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   Chapter 21 Protect Her

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"What are you doing? Don't you know what I'm talking about?"

"Yes, Mr. Mark. I'm leaving now. I have a clear estimation of myself." Looking at the calm expression on Mark's face, Della knew that she had no choice but to cooperate.

As soon as Della walked out of the restaurant, she saw Vicky lying in the arms of Mark. At this time, she only had one feeling, surprise.

In the Xiao Group.

"What did you say? Nothing happened last night? " Sam looked at his men suspiciously, and the man was also confused. He put the snake himself, how could it be without any reaction? And it was full of snakes!

"Manager, here is your package." A man said and put a box on Sam's desk.

Sam didn't remember what he had bought at all. Seeing such a big box, he wanted to know what it was.

"You can leave now." Sam asked the man to go out and continued to discuss with the person in charge. At the same time, he opened the box.

"Send someone to investigate again and see if there is anything wrong." As soon as Sam finished his words, the suitcase was opened. In an instant, Sam fell to the ground.

Seeing the manager's reaction, Jason Li ran to him and helped him up. "What's wrong?"

"Don't tell me that you have put those snakes in the company." Sam pushed Jason Li to the ground and slapped his buttocks with dissatisfaction.

Jason Li was also confused. He looked up at Sam, as if asking him what was going on.

Sam snorted and showed Jason the boxes in front of him.

Jason Li walked to the suitcase and almost fell to the ground. "Manager... What... What's going on? "

The box was full of snakes. Fortunately, they were all dead, or the whole room would have been filled with snakes.

"You ask me, who should I ask?" Sam was really confused. Could a snake send him a parcel by itself? But no one should know what they had done. Had those people already guessed it?

"Did you leave any clue?"

Sam confirmed it again and again, and Jason Li had been asked countless times. He was sure that he didn't bring anything with him, and that he didn't leave anything that could prove his identity, and even the surveillance camera couldn't record him.

"Knock, knock, knock "

"Come in..." Sam tried his best to calm himself down.

Delia Li was Jason Li's sister. The two had been with Sam for a long time.

They had worked in the project department for the longest time, so Sam would tell them first if anything happened.

"Delia, what's up?"

"CEO find you, I don't think it's a good thing..." Delia Li blurted out her intuition. After all, if Sam was punished, they would have a hard time.

"I see. You guys deal with this place and wait for my news." Sam sighed and went straight to find Evan. He had to admit his fate.

Soon, Sam arrived at Evan's office.

Evan couldn't stay calm anymore. He threw away the information on Sam's face and looked at him breathlessly. "Let go of the snake? Sam, are you that stupid? Now the snake has been sent back. Are you humiliating the Xiao Group? If you hadn't been in the Xiao Group for so many years, I would have thought that you were a spy sent by my opponent... "

"CEO, you misunderstood me. It's not true. I don't know what's wrong with this matter." Sam was about to cry, but Evan didn't show any tenderness to him.

He drove Sam out and let him take a temporary leave.

Sam begged for a long time, but Evan remained unmoved.

"Fuck off!"

"I have been working in the Xiao Group for so many years, and I have worked hard even without contribution. Are you really going to do this to me?" Sam was really pissed off. Why did he take all the blame? Was Evan right? Was this project only his?

"Don't rely on your old age. I tell you, Sam, if you leave now, I will still look up to you. If you cry like a woman here with me, I will only look down upon you more!" Evan's humiliation really made Sam unable to stay any longer. He turned around and left.

Back in his office, Sam asked Jason Li and his sister to take charge of the following projects, and then he left without saying anything. "Manager, what happened?"

"Just do your job well." There was no expression on Sam's face, which made Jason Li more worried, but he could not ask anything.

In the Hua Group.

"Della, if I remember correctly, you are in charge of this project, aren't you?" Macy threw a document in front of Della.

Della picked it up, looked at it and nodded. She didn't say anything. Anyway, she knew that Macy was here to make trouble for her. There was no point in talking more.

