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   Chapter 26 Seduce

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With her chin propped up, Lana drank the fruit wine in her cup and grinned. She really wanted to see him.

Mark didn't take his car to the Illusion City. Instead, he beckoned a taxi to the city.

As far as Mark knew, the dishes in the Illusion City were very gorgeous and delicious, but they were relatively expensive.

He didn't expect that in order to invite him, Lana dared to cost a high price, which made him very happy.

Isn't it good to help Della teach her ex-husband's wife a lesson?

A bright smile came out of his mouth, and a trace of slyness could be seen in his dark eyes.

As soon as he arrived at the Illusion City, he saw the customer service smiling at him. "Welcome, Mr. Mark."

Mark had come to the Illusion City many times, so the customer service had been familiar with him. The key point was that his face was impressive.

"Mr. Mark, do you have an appointment?" The customer service asked kindly.

Mark nodded, "I made an appointment with a lady in Room 302."

The customer service nodded.

Mark turned around and stepped into the elevator, arriving at Room 302.

He reached out and knocked on the door. A woman's voice came from inside, "Come in, please."

Mark pushed the door open and walked in. There were only candles on the table, which reflected the whole big room and looked very romantic.

There were all kinds of dishes on the table, all of which were Mark's favorite.

With an expressionless face, Mark came to the table and sat down. He nodded at Lana and said, "Hello, Miss. Lana."

Lana nodded with a smile, "Mr. Mark is finally here." Then she raised the glass beside her and poured a full glass of wine into the glass in front of Mark.

The wine was mellow, dark red and delicious.

"Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982? This bottle costs tens of thousands, right? Miss. Lana, you are so generous. " Mark gently kissed the edge of the glass and took a sip of the dark red wine. His tongue flipped the delicious wine. With years of experience in tasting wine, he could tell the time and place of the wine with a single sip.

With a smile and a deep affection in her beautiful eyes, Lana applauded and said, "Mr. Mark, it's really surprising that you can taste the Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982."

After the praise, they began to talk about business.

"Miss. Lana called me and said that you wanted to talk about the house. Why don't we start now?" Mark's deep eyes were filled with coldness, which was the kind of coldness when it came to business objectively.

His eyes were fixed on Lana. After taking a gentle kiss on the wine, Lana bit her lips and chuckled, "Mr. Mark, have you had dinner? Why don't we have dinner first and get down to business? Mr. Mark, what do you think? "

Raising his eyebrows, Mark smiled and said, "I didn't expect Miss. Lana to be so anxious."

The sarcastic tone sounded very domineering when Lana heard it.

It was said that when Mark was having dinner, he would talk business in a domineering tone. Lana did not know whether he would also be like this when he had sex with her.

Her slender fingers smoothed the long hair around her ears, revealing her beautiful ears. There were exquisite diamond earrings on her ears, and her eyes gently closed, revealing a charming side of her.

"Mr. Mark, I haven't had dinner today. For my sake, how about having dinner first?"

Taking a look at the dishes on the table, Mark found that all kinds of delicacies were worth more than 100 thousand dollars in total. The delicate and small amount of delicacies tasted very delicious.

It suddenly occurred to him that he could choose to come with Della tomorrow since Della said there was no delicious food the other day.

Thinking of this, a gentle smile appeared on his face, which made Lana heart beat faster.

Lana couldn't help but take a sip of wine to hide her blush.

After dinner, the two glasses were empty.

Then Lana picked up the bottle and poured another glass of wine for Mark.

As a result, she lost her balance, which made her chest stain with vegetables, and Mark's clothes were also stained with wine.

For a moment, the two looked at each other, and the embarrassing smell spread throughout the room.

"I'm going to tidy up my clothes. I hope Miss. Lana can wait." As soon as Mark stood up and walked towards the bathroom, he was stopped by a hand of Lana.

Mark turned around and looked at Lana doubtfully. His eyes slowly saw his arm. At this time, there was a hand hanging on his arm, which was the hand of Lana. Mark covered the annoyance in his eyes. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Miss. Lana, what do you mean?"

Lana blushed and smiled, "Mr. Mark, how about we make a deal first and then deal with the clothes?"

Hearing that, Mark pulled his mouth. He really didn't know that Lana was so shameless!

The dishes were all over her clothes. How could she still have the nerve to talk about work with him?

With an expressionless face, Mark said, "Then why don't you tell me as soon as possible, Miss. Lana?"

Lana took a breath and then said, "Here is the thing. There is a house which our company wants to demolish. The owner of the house is you, Mr. Mark. Can you agree to demolish it? Of course, you can also sell the house to me at a considerable price. "

Seeing that there was still no other expre

ssion on Mark's face, she continued, "Mr. Mark, what's your opinion?"

