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   Chapter 27 Don't Play Too Much

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Besides, it seemed that Mark was not a person who didn't want to sleep with women. He couldn't be so indifferent as the rumors said. Just now, he looked at her so long. There were only two kinds of men in the world who were not interested in women.

The first kind was men who were gay, and the second kind was men with a special hobby.

Apparently, neither of the two men was Mark.

Thinking of this, Lana couldn't help but shake her head. What was she worried about? After all, she was a charming woman. There were a lot of men chasing after her in the past!

It was a bit exaggerated to say that, but looking at the appearance of Lana, she was indeed very beautiful!

After sitting for a while, Lana felt a little tired. She fell on the bed. Thinking of the handsome body of Mark, she couldn't help but swallow.

At the same time, Jimmy and Mark were meeting downstairs. Although Jimmy looked a little obscene, he was loyal to Mark.

Jimmy patted his chest and said with a smile, "Mr. Mark, what do you want me to do?"

Mark's face, which had turned ugly because of the disgust from Lana, softened a little. He patted Jimmy on the shoulder and smiled, "It's a good thing for you."

Good thing!

Jimmy's eyes glittered with golden light. In an instant, he understood what the so-called "good thing" was.

It was a woman.

He couldn't help but wipe the corner of his mouth and swallowed. "Mr. Mark... Where is that woman now? I'm going to find her now! "

The women dared to offend Mr. Mark, and he must teach her a lesson!

With a sneer, Mark waved at Jimmy and said, "She's in the room on the second floor. I'll leave her to you. Don't overdo."

Jimmy nodded with a smile, "Mr. Mark, don't you know how capable I am?"

Mark nodded and left.

'Lana, do you want to seduce me? No way.

Don't worry. A big gift will come to you soon.

Just wait and see.

Taking a look at the sky at dusk, Mark found that it was already dark, and the whole city was emitting a sense of prosperity.

He put his phone into his pocket and called a taxi back.

At this time, Jimmy must have come to the front of Lana.

As soon as Lana lay on the bed imagining the figure of Mark, she heard the knock on the door.

Who could knock at the door at this time?

It was none other than Mark!

Lana did not think that Mark was not so reserved. 'Is he seduced by me?' Lana thought. She quickly slipped from the bed to the ground and opened the door with her bare feet.

As soon as Lana opened the door, Jimmy's eyes lit up when he saw Lana.

What a beauty!

He didn't expect Mr. Mark to be so considerate!

When Lana raised her head and saw Jimmy, she was in a panic. When she was about to question Jimmy who he was, Jimmy hugged her tightly.

A man wouldn't be honest when he hugged a woman, let alone a lecher like Jimmy.

Jimmy hugged Lana tightly and kissed her, making her blush.

It was not because of love, but because she was suddenly kissed by an unknown man and taken advantage of!

The kiss made Lana dizzy. She had seen the man's face clearly just now. Mark was handsome and excellent, but the man in front of her was ugly and defective.

No, she must find a way to drive this man out.

Gathering all her strength on her feet, she kicked Jimmy's genitals. The pain made Jimmy let go of Lana, covered his body and laughed, "You are a bitch! How dare you kick me?"

Lana staggered back to the bed, picked up the high-heeled shoes on the ground and looked at Jimmy, snorting, "Speak! Who sent you here? "

Jimmy sneered. His genitals didn't hurt anymore. He stared at Lana with obscene eyes, which made Lana extremely angry. He would definitely take advantage of her again!

"Who am I? I'm your man today! " As he spoke, he walked two or three steps to the front of Lana. However, the high-heeled shoes in Lana's hands were not in vain. They directly fell on Jimmy's head.

Jimmy was so angry that he wanted to strangle Lana, but he was told by Mark that he should know the importance.

Fortunately, his head was not hurt.

Gritting his teeth, Jimmy looked at Lana and slammed the door.

At this time, the exquisite dress of Lana was a little messy, and her long hair was a little wet.

Sitting on the ground, Lana began to think about the unusual situation today.

'Who is this man? Why hasn't Mark come in yet?

