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   Chapter 23 Misunderstand Us

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"..." Della rolled her eyes at him.

She looked up at the old house again and sighed sincerely, "Are you really going to demolish it?"

"It can be false..." The last sentence he wanted to say was that she had to ask Evan, but considering that Della might not be able to hear the man's name now, he did not point it out.

"This place is full of my memories. I am really reluctant..." Although Della felt helpless, she was ready to accept the fact.

When they got back to the company, it was already off work. Della asked Mark to pull over at the roadside and then went back to work. She had just arrived at the external publicity department, so she had a lot of work to do.

Mark didn't leave and waited for her downstairs.

It was not until twelve o'clock in the evening that Mark saw Della coming downstairs.

But when Della was about to take a taxi, she was stopped by Mark. She looked at him angrily and helplessly, getting on his car obediently.

Mark didn't expect that Della would be so obedient this time.

"Are you not used to it? What the hell do you want to do, Mark? I went to the external publicity department because of Miss. Suzan, right? It's obvious that she misunderstood us. Your explanation is ridiculous. Do you have to slander me like that? You know I came to the Hua Group just for my house. Now you have made so many things. Aren't you tired? "

Della wouldn't tell him directly if she could stand it anymore.

A gust of wind blew in from outside the car and woke up Mark. He looked up at Della and said slowly, "Della, many things can't be ignored."

After saying that, Mark took her hand and left, not intending to let her continue to stay here. After all, the Xiao Group had begun to take actions now, and Evan might come here at any time. He didn't want Evan to know that Della was here.

At eight in the evening.

Peter visited all the residents here. In fact, most of them agreed to be demolished because of money. He breathed a sigh of relief. Since it was because of money, it was easy to deal with it. He explained his purpose one by one, and finally used money to bribe these people.

"I think you all know why I came here. As long as you promise not to move out and refuse to demolish, I will pay more than the demolishing fee to make up for you." These people didn't doubt his original intention after knowing that he was their neighbor.

Anyway, they had made a lot of money, so they finally agreed to Peter's condition. But Evan had to suffer. One day ago, only one family didn't agree to demolish the house, but after only one night, almost all the people here didn't agree to do so.

When Evan heard the news, he was almost pissed off and asked the whole project department how to do it. Was this what Sam taught them?

Evan was also confused. Didn't he need to sign an agreement with these residents? Since they had agreed to demolish and move out, why did they change their mind?

Only the contract was the most advantageous evidence. But Sam didn't do such an important thing. He really didn't expect that Sam would set such a trap for him.

Jason just lowered his head and didn't say a word. Mr. Evan was so angry now. Even if he was given the courage, he didn't dare to contradict him face to face.

"Knock, knock, knock... "

"Come in." The knock on the door was so quick that he couldn't help frowning.

When the secretary came in, Evan asked first, "What happened again?"

"Mr. Evan, please check the Internet!" The secretary didn't dare to look Mr. Evan in the eye, fearing that she would be involved.

"Just say it. If I do everything myself, why do I need you as my secretary?" Evan was really angry. These annoying things happened one by one, which made him unhappy!

"Mr. Evan, there are many rumors on the Internet that are disadvantageous to the Xiao Group, and they also say that they have evidence of your lawlessness..."

The secretary stuttered. He didn't know whether she could remember what had happened on the Internet or she dared not to continue.

"Get out." Evan didn't want to be more angry. So he drove his secretary and Jason out.

The office became quiet in an instant. Evan then turned on his computer to check what was going on in the Internet.

When Evan saw, he almost slid down from the chair. What happened? If it was an ordinary malicious attack, it would be fine. But why did the people on the Internet say that all the illegal activities of the Xiao Group in the past few years would be exposed at night.

In the end, in order to prove what he said was true, the man listed a project that the Xiao Group had recently done. If the man was not the core staff, he couldn't get such internal information at all. Evan's first reaction was that there w

as a mole in his company.

