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   Chapter 28 Are You Driving Me Away

Miss CEO: Lost In Love And Trickery By Li Zi Hai Shi Xing Characters: 10007

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"Mom, as the saying goes, before death, we should know the truth. What mistake have I made? Are you trying to drive me away?"

Seeing this bitch who refused to go away, Antonia became angry. She was used to scold others, but not others scolded her.

She couldn't stand her staying in the Xiao Family like that. She must drive her away.

At the thought of this, Antonia quickly walked down from the door and was about to drive Lana away. Seeing that Antonia aggressively walked up to her, Lana knew her intention, so she quickly stepped back.

"If you are sensible, go away quickly."

How could Lana be willing to leave? She couldn't leave before she figured out what had happened. Evan don't know what Antonia has done to her. If he knows, he won't allow Antonia to do this to her. Now she could only go in if she called Evan out.

Lana shouted at the two floors of the Xiao Family's villa.

"Evan, Evan..."

Seeing that Lana still wanted to call Evan over, Antonia smiled complacently and stood quietly aside.

As expected, Evan came out in a while. Seeing his figure, Lana ran up happily and grabbed his hand.

Different from her gloomy face just now, at this time, Lana's fair skin had a beautiful red glow, like a blooming peach blossom. Coupled with her enchanting temperament, she was even more coquettish. With a pair of seductive eyes, her eyes were full of water, full of infinite pity and beauty. In the past, as long as she acted coquettishly, Evan would treat her well. This time, it was the same. Evan would soon gently help her into the room and comfort her, and then argued with Antonia.

However, the expected tenderness did not come. On the contrary, Evan had been wearing a cold face, emitting a chill. At this time, he was looking at Lana coldly.

"You are so bad to me. You are making more trouble at this time. Don't you think I have enough things to do?"

Lana was confused. From the beginning, Antonia blamed her for no reason, and now even Evan did the same. What happened?

"Evan, I don't know what I have done,"

Evan turned a deaf ear to Lana and directly threw away her hand. He knocked her down to the ground with great strength. In the end, he threw her away and went straight into the room without looking at the mess on the ground. Antonia walked up, smiled proudly at her and said.

"If you really don't know what you have done. Just go online and have a look. I'm too embarrassed to say it."

After saying that, she quickly entered the room and slammed the door, making a loud noise, as if she deliberately made it let Lana heard it outside the door.

All the expectations of Lana were gone. She thought she could get rid of Antonia's unreasonable difficulties as long as Evan came, but when he really came, he asked her to get out like his mother did. Everything was fine when she left. Why did it change so much after she came back?

What happened?

All of a sudden, Lana remembered that Antonia had asked her to watch the video on the Internet when she left. Lana wanted to find out the reason. She quickly stood up and stumbled out of the Xiao Family's house, completely ignoring the grazed wound on her body.

Antonia was very happy. She never liked Lana. She wanted to teach her a lesson a long time ago, so today she took this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sarcasm her. It was really a great pleasure.

As soon as they entered the room, Antonia hummed a tune and poured a cup of coffee for Evan. She thought that her son had helped her today and she should give him a good reward.

"Thank you, son. Have a cup of coffee. "

Sitting on the sofa, Evan was still angry. Thinking of the scandal that Lana had done, Evan felt even worse. Now the company was in a big crisis, but she didn't help him. What's more, the stock price of the company is going to fall severely!

What a bad luck!

Looking at Evan's expression, Antonia knew what he was thinking. How could she not know her son? So she suppressed the joy in her heart, put the coffee on the table and sat down herself.

"Lana is so thoughtless. Why does she still come to the Xiao Family at this time?"

Antonia hypocritically said. It seemed that she was caring about Lana, but in fact, it made the situation worse.

Hearing this, Evan raised his eyebrows and smiled coldly.

"Mom, if she dares to come again next time, just ask someone to drive her out. I don't want to see her again. If she doesn't do her job well, she will lose the face of us."

Antonia thought she would do it even if Evan didn't tell her. Thinking of how dejected Lana had been just now, she was in a better mood.

Then Lana went to the nearest Internet bar. She couldn't wait to pay the bill, sat down and quickly turned on the computer. As soon as the computer was opened, she began to search it. When the result came out, she was stunned.

