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   Chapter 22 Don't Take It To Heart

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Nichol felt remorseful and wondered why he came to the CEO. Although Miss. Suzan was different from other women in the CEO's heart, it didn't mean that she could control the CEO. How could he be confused?

"I'm sorry, boss. I'll be right back." Nichol fled in dejection.

Mark didn't stop him. He was just lost in thought. But before he could figure out how to talk to Suzan, Suzan had pushed the door open and came in. She was as cold as usual, but he knew clearly how hot she was.

For so many years, Suzan had never given up. No matter who Mark was with or who he had an affair with, she would destroy it in the end. Of course, it was just his play. So no matter what she did, he would let her do whatever she wanted. But Della was different, and the only difference was that.

So now he frowned and didn't know how to respond to her next question. He still had to face it.

Of course, it was not because Mark was afraid of Suzan, but because he knew that she and Peter had been around him for many years, and the three of them had known each other since childhood, and they had always regarded them as their family members. Someone said that no matter what your family members did wrong, you would forgive him in the end, no matter how they made mistakes. The first thing you thought of was not blame, but how to help them.

Suzan was such a family member to Mark.

"Don't you need to explain?" Suzan went straight to the point, which made him laugh.

"What do I should explain? As for you, when did you start to care about the business of the company? Haven't you done any business recently? " Mark stood up and let her sit down.

Suzan had always been a person who would do anything to achieve her goal. Of course, she didn't hide her love for Mark. Mark didn't want Della to be Suzan's next target. Della was no match for her, let alone against her.

"What the hell is going on between you and Della?" Suzan directly explained her purpose of coming here.

With a smile, Mark continued, "It's just a woman. Who do you think she is? You must have investigated it, right? Don't you know her relationship with Evan? How could I not take advantage of such a good opportunity?" It seemed that he didn't treat Della differently.

"Are you just using her? Don't you have any feelings for Della? " Suzan was still unwilling to give up.

"Do you think I still need to have feelings for women? Especially this kind of divorced woman? " Mark said with a look of contempt, as if liking Della was a very shameful thing for him.

As an intelligence officer, Suzan's ability to observe people was unparalleled. Of course, she seemed to have forgotten that Mark was a hidden master, so at this time, they were competing with each other in skills. It was obvious that Mark won.

Suzan apologized to Mark and turned around to leave.

But as soon as she opened the door, she saw Della standing still.

She was said to be a divorced woman. Anyone would feel bad if they were her!

Della didn't eavesdrop. She just wanted to knock on the door and send some documents to Mark. But she didn't expect that the door was open, so she heard every word they said clearly.

"You've heard it. You're just an assistant. Don't be daydreaming." After saying that, Suzan pursed her lips and seemed to be satisfied with the result. She left as if nothing had happened.

But Della and Mark were embarrassed.

"Mr. Mark, manager of the external publicity department said that he needed my help. Can I go there now?"


"Yes, as an assistant, you didn't do your job well." Suzan appeared again mysteriously.

Frowning slightly, Mark said, "Don't be in such a hurry. Go there tomorrow. Hand over work to secretary today."

"Yes, Mr. Mark. I'll go out if there's nothing else." Della went out expressionlessly, as if what they said just now had nothing to do with her.

"Why are you back?" Mark pretended to be working and didn't look up at Suzan. But even if he was ignored, Suzan could pretend to be fine.

"I see it's time for meal. Shall we go to have a meal?"

"I have a meeting at noon, so I won't go. You can go by yourself." After saying that, Mark went on with his work.

Suzan was not the kind of person who would pester him. She just said a few words and left.

But when she went out, she deliberately walked up to Della and gave her a mocking look. "As a woman, I actually sympathize with you."

"No, thanks." After that, Della went back to her work and ignored her.

Looking at her back coldly, Suzan knew that Della would never be with Mark again. Even if they had feelings for each other, it was impossible for them because of being messed up by her now.

After Suzan left, Della couldn't help but sigh. This woman was not easy to deal with. It seemed that she deliberately left a crack in the door so that she could hear their conv

ersation, but she didn't care about it at all.

Wasn't it obvious that Mark had a crush on her? If he had a crush on her, how could he treat her like this?

