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   Chapter 25 What Are You Doing Here

Miss CEO: Lost In Love And Trickery By Li Zi Hai Shi Xing Characters: 9532

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Della was confused. 'Why did Mark care so much about my private life? He was just a CEO and my boss. But now the way we got along with each other had been completely messed up...

By the way, the scar at the corner of my eye!' Della touched the ugly scar gently. 'Why did Mark touch it? Do we know each other before?

No, it's impossible! We are not in the same city at all. We cannot know each other...'

Della's mind was in a mess, and Mark, who was in the car, was also very upset.

Why did he quarrel with Della? Why did he feel sad when she told him about Evan? Why would he reveal his true self in front of her? Why did he feel bad when he saw her sad...

In fact, the two of them were not far apart, but the two of them could not determine the direction of their hearts, and could only let it drift.

Della just sat by the window and looked out. She had waited for a long time, but she still didn't see the figure she missed day and night...

In fact, she also felt that she was stupid. She put her heart on a person who didn't love her. Her heart had been on him since she was a child. In her heart, he was like a prince who could protect her all the time. Unfortunately, that princess was not her...

After thinking for a while, she figured out a lot. The world was so big. Why didn't she pursue her own happiness? Why did she waste so much precious time on someone who didn't love her?

One or ten years, two or ten years. But how many ten years did she have to live?

'Forget it, forget it...'

Putting the coffee on the table, Della picked up her bag and walked towards the door.

At the gate of Xiao Group——

Della looked at the huge company she was familiar with, which was indeed full of many memories...

But all of this didn't belong to him and her world anymore...

With a self-mockery smile, Della picked up her bag and wanted to leave this disappointing place.

At this time, Lana got out of a car and was about to look for Evan. She saw Della looking at the Xiao Group and then leaving in another direction.

How could Lana let her go? Lana chased after her.

"Della, what are you doing in Xiao Group?" Lana shouted at Della.

Della slowly turned her head and asked, "What? The sidewalk is also yours?" Because of her advantage in height, Della looked down at Lana, with great disdain in her beautiful eyes.

"You bitch! Do you still want to see Evan? He doesn't want you anymore. He loves me! Hahaha... " Lana laughed hysterically.

"Am I a bitch? Do you came after me just to say that I am a bitch?" Della said to Lana sarcastically, as if she had no feelings for these things.

"You are a bitch! Shame on you! What are you doing here? Well, I see. Do you want to compete with me for Evan? Do you think it possible? Don't think that he would love you because you grow up in his family. He loves me, and will always love me! " Lana's beautiful face was no longer as beautiful as before, and the only thing left was her ferocious face.

Della turned around and was about to leave, but was caught by Lana.

"What do you want?" Della asked coldly.

"I don't want to do anything. I just want you to give me an explanation. To be honest, what do you want to do here?" Now, Lana is no longer a rich lady at all. With her hands on her hips, she stood on the roadside and scolded the expressionless Della, as disgusting as a shrew scolding the people!

Della ignored her as if she was a dog barking.

Seeing that Della didn't answer, Lana asked in a high spirit, "Oh, I'm right. Are you here to seduce Evan shamelessly?"

"Let me tell you something. I won't attack unless I am attacked. If I am attacked, I believe you know the consequences..." Della sneered.

"Are you threatening me?" Lana shouted at her angrily.

"Threatening? I never use that kind of despicable and lewd way. It's so boring." Della turned around and was about to leave again, but Lana directly pulled her bag off and threw it on the ground.

This made Della angry. "I don't usually see dogs. Do I have to bite back if a dog bites me?"

"Bite me... No, you called me a dog!"

"You are so slow to react, and you don't seem to have a high IQ!" Della continued to satirize her.

"Della! !" Hearing the name of Della, the reporters sitting in front of the Xiao Group swarmed towards Della and Lana...

'Damn it! Reporter! 'Shouted Della in her heart!

But it was too late. The two of them were surrounded by them, and all kinds of questions swept over.

"Excuse me, what are you two talking about here?"

"Excuse me, do you two want to fight for your own happiness?"