Antonia also saw the news at home. She thought it was just a malicious competition of their opponent, so she didn't take it seriously. But she called her son to ask, but her son didn't answer the phone for a long time. She was a little worried, so she called Lana.

At this time, Lana was having a beauty treatment, so she had no time to listen to her phone call.

Seeing that no one answered her phone, Antonia was a little worried. She thought for a while and decided to ask her son what was going on in the company.

However, as soon as Antonia went out, a large group of reporters surrounded her, which made her stunned. "Mrs. Antonia, what do you think of the rumors of the Xiao Group? Are the rumors on the Internet true? How are you going to face this crisis? "

"Crisis? Who told you that the Xiao Group is in danger? This reporter, please asked yourself to think seriously before you speak. I can sue you for defamation. Do you know?" Antonia looked at the reporter with displeasure.

In this way, Antonia didn't know that the video of her quarrel with the reporters had been seen over ten thousand in minutes. Suddenly she received a call from Evan. She no longer dealt with the reporters, and answered the phone after getting rid of them.


"Mom, what are you talking about with the reporters? Why don't you restrain yourself after so many years? Don't you know that the reporters are watching at this time? You are the spokesperson of the Xiao Group, or are my... ... " Evan was so angry that he hung up the phone.

Antonia looked at her phone in disbelief. When did her son talk to her like this? Only then did Antonia realize that the whole thing was not fake.

Antonia didn't dare to delay and quickly went to the Xiao Group to find someone to ask what was going on, but before arrived, she was blocked halfway. The reporters had already stared at Antonia's car, not giving her any chance to escape from the public.

"Driver, can't you just hide? Do you have to let these reporters find us? " Antonia was so anxious. The driver had no strength to refute. She blamed him for this. Couldn't she see that he was desperately hiding from these cars?

But he couldn't avoid it at all! These reporters seemed to know where they went to. With every step he took, they could find their traces.

"Mrs. Antonia, our car has been stared at by these reporters. How about we find a place where you get off secretly and I draw them away?" Driver came up with a more reliable idea.

Five minutes later, they found a place close to the alley. Antonia got out of the car secretly, but she was full of resentment. Since when did she do such a furtive thing? She got out of her car as if she were a thief. Who would believe it?

Antonia called Evan again, but Evan didn't answer.

However, Lana called back. Her voice was so disgusting and coquettish. "Mom, do you called me? What's up? I was doing a beauty treatment just now. Would you like to come with me? "

"Beauty treatment? Lana, you are engaged to my son now, and you are a member of our Xiao Family. You are still in the mood to do beauty treatment at this time. You..." Antonia was out of breath and continued to shout at Lana on the phone.

Lana was confused. What was wrong with her? She was just doing a beauty treatment!

"What's wrong, mom?"

"What's wrong? You go and see for yourself. "

... "..." Antonia didn't want to continue to say, so she sent the grievance she had suffered from her son to Lana.

Lana looked at the girl who was serving for her and mumbled, "Who did I offend?"

"Miss. Lana, something happened to Xiao Group!" The girl was also an honest person. Although the phone was not on speaker, she still faintly heard a few words of conversation, so she couldn't help telling the truth to Lana.

"What happened?" Lana stared at the girl in front of her in disbelief. As soon as she turned on her phone, she clicked the screen. Both her friends' and online comments were all about the Xiao Group.

It was not until she asked someone about it that Lana knew that someone was slandering the Xiao Group. But generally, people had slandered the Xiao Group before, hadn't they? It was not as serious as this time. Without hesitation, Lana went to the Xiao Group directly.

Lana and Antonia met not far from the Xiao Group.

Antonia glanced at Lana discontentedly and said, "Well, do you know to care about it? I thought you forgot who you are! "

"Mom, I really don't know. Otherwise, how could I have the mood to do that?" Lana knew that Antonia was really angry, and Antonia was now suspected of making trouble on purpose. But she knew that it was not the time to argue, so she just explained a little and gave up.

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