It was more of a dislike to her than an interesting relationship.

He deliberately made Della an invincible opponent because he wanted everyone else to challenge her.

"Della, come in..."

"Mr. Mark, what can I do for you?"

When Mark saw Della absent-minded in the tea room just now, he knew that what happened just now made Della feel a little uncomfortable, so he wanted to talk to her. But she didn't give him face.

"Della, don't forget that I'm the CEO."

"Okay." She said respectfully and followed him to his office.

As soon as Mark entered the room, both of them kept silent. He just wanted to let Della in, but he didn't know what to say. He knew that if he explained, he would only be refused.

"You don't have to..."

"Mr. Mark, it's office hour now. If you don't have anything to say, I'll go out first." After saying that, she was about to go out.

"Stop. You don't have to take what I said seriously. I have my plan. You can go to the external publicity department now!" Afraid that she would leave now, Mark stood up and quickly said what he wanted to say.

"Yes, Mr. Mark." After saying that, Della left expressionlessly again.

At this time, Peter came in, saying that all the documents had been prepared and could be sent out at any time. At the same time, in a fit of anger, Mark was not in a good mood to listen to the matter of Evan. He just asked Peter to wait for his news and to buy off the residents first, so that they could refuse to demolish with him.

"Okay, Mr. Mark. Don't worry. I'll deal with it right away." After saying that, Peter turned around and left, while Mark was lost in thought again.

When Peter was about to leave, he stopped Peter and asked, "Did you tell Suzan about Della?"

"What do you mean, Mr. Mark? Didn't you say that you couldn't let Suzan know? " Peter didn't understand what Mark meant. Did Suzan get Della in trouble?

"It's okay. You can leave now." Mark knew that Peter wouldn't lie, so he asked him to go out. It seemed that Suzan was not going to let anyone around him be with him.

Mark couldn't allow things to go on like this, or no one could control Suzan.

"What the hell do you want, Suzan?" Mark didn't want anything bad to happen to Della, but now it seemed that Della had been involved.

By the time he went out, Della had already gone to the external publicity department. Mark looked at the time and estimated that it was just the right time to look for her. But he didn't expect that she would ask for leave.

Nichol was reprimanded by Mark for giving Della a leave.

"Mr. Mark, the sick leave is permitted in our company. Let me..." Nichol was really at a loss.

And Mark knew that what Nichol said was right. He knew that he was too impulsive. Why couldn't he calm down when it came to Della?

"Okay, go ahead with your work!" Holding back his impulse, Mark asked Nichol to go out and call Della. But this damn woman didn't answer the phone for a long time, which made him a little worried.

Fortunately, he didn't have anything else to do in the afternoon, so he went straight to find Della. When Mark arrived at her downstairs, he called for a long time, but no one came down. He knocked on the door upstairs, but no one came down. Mark really didn't know what else he could do, so he asked Peter to investigate where Della had gone.

Fifteen minutes later, Peter called and told Mark that Della was in his house.

And now, Peter was standing outside Mark's house, staring at Della in the yard for a long time.

"Keep an eye on Della. I'll be right there."

"Yes!" Peter didn't know why Mr. Mark was so worried. He just followed the order and stayed not far away from Della.

Now Della's eyes were red. Thinking of the past, Della didn't know how long she could hold on. Whether it was Evan, Mark or Eaton, she really felt that she was a joke. Fortunately, she had a son.


All of a sudden, Della's thoughts were interrupted by Mark's voice. Before Della could wipe off her tears, Mark had already walked up to her.

"What's wrong with you?" Mark was no longer arrogant at all. He had been very angry just now, thinking about how to get angry with Della, but now he only felt uncomfortable. He squatted in front of her, with tenderness in his eyes, but didn't say anything. He just looked at her.

At this time, Della was a little embarrassed by Mark's gaze. She looked at him with red eyes and said, "Mr. Mark, why are you here? Doesn't Miss. Suzan look at you now? "

Della didn't know why she was a little jealous, but she didn't realize it at all.

Her words reminded Mark of something. Mark pursed his lips and said playfully, "Do you have a crush on me?"

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