Mark pointed at the clothes of Lana and said with a smile, "Miss. Lana, I think you can deal with the clothes first. After all, it's not easy to deal with the dry clothes... We will still need to go downstairs and leave the Illusion City."

All of a sudden, Lana thought what Mark said was reasonable. So the two of them went to the bathroom to deal with the clothes and dry them well. At last, they didn't look so ugly.

Since Lana and Mark were in two washrooms, the two of them were thinking about something different.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Lana smiled and thought of the dress that had been sent to the hotel...

It must look good on her.

After leaving the bathroom, the two returned to the room.

Lana asked Mark to go to the hotel upstairs to have a talk. After all, the clothes were just washed a little. Both of them were people who wanted to get face, so they wouldn't leave like this.

Standing in front of the door mirror of the room, Mark had put on a black shirt and black trousers, which made him look very charming.

He stared at himself in the mirror with his dark eyes. The smile on his face was charming, cold and ironic.

He smoothed the hair on his forehead with his slender fingers and smiled at himself in the mirror. Then he took a deep breath, sat on the bed and took out his mobile phone.

Lana deliberately made the clothes of the two people dirty. Did she really think that Mark was stupid and couldn't see it?

He really didn't want to talk to this woman, he'd better find an excuse to refuse.

He clicked on the phone screen, found Jimmy Zhang's phone number and sent him a message. "Come to this place and call me in three minutes."

After sending this message, he put the phone into his pocket.

Jimmy Zhang was also a member of the first intel organization. But he had always been a playboy. As long as it was a woman, he would like her. Although Mark didn't like him, sometimes he could be used.

"Mr. Mark, I'm Lana. Have you changed your clothes?" Outside the door, there came the feigned gentle words of Lana, which made Mark sick.

He took a deep breath and told himself that he could leave here as soon as a few minutes later.

After calming down, he slowly came to the door and opened it. The moment he saw Lana, his expressionless face cracked.

Mark opened the door and saw Lana standing in front of his door, wearing revealing clothes.

The black lace strapless dress was just perfect on Lana. The black stockings on her legs made Lana look more and more slender. Her face was not bad with some moisturizer. With a light makeup, she looked very charming, but which was disgusting in Mark's eyes.

To put it bluntly, even the prostitutes in the night club were better than Lana.

Seeing that Mark opened the door, Lana lowered her head, pretending to be shy. She was shorter than Mark, and when she lowered her head, she revealed the soft bosom completely. It must be good to touch it, but what Mark wanted to do now was to leave this place as soon as possible.

In the face of an estrous and stupid woman, Mark just wanted to kick her away and then leave.

Unfortunately, he couldn't.

He hadn't given Lana a big gift yet. How could he leave her alone?

Raising his eyebrows, with irony in his eyes, Mark pretended to be happy and smiled at her. "Miss. Lana, you look so beautiful today."

Lana raised her head slightly and looked at the deep look in Mark's eyes. For a moment, her heart was beating fast. Obviously, he was very handsome.

"It's my honor to be appreciated by Mr. Mark," said Lana with a smile, covering her mouth. Then she raised her hand and slid it towards Mark's arm. It was strong and full. She wondered if he had great strength in bed.

Two minutes passed, from his arm to his chest. With a smile on his face, Mark endured the disgust silently. His right hand drooped slightly, waiting for Jimmy Zhang to call him.

Touching his chest, Lana felt very comfortable. Her greedy and erotic eyes moved from his chest to his lower body. Seeing that she did not arouse the emotion of Mark, she was a little disappointed.

She got close to Mark and was about to fall into his arms when Jimmy Zhang's call came in time, destroying the scene of lust.

With a smile, Mark pushed Lana away, took out his phone from his pocket, pointed at the vibrating phone and said to Lana with a smile, "Miss. Lana, can you go to your room first? I will come back to you after I answer the phone. "

When Lana heard what he said, her dissatisfaction was swept away. Looking at the body of Mark, she blushed and said, "Mr. Mark, go answer the phone first. I'll wait for you in the room."

She winked at Mark, opened the door and waited inside.

Seeing that Lana entered the room, Mark rubbed the stiff smile on his face, picked up the phone and walked outside.

"Where are you now?"

"Mr. Mark, I'm downstairs."

"I'm going to see you now."

After entering the room, Lana looked through the door mirror and smiled with satisfaction when she saw her perfect figure.

As long as she slept with Mark, she was not afraid that he would not be responsible for her. At the time, she would put forward conditions like a spoiled child, and then everything would be completed.

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