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   Chapter 29 Video

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Lana wiped her tears and said in a hurry.

"Evan, the video you watched was not true at all."

"Oh." Evan replied in disbelief. He had watched the video, and he hated it very much.

Lana said quickly.

"A few days ago, I told you that I was going to solve the problem of that house. I called the man who bought the house and he invited me to a bar, but I didn't want to go. But thinking of you, I braced myself to go. I didn't expect that the man who bought the house called a man who looked obscene after I got drunk, so he took the video that you and mom saw."

Then Lana raised her hand and swore to Evan.

"I'm telling the truth. Evan, you have to trust me. Although he took the video, nothing really happened. I didn't expect him to be so despicable. He set me up. I'm innocent."

Lana didn't dare to tell Evan the truth. If he knew that it was Mark who bought the house and she sold it to him, he would not treat her so gently today. So she couldn't tell him about it. It was right to hide it.

After listening to all the words, Evan turned around. The coldness on his face was replaced by a lot of relaxation. However, when he turned around, he saw an abnormal flush on Lana's fair face, which made him feel a little pitiful. There were tears in her eyes. The beauty today was different from that of usual. Today, she was more delicate and fragile. Evan couldn't bear it anymore.

"Are you serious?"

In fact, Evan had forgiven Lana. He thought that she went there for his own good and for the sake of the Xiao Group. The intentions were good, although the result might not be too perfect.

Of course, Lana knew that Evan had softened his heart, so she nodded desperately.

"Evan, you have to trust me, I will never betray you."

Evan opened the car door and hugged Lana. The cold wind had been blowing for a long time, and her skin gave off a cold touch. Thinking of the blush on her face and the coldness on her body, Evan felt sorry for her. He quickly took off his suit and put it on her.

"Why don't you take good care of yourself? Aren't you afraid of getting sick?"

Hearing Evan's words, Lana thought in her heart that she couldn't care about her illness at all. Moreover, she treated her disease on purpose, so she didn't care much about it at all. Now that he had forgiven her, her goal had been achieved.

When she thought of this, Lana smiled brightly, but breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

"Evan, as long as you forgive me, this is the best medicine."

While they were talking, Evan's phone rang. The driver immediately took it out, opened the door and walked to Evan without hesitation, carefully breaking the harmonious atmosphere between them.

The driver respectfully handed the phone to Evan. Evan picked it up and answered the phone as soon as he saw it was his assistant.

"Mr. Evan, I have found out the condition of that house."

Evan was a little unhappy at first, but after hearing this, he said to his assistant calmly.

"Go on."

The assistant said respectfully.

"It's Miss. Della's old house, and the owner of the house is not someone else. Mr. Evan should be very familiar with this person. It's Mark who bought the house and refused to move out. But we haven't found out the real purpose of his buying the house yet. Normally, he doesn't like that house, but he won't move out. "

In Evan's arms, Lana also heard what his assistant said. She was a little shocked. She didn't expect that he had asked his assistant to investigate this matter. Now he knew that the house had been bought by Mark. What would he do next?

Lana held her breath and stayed in Evan's arms quietly. She didn't dare to tell Evan the true intention of the house.

After hearing this, Evan also felt confused. He thought that the house was in his hand safe and sound. When did Mark buy it? Why was he so stubborn not to sell an old house?

Evan was puzzled. He really cared about this house. But it was interesting. He would like to see why Mark was so stubborn and what was hidden in this shabby house.

Thinking of this, an unfathomable smile appeared on Evan's face.

It was quieter around. There were still a few people on the road, but now they were no longer there. On a long road, only the lonely light from the white street lamps and the mottled shadows of the sycamore trees were still swaying with the wind. It was dark outside.

Lana who was in his arms suddenly moved, Evan came back to his senses and realized that it was late at night. They should go home now. Lana was also sick today. He would have a good talk with his assistant about the house and the matter of Mark tomorrow when he went to

work. Now it was better to send Lana home first.