Wait! Mark!

Maybe it is all Mark's revenge!

Thinking of this, Lana picked up the phone and called Mark. When the phone was connected, she asked, "Mark, did you order that man

to do that?"

A sneer came from the other end of the line, "Ha ha, it is not bad, right? You must have enjoyed it. "

Lana's face turned pale. It was indeed under the order of Mark!

Lana bit her lips and frowned, "Mark! I have an appointment with you today... Why did you run away? "

Hearing this, Mark couldn't help laughing, "Lana, who do you think you are? Don't think that I don't know what you are thinking! When I see you, I want to throw up. I find a man to relieve your lust. You should thank me!"

"You are despicable!" Lana shouted.

"Am I despicable? What about you?" With a heavy snort, Mark hung up the phone.

Gritting her teeth, Lana called out his name "Mark". The phone in her hand fell heavily to the ground, which was not enough to vent her anger.

After a few days of peace, the uneasiness in Lana's heart disappeared. She thought that since a few days had passed, no one should remember the thing.

So she could go back to Xiao Family as if nothing had happened. Although she had promised Evan that she could solve the problem of the house, she didn't expect that Mark was so difficult to deal with. Even with her beautiful appearance, he didn't change at all. Lana was so angry that she was about to lose her temper.

As a result, Lana failed to fulfill her promise to Evan, and she didn't dare to go back for a while. If Evan asked about it, it would be difficult to answer. But now she could go back as if nothing had happened.

So Lana got out of the hotel where she had been hiding for a few days and took a taxi to Xiao Family.

Standing in front of the door of Xiao Family's house, Lana kept ringing the doorbell, which made her quite unhappy. She wondered why no one came to open the door! She was in a bad mood now. As long as someone appeared in front of her, she could vent her anger on anyone.

Perhaps it was because the annoying doorbell kept ringing that the person in the room opened the door after a long time. The door finally opened, and Lana was about to scold the person to calm herself down. But as soon as the door was opened, her face changed from red to white in an instant. It was Antonia, Evan's mother.

Antonia crossed her arms and looked down at Lana with contempt.

"Hey, it is you. You have been ringing my doorbell all the time. It turns out that it is you, a bitch. How dare you come back to the Xiao Family?"

A sense of inexplicable fear surged up in Lana's heart. She didn't know what had happened when she was facing Antonia's sudden accusation. In the past, although Antonia hated her, she didn't show it to her clearly. She had to care too much about Evan's face. But today, she seemed to vent all her resentment against her, bitterly sarcastic. She just went out for a few days. What happened? Was the thing of the house exposed?

After thinking for a while, Lana vetoed the idea in her heart. She thought that Mark wouldn't tell others about it. Then what made her so angry?

"Mom, what happened? Why are you so angry with me?"

No matter what, Lana had to keep a low profile first.

Antonia snorted and glanced at Lana with scorn. As long as there was a chance to add insult to injury to Lana, she would never let it go.

"Don't you know what you have done? If I were you, I would have dug a hole in the ground to hide. How could you have the face to come back? It's so shameful for the Xiao Family to have a person like you. Fortunately, Evan didn't marry you. You were just engaged."

Lana became more and more confused, not knowing why Antonia criticized her. However, Lana had a bottom line. This endless abuse had already angered her, so her face darkened.

Seeing this, Antonia got angry. 'This little bitch has done such a shameful thing, but she still dares to show her angry to me. Does she really think that she is noble than me?'

"Compared with what you have done, I just said a few words. You just put on a long face. You pretended to be obedient to me at ordinary times, didn't you? What a shame! Go back to your own home! Don't come to our house anymore. There is no one like you in the Xiao Family. "

Antonia's last sentence completely angered Lana. She was born arrogant and domineering, like a beautiful peacock. If she didn't really like Evan, she wouldn't humiliate herself like this. She was always careful in Xiao Family. Although she was scolded by Antonia, she didn't make any big mistakes. But today Antonia asked her to get out of Xiao Family directly, on the condition that she didn't know what mistake she had made.

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