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   Chapter 24 Scheming And Being Attacked

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"Well, find a way to get in. I don't want the reporters to follow us anymore." Antonia pinched her waist with both hands and her face was full of anger.

Lana held Antonia's arm, flattered and said, "Mom..." She whispered her plan, which eased Antonia a little. According to Lana's plan, they successfully got rid of the reporters.

On the eighteenth floor of the Xiao Group.

Antonia heard her son's cry from a distance. She couldn't help frowning and pushed Lana, "Go in and see what's going on."

"Mom, is it appropriate for us to go in? Evan was at the meeting." As soon as Lana finished her words, Antonia thought she was reasonable, so she asked Evan's secretary to inform Evan.

The secretary came back soon and said that Evan would come out after the meeting and then ran away. Now the members of Xiao Family seemed to be difficult to deal with. But she was a sensible person. She prepared water for the two ladies and comforted them in a low voice, "Don't worry, Mrs. Antonia. Mr. Evan can solve this problem."

"Cut the crap. Is there anything that my son can't solve?" Antonia was already in a bad mood. Now that someone came to provoke her, she would not waste this opportunity to vent on her.

Antonia gave the rest of the time to Evan's secretary. She didn't stop talking for half an hour. The secretary didn't say anything, but cursed Antonia in her heart.

If Evan hadn't come out, Antonia would have continued.

"You may leave now." As soon as Evan went out and saw the secretary, he knew that his mother was venting her anger on her.

Seeing that her son had come out, Antonia would not continue to deal with the secretary. Antonia followed her son to go to the office. Lana followed them and just closed the door and didn't say anything.

Evan also went through the key points. The two of them knew what was going on. At first, there was only a post online, but now, even the evidence of lawlessness was presented. Now the Xiao Group was suffering from enemies, and the project was stagnant. Once these posts were released, even if they were false, they had affected the stock price of the Xiao Group, not to mention that it was all real!

"Son, who did this?" Antonia stood up, thinking that if she could find this damn man, she would make his life a living hell.

Seeing that Antonia almost fell down, Lana held onto her and didn't want to cause any more trouble.

"I'll take care of it. Take mom home, Lana." Evan was so annoyed that he had no time to talk to his mother.

After they left, Evan sent someone to investigate what was going on.

In the Hua Group's external publicity department.

Della felt that she was far too busy, but she was comforted by not seeing Mark. However, as soon as she finished lunch, she received a call from Tilda. Tilda was so happy that she could feel the happiness from her before she could speak.

"Della, have you seen it? God helps you. Even God can't stand it. This time, Evan won't be able to change his situation..." Tilda muttered for a long time, and Della finally understood what she meant. Something happened to Evan.

"Wait a minute. What happened to him?" Della didn't know whether she was worried or not. Even if she didn't love him anymore, Evan was her son's father. Although she didn't want to have too much communication with him this time, there were some things that she couldn't avoid in the West City. Even if she didn't want to know, there were many ways to get to her ears.

"Don't you know? There is something wrong with the Xiao Group. It's too complicated. You can check it on the Internet by yourself. Besides, it's my treat to the bar tonight. One of my friends just came back from abroad. You can go with me. "


"... "

But before Della could finish her words, Tilda hung up on her.

With a sigh, Della opened the website. After that, Della frowned and said nothing.

"Are you worried about your ex-husband?"

The sudden appearance of Mark didn't frighten Della. In fact, she was used to his appearance. But the only strange thing was why no one spoke when the CEO came to the external publicity department.

When Della raised her head and wanted to say something, she found no one around. Della didn't know what to say and couldn't help swallowing.

"What are you thinking about? It seems that you are really worried about Evan, right? Didn't you even notice that the people in the office had left? " Mark's weird voice annoyed Della, but she held back her anger and kept silent.

"Come with me." Mark called Della away before she could react.

Della didn't want to leave, but she chose to go with him. She didn't want to get herself into trouble because her colleagues were coming back soon.