"Are you going to show it to our CEO in this way? Do you really think you are the woman of the CEO? "

"Why did Secretary Macy say that? If you have anything to say, just say it. Aren't you tired of beating around the bush?" Noticing Macy, Della didn't want to talk to this woman anymore, and she even glanced at her lazily.

"What... What's your expression, Della?" Macy, of course, could see the indifference in her eyes, and was instantly pissed off by this woman.

But Della didn't say a word. For the next three minutes, Macy kept talking, but Della still didn't respond. As if she couldn't hear Macy's words, Macy was pissed off. "Della..."

"What the hell? Didn't Hua Group really arrange a job for you? Why don't you let go of my assistant? " When Mark came back from outside, he only saw Macy scolding Della.

He had planned to see how Della would respond, but he didn't expect that Della would choose to be silent.

It seemed that sometimes silence was more speechless and crazy than counterattack. Of course, it was not until Mark saw Macy going to do something radical that he appeared.

"Mr. Mark, I didn't mean that. I was..."

"That's enough. The advertising department needs support. You can go and help them!" After saying that, Mark asked the director of the advertising department to take Macy there.

"Mr. Mark..." Macy looked at Mark coquettishly, as if trying to struggle for the last time, but Mark waved his hand expressionlessly to let Macy go.

Macy knew that she couldn't stay any longer. She gave a ferocious look at Della, who was lowering her head and working, as if she wanted to kill Della with her eyes.

Half an hour after Macy left, Mark didn't talk to Della, nor did she ask what happened in the restaurant.

However, Mark couldn't help but ask, "Don't you want to know how I dealt with Vicky?"

"Well, Mr. Mark, tell me!" Della thought that Mark was just like a child who insisted on telling her what had happened in the kindergarten. If she didn't allow him to say it at this time, he might act like a spoiled child.

Two hours ago.

After Della left, Mark told Vicky that Della liked him, but he didn't like someone like Della. Considering that Della was a colleague, he didn't do anything to Della. He hoped that Vicky wouldn't misunderstand him.

Hearing what he said, Vicky was naturally very happy. At this time, she could not tell whether what Mark said was true or not. Of course, her vanity had made her choose to believe it.

When Mark and Vicky had dinner, he all ordered according to Vicky's preferences, which made her moved.

Seeing that, Della really didn't know what to say. She had just offended Macy, but Vicky was still annoyed by her. She didn't think that Mark was helping her.

Della looked at him coldly, as if he didn't think he had done anything wrong.

Being stared at by Della, Mark was really angry. He pounded the table and scared her to stand up.

Della looked at him seriously. Now Mark was her boss and she couldn't afford to offend him.

Mark was not angry with Della anymore when he saw Della like this.

He beckoned her to sit down and said, "I have dealt with Vicky for you. Shouldn't you say something?"

"Mr. Mark, are you kidding me?" Della looked at Mark in horror. She didn't believe that he was still asking for benefits when he was adult.

Amused by her reaction, Mark was thinking about how to make fun of her. However, the person in charge of the publicity department came over. It seemed that he was very anxious. Mark asked Della to go out, and then asked Nichol Liu to speak.

Nichol Liu hesitated for a long time and scratched his head, but he didn't say anything. His unspoken expression made Mark uncomfortable. He frowned and said, "You have been with me for so many years. Don't you know what I hate the most?"

Of course, Nichol Liu could tell that Mark was really angry, but he still didn't know how to say.

Five minutes later, Nichol Liu didn't say anything, which made Mark lose all his patience. He stood up and was about to kick him out.

Nichol Liu knew that this was his only chance, even if he had to die.

"Mr. Mark, Miss. Suzan said that she wants Della to help us..."

"Suzan?" Mark thought he had misheard. Although Suzan was a member of his organization, she was not a member of the Hua Group. Since when did she meddle in the Hua Group's affairs?

"Is Suzan a member of Hua Group?" Mark looked at Nichol Liu expressionlessly.

Nichol Liu didn't respond directly. He just looked up at him and shook his head.

"In that case, why should you listen to her? Or do you think I, as the president, should listen to Suzan?" Mark's rhetorical questions made Nichol Liu lose the ability to speak in an instant.

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