So Evan said to his assistant on the other side of the phone.

"It's too late today. Let's talk about it tomorrow. But you still have to find out why Mark bought this house and why it was in his hands. I want your report tomorrow, understand?"

The assistant replied formulaically.

"I see, Mr. Evan."

It was so cold tonight that even Lana trembled a few times. But she didn't feel warm even when she was carried into the car by Evan and Evan asked the driver to turn on the air conditioner.

At this time, in the president's office on the eighteenth floor of Hua Group, a lonely figure was writing quickly in front of the computer, preparing an important document according to the president. Della stretched herself.

"I'm so tired."

She looked around and found that her colleagues had left. She was left alone in the big office. She picked up her phone and found that it was already eleven o'clock at night. She was a little unhappy. She was very worried about her son. She felt sorry for her son. She didn't give him a complete family, and she had to work every day and had no time to accompany him.

"Damn it! Why do I have so many documents to do every day? I worked so late! Alas, I'm so tired! "

Although Della had cursed all the eighteen generations of Mark in her heart, she still sorted out the documents on the table obediently, because she wanted to go back early to see her son. Her son was the whole of her life now. Even if it was a video call, she was looking forward to it, so she quickened her pace and left the office.

As soon as she got home and turned on the computer video, she heard her son's childish voice. "Mom, you're back!" Her son pushed away the nanny and rushed to the computer, as if he had thrown himself into her arms. At this moment, Della's heart was melting in this warm embrace.

"Son, did you miss me today?"

"Yes, I miss mommy so much."

Suddenly, Della's phone rang.

"Beep, beep, beep..."

She thought to herself, 'Who will call me at this late hour?' She took out her phone from her bag and found it was a call from Eaton. Why did he call at this late hour? But she still answered it.

"Hello, Della, where are you now? My father is dying. No matter what you are doing now, you must come to the hospital as soon as possible."

Eaton liked Della, but since she refused him, he had spoken ill of her and had never been kind to her. Maybe it was because the woman he liked refused such an excellent man like him at once. He couldn't accept it for a while. Although he had made difficulties for her, he still liked her in his heart. In fact, Della had already been used to Eaton's behavior. Although Eaton had said something unpleasant to her this time, she just wanted to know what was wrong with Mr. Tang, so she had no time to talk to him.

"Son, be a good boy. Let nanny take you to take a shower first, okay? I have something to deal with now. Can I tell you a story when I come back? "

"Okay, mommy, you must keep your promise!"

After saying that, she gave a hint to the nanny to take her son away. "Shelia, please coax my son to sleep first! I need to go out now and come back very late. "


It was so late that it was difficult to take a taxi. When Della arrived at the hospital in a hurry, she knew that Mr. Tang needed blood transfusion, and Eaton was injured and couldn't transfuse blood to Mr. Tang. And Della had the same blood type with them, so Eaton called Della here directly.

Della asked Eaton curiously.

"Why don't you transfuse blood and call me here?"

The corner of Eaton's mouth twitched, and Eaton revealing his injured arm. When Della saw it, she realized that it was because he was injured that he couldn't transfuse blood to Mr. Tang. That was why he asked her to come here. He just needed to make it clear to her. But he had to be so arrogant.

"If I hadn't been injured and my blood had been infected, would I have called you here? I'm calling you because you are of the same blood type. "

Della ignored Eaton. She was used to his mean words, so she nodded and followed the nurse into the ward to transfuse blood to Mr. Tang.

After the blood transfusion, Della looked at Mr. Tang outside the ward for a while. Since Mr. Tang was still in the intensive care unit and needed a rest, the family members should not disturb him. She didn't know when Eaton had come to her side. She had been flattered, because Eaton put a coat on her. At this moment, she thought in her heart that he was not as arrogant as he looked! If Della had known what Eaton was going to say, she wouldn't have thought so.

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