As soon as they go

t in the car, Della looked at Mark and seemed to say. "Just tell me what you want to do."

"Don't you want to know what happened?" Mark was still talking about that topic, but Della was speechless, so she didn't say anything.

"It seems that you are not going to thank me, right?" Mark's words confused Della. He continued, "In order to keep your house, I have to betray your ex-husband. Aren't you going to thank me?"

"Did you do it?" Della didn't expect that it was Mark who did it. She had to look at him differently now. But how could he find so much illegal evidence about Evan? It was not easy. Even it took Mr. Tang several days to find the evidence.

"What are you thinking about?"

"How did you make it?" Della couldn't help asking.

With a smile, Mark turned to look at her and said, "Do you feel sorry for Evan or think I'm powerful?"

Sometimes, Mark was just like a child, which made Della speechless. For a moment, she couldn't say anything. She was worried but thought that Mark was powerful.

"Where are we going now?" Della changed the topic.

"You'll know when we get there." Mark still wanted to keep this secret.

However, he couldn't help smiling when he thought of the fact that Evan might have a tough time now.

"What are you laughing at?" Della thought that Mark was crazy.

"What are you laughing at?"

She couldn't help asking. She was always like this, just like him many years ago.

But she didn't remember him, which made Mark speechless. The breeze brushed her face and he saw the scar at the corner of her eye again. His heart ached.

When he saw her sleeping in his arms the first time, he had seen the scar. He wanted to ask her what had happened, but he had never had the chance. "How did it happen?" Mark caressed her cheek. His hand was cold and comfortable, but Della shook off his hand.

Mark was slightly annoyed. "You want to see Evan, right! Okay, I'll take you there. " In fact, he didn't know why he was so angry, but when it came to the fact that she still liked Evan, he felt a fire burning in his heart. Then, regardless of her resistance, he dragged her to the underground garage.

"Mark, you are bastard, let go of me! Let go of me!" Della struggled and shouted. After that, all the people looked at them, but after a quick glance of Mark, everyone continued to do their own things as if nothing had happened.

Mark had a grudge in his heart, but he didn't know where it came from. He just wanted Della to see how embarrassed and depressed Evan was now, and he wanted to see if there was anyone else in her heart.

But she still loved him. What should he do?

The two of them arrived at the gate of the Xiao Group, which was besieged by a group of reporters. When Della heard the comments of the Xiao Group spread all over the sky, the crowd directly sat down, as if they would never stop until they saw Evan.

It was already afternoon when they arrived, but the reporters still didn't leave...

It was enough to prove that Evan hadn't shown up for the whole morning. Was he really afraid?

Perhaps it was because Mark was a little impatient to wait, he went straight into the Starbucks next to the Xiao Group. Helpless, Della had to go in with her boss.

They sat there for a long time and didn't see Evan come out. When Mark was about to ask Della if she should leave, he saw that Della looked out of the window with a dull expression, as if she was thinking about something.

Noticing the worry in Della's eyes, Mark got angry...

"Are you missing him?" His cold voice echoed in the air, but Della didn't respond. She kept looking out of the window, as if she was expecting something...

"Della, answer my question. Are you still thinking about him?" Mark asked with some chagrin.

"No." Della replied indifferently.

"No, really? Look at yourself. What do you look like now? " He couldn't control his emotions. As the fearless head of the first intel organization, he had never been so bad at self-control. Mark was a little annoyed. He didn't know if he was annoyed at himself or at Della.

"Mark, it's none of your business. Why do you care about me?" Mark's words irritated Della.

"Why can't I care about you? Just because I'm your boss, I can care about you!" Mark said to her.

"It's my private affair. I don't need you to do anything!" Not to be outdone, Della replied.

The two of them kept quarreling. The eyes of coffee shop's customer were all focused on the two of them, but they didn't pay attention to the eyes of others...

"Okay, I'll go. Just wait for Evan!" Mark picked up his coat, turned around and left. Seeing that he was really angry, Della opened her mouth and wanted to stop him, but in the end, she didn't make a sound.

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