Looking at the videos, Lana couldn't believe it was her. No wonder Antonia and Evan were so angry.

These "passion" play

s were also annoying.

However, only Lana knew that in fact, nothing had happened. She was just set up by the cunning Mark. After this incident, thinking of that man, she was really afraid. He was as deep as an abyss, inaccessible.

She tried to seduce Mark, but she failed and was even tricked by him. Lana would never dare to approach that dangerous man again.

However, Lana had to get Evan's forgiveness before she could enter the Xiao Family. Without him, she didn't know where she could go. So she decided to stop the car on the road where Evan often went to work and tell him the truth. In this way, he would definitely forgive her. After all, he still loved her.

After making up her mind, Lana immediately set off to the Clean Road and stayed there for a few hours. In that case, when Evan came here, he could see her, but still see her depressed appearance. In this way, he would be softhearted to listen to her, instead of ruthlessly driving away.

Lana waited for a long time, but Evan didn't show up. She was a little disappointed from noon to evening. If he didn't show up all night, she would have to wait for him.

Thinking of this, Lana was really in a bad mood.

It was already late at night. The lights around were on, and the white street lamps were emitting light, which was driving away the darkness, but could not drive away the slightly cold night wind. On the Clean Road, there were only the mottled tree shadows cast by the sycamore trees, and there were only a few people. Sitting on a wooden chair, Lana crossed her arms over her knees to block the cold wind. She only wore a knee length purple gauze dress today, and she couldn't resist anything at all. She could feel that her head was beginning to faint.

But she had to bear it. If it weren't for the sacrifice she had made today, all her efforts would have been in vain. Lana looked around, looking forward to seeing a black car. Evan used to take this road, especially today when there were so many things in the Xiao Group. He must go to the company to solve the difficult. Why didn't she see it after waiting for so long?

Fortunately, half an hour later, Lana finally saw a black car coming under the street lamp. She then got up from the chair and stood in the middle of the road, ready to intercept the car. In fact, she didn't want to do that at all. What if she hurt herself? But that was the only way. Evan was still in a fit of anger. He wouldn't see her, so she had to hail the car.

After she stood up, Lana closed her eyes, looking very scared.

Evan, who was sitting in the car, was surprised to see Lana. He didn't expect that she would come to intercept car, but what she had done was unforgivable, so he turned his head away.

When the driver was driving, he also saw a figure suddenly appear in front of them. He took a closer look and found that it was Mr. Evan's fiancee, so he had to ask for Evan's permission.

"Mr. Evan, Mrs. Lana is in front of us. Am I parking here?"

Although Lana hadn't officially become a member of the Xiao Family, his assistant had been used to calling her ladyship.

Without even looking at her, Evan said, "Leave her alone. Just drive away."

The driver was in a dilemma. It could be seen that Mr. Evan and his fiancee were arguing. If he listened to him and drove away all the time, what if they made up and curse him later? So the assistant braked the car in front of Lana in an emergency.

The sound of brake sounded so harsh in the quiet night. After hearing the sound, Lana was sure that she didn't feel any pain on her body, so she quickly opened her eyes and saw Evan's car parking in front of her. She knew that this was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and she must seize it.

Before she could calm down, Lana ran to the left side of the car, knocked on the window and kept shouting.

"Evan, could you please roll down the window and listen to me for a while?"

Evan frowned imperceptibly. He was in a bad mood now. He did not want to see Lana, but she still appeared in front of him. Ignoring the noise from the outside, he asked the driver to drive quickly. The assistant pretended to agree, but did not immediately drive.

The noise outside the window became louder and louder, but Lana's scream became more and more hoarse. Evan was a little hesitant. After all, he still had her in his heart, and he thought that she had suffered a lot today, so he slowly rolled down the window after a while. However, when he opened the window, Evan did not look at her, but turned his head to the other side.

As soon as he rolled down the window, Lana knew that Evan was softhearted and she would try her best to beg for his forgiveness, so she clung to the window tightly and looked at Evan pitifully and aggrievedly.

"Evan, finally, you are willing to listen to me,"

There was joy in her words, but Evan still glanced coldly at Lana and said.

"If you have anything to say, just say it. Don't waste my time."

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