"Excuse me..."

In this case, even Della, who was calm, was frightened. She turned on the phone in her coat pocket and tried to touch it.

"Beep, beep, beep..." At this time, Mark's cell phone rang. Seeing that it was Della, Mark couldn't help but feel a little happy. When he answered the phone, Mark heard a lot of curses and screams. Hearing these, he realized that something had happened!

"Damn it!" Mark rushed to Xiao Group.

When he arrived at the gate of the Xiao Group, he saw Della standing alone in the middle of a group of reporters. The flashlight beside her and the reporters' voice were particularly clear.

"Get out of my way!" When the reporters made way for him, Mark went in and took the absent-minded Della away.

Lana escaped from the reporters' encirclement. After she saw Della, she immediately rushed to her destination. When she arrived there, she saw another scene.

"What happened?" Lana frowned and looked at this scene. Many workers were surrounding the white House, either holding documents, or talking to the head of the house in front of them.

The head of the household looked very ordinary. He was even more annoyed when he saw Lana.

"I told you, I won't sell this house."

Lana asked, "Why? I believe the price we offered is very high. "

The so-called owner couldn't help but shake his head. "No! Because the real owner is not me. "

The employee lawyer was shocked. No wonder this man was unwilling to sell the house to them. It turned out that the real owner was not him.

If the real owner was not this man, then who should it be?

Lana's two impatient eyebrows frowned deeply. She took out her phone and glanced at the man, asking, "Well, can you tell me the real owner's name?"

The man scratched his head, looked around and said, "It's... It is Mark. "

At this time, Lana was driving towards the Illusion City.

Illusion City was the biggest and most romantic gourmet place in the city, and it was also a great and elegant place. There were many guests here every day.

As soon as she entered the Illusion City, she saw the entire ice colored light shining on the ground. The white brick on the ground made the entire world more pure.

"Hello, lady. Have you made an appointment?" A customer service at the front desk said to Lana with a smile.

Lana nodded, "In Room 302."

The customer service nodded, took out a VIP silver card and handed it to Lana. She explained, "Lady, I just checked and found that your accumulated amount is enough to upgrade to the silver card."

After taking the silver card and putting it in her bag, Lana walked towards Room 302 in her high heels.

She came to Room 302 and sat on the chair. Then she took out her phone and called Evan.

"Evan, I'm going to have a talk with the head of the household. I'll take care of it."

"Okay." Evan replied indifferently and hung up the phone.

Lana sighed and took out the phone wanting to call Mark. She hesitated for a long time.

She had to meet him and deal with this matter. Otherwise... Evan would be disappointed.

She took a deep breath and called Mark.

Not long after, the phone was connected.

"Hello, is that Mr. Mark? I'm Lana Luo. I want to talk to you about the house. I am waiting for you at Room 302 of the Illusion City. "

Staring at the strange number on the phone, Mark couldn't help raising his eyebrows.

Lana... Isn't that Evan's current wife?

He didn't expect that she would come to him.

Taking the fruit wine beside him, he took a sip. The sour taste stimulated his taste bud, making him addicted to the delicious taste for a moment.

"Sure." Then he hung up the phone.

At the other end of the line, Lana held the phone and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he agreed. If he didn't agree, she really didn't know what to do.

She took her bag, took out a small mirror and looked at her face carefully.

Because of impatience and poor rest, her eyes were a little dark. She took out a makeup tool and put BB cream on her eyes, making herself look energetic.

She smoothed her hair and looked like a pure lady.

Men nowadays all liked innocent women, so dressing like this attracted men's attention.

Dressing up was in line with men's taste, which would make the meeting more smooth.

At this time, in a business suit, Lana looked very serious.

Lana pulled her black coat and couldn't help but raise her eyebrows. Shouldn't it be too late to order a dress now?

When Lana heard that the shop she always went to buy clothes had released a new black lace style clothes, in order to prepare in advance, she called them and bought it.

After everything was done, she could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

All she needed to do now was to wait for Mark.

There was a rumor in the industry that Mark was extremely handsome. Was he handsome when she saw him?

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