she arrived home safely.

He waited for a while downstairs and was about to drive away. But he saw that Della ran out of the house in a hurry and couldn't get a taxi. So he called his driver and asked him to call a taxi to pick up a person in the LJ Community.

He thought, 'It's so late. Where is she going?'

When Della finally got a taxi, he followed her to the best hospital in the West City. He was confused, 'Why does she come to the hospital so late?' Driven by curiosity, he followed her upstairs.

When he saw her sleeping on the bench in the lounge, his heart was softened. Looking at this stubborn and fragile woman, he really wanted to rush up to protect her, but suddenly, the appearance of Eaton interrupted his plan to stop him. He retreated to the corner of the wall. He saw what had happened just now. Eaton gently touched her forehead, which made him very angry anger. At this moment, the look in Mark's eyes was so deep and dark that it seemed to be dripping water. He took out his phone and called his assistant.

"Hello, can you help me investigate the eldest master of Tang Family, Eaton? I need all the information about him. Send it to me as soon as it's


Then he hung up the phone, because he believed in the efficiency of his assistant.

Not long after, the assistant sent all the information about Eaton to his mobile phone. Looking at the information, he squinted his eyes thoughtfully.

Just then, the nurse told Eaton that his father was out of danger and he could go to rest. He didn't want to wake up Della, nor did he want to make her suffer cold here. So he went downstairs with Della in his arms and was about to send her home. The moment he turned around, he saw that the woman in his arms had been held by Mark.

"Who are you? What are you doing? "

Mark ignored Eaton and went downstairs with Della in his arms. He walked very fast as if there was wind under his feet. Soon, they arrived downstairs. He opened the door of the car and gently put Della in the back seat. Then he got in the car and drove away from the hospital. Seeing that his beloved woman was taken away by others forcefully, Eaton was very unhappy, so he drove to chase after Mark's car.

Eaton didn't believe that Mark would be able to take away Della without his permission today. He followed closely behind.

Through the rearview mirror, Mark saw Eaton behind him. He raised the corners of his mouth and sneered. How could Mr. Tang have such a son who didn't know how to behave himself? But that also showed that he loved Della so much.

He turned to look at Della, who was still sleeping in the back seat. Her little face was covered by her hair, so he couldn't see her sleeping face, but he could imagine how attractive she was at the moment.

Mark didn't expect himself to be so sentimental that he could keep a heart for a woman for so many years.

"Ah..." As soon as Mark turned around and was about to drive, he shook off the stalker behind him. But he didn't expect that Della suddenly fell to the ground from the back seat. He couldn't help but shake his head. It seemed that she was really tired.

Two hours ago, Mark got the news of Della from Peter. He knew that this woman had been deceived by Eaton to transfuse blood to Mr. Tang. She was weak originally, so he didn't know what would happen to her. He rushed back from another city and saw them walking out of the hospital.

At a corner, Mark shook off Eaton and got out of the car to help Della up.

Looking at her pale face, Mark still felt sorry for her, but after this torment, Della woke up directly.

Her consciousness was a little blurry. She looked up at Mark in a daze and said, "Why am I here? Why are you here? "

"So many questions. How do you feel?" While saying, he touched her forehead, fearing that she would catch a cold.

However, Della didn't feel anything wrong. She just shook her head and looked at him with her crystal clear eyes for a long time without saying anything. Being stared at by her, Mark was embarrassed. He coughed to hide his panic. "What are you thinking about?"

"Is Mr. Tang all right?" Della knew that since she was in Mark's car, he must have known everything about the hospital clearly. She was still a little worried!

"It's not the time for you to worry about others. Of course Mr. Tang is fine. But how much blood did you bleed?" Mark was confused. Wasn't blood transfusion limited? Why did it make her so miserable?

"I don't know. There should be nothing else. Will you drive me home?" Della had always been arrogant and domineering, but now she was quiet a lot. Perhaps this was the only time that she had been gentle to Mark.

Hearing that, Mark's hand stopped in the air. Something occurred to him, but there was a fluctuation on his handsome face. Della waved her hand in front of him, but he still didn't respond. When she was about to get out of the car and leave, she was stopped by him.

Mark looked at Della unhappily, but Della wanted to fool him with a cheeky smile. "If you don't leave now, I'm going to faint. It's off duty now. If I faint in your car, what can you explain?"

Like a child, Della smiled innocently. Perhaps this was the only difference between her and Suzan.

No matter how hard Suzan pretended, she couldn't smile like this. There was always a trace of coldness in her smile. Mark knew that he couldn't let this little woman fall into Suzan's hands, or he didn't know what kind of suffering Della would suffer.

Mark had just sat down and was about to send Della back.

To her surprise, Eaton, who was still unwilling to give up, came over again. The bang startled Della, who had just woken up. She looked at Mark confusedly, and Mark frowned and said, "How could Eaton miss you so much?"

Mark's words, of course, didn't affect his mood. Instead, he wanted to fight against Eaton to the end. Della thought for a long time and finally figured out what was going on. She was in a panic and wanted him to stop the car, but he had no intention of stopping it at all.

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