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   Chapter 19 Ambiguity

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An employee of the project department came up with a solution, but Sam didn't refuse it. It seemed to be a practical and feasible solution.

"Okay, then you can do it. Remember not to leave any evidence. It's necessary to cut off water and electricity after this matter, understand?" That was all he could think of. Although the people in that area were all local residents, there were some people he could not afford to offend. He could only take such a graceful way to deal with these people.

"Yes." The man quickly ran away. It seemed that he didn't like the depressing atmosphere in the office either. For several days in a row, the manager's face had always been bad. He had always put family first, and now he rarely went home. It could be seen that this project was not to be underestimated for the manager.

The moon was shining at night. If you didn't calm down, you wouldn't find it beautiful. Now, it was a good chance for Della to have a good look at it. Since Mark insisted on buying something, they went to a nearby supermarket after meal. But Della didn't want to move, so she waited for Mark in the car.

Fortunately, it didn't take long for Mark to come back, and there was nothing in his hand. Della even suspected that he was wasting time. She looked at him with dissatisfaction and asked, "Mr. Mark, where are the things you bought?"

"Don't you know that this supermarket is delivered to your home?"

"Delivery? How many things can you buy in such a few minutes?" Della was speechless. Are rich people always so capricious?

Mark shrugged, as if he wanted her to guessing.

Della was speechless. She turned around and looked out of the window, but didn't talk about this topic with Mark.

They arrived soon. As soon as Mark parked the car, Della opened the door and walked in. She didn't know why she felt that she was still the same child as before as soon as she came back. Everything didn't change.

Tears welled up in Della's eyes. She didn't see Mark for a while.

Mark knew it was right to ask Della to come back. They just stood there for a few minutes. Then he coughed.

Wiping off her tears, Della turned around and said, "I'm going to the study."

"What? Are you afraid?" Mark looked at her provocatively.

Della was not a child. Of course, she wouldn't ruin her pace because of his provocation. She wouldn't get angry before she knew what he wanted to do.

"Why did Mr. Mark say that?"

"Aren't you in such a hurry to go upstairs?" Mark continued to look at her with evil eyes.

Della sighed and said, "Mr. Mark, it's so late now. If I don't work now, are you going to let me stay up tonight?" Her response was so good that Mark had nothing to say. He waved his hand to let her go up.

Della knew that Mark was making things difficult for her on purpose, but she didn't think it was a big deal. She quickly went back to work and worked hard every minute and second. Finally, two hours later, her work was about to end.

And in the past two hours, Mark seemed to have disappeared.

Della could only feel her existence, so she looked around the room to find the familiar thing.

She walked around but didn't see Mark. Of course, she was not worried about him, but curious.

When Della finished looking, she should have returned to the study. But when she suddenly thought of going to the rooftop to have a look, she went up without being noticed.

But she didn't expect that Mark was also here.

"Why are you here?" Mark decorated the rooftop well. Although the room didn't change much, there were a lot of things added to the rooftop. At this time, Mark could just see the person on the stairs. Della looked at him in a panic.

"If only I had a son!" Della didn't know what he meant.

Obviously, Mark said this to Della, but she didn't respond at all.

He just wanted to see how long she could hide it.

Anyway, he would never mention it if she didn't tell him.

The only thing that distracted Della a little bit was that she thought of her son. Recently, her son seemed to be in poor health again. She didn't know whether it was right or wrong for her to come back this time, but when she thought of her son, she felt that everything was worth it.

"How are you doing?"


"Then have a rest first. You can continue tomorrow morning."


If they both talked in such a formal way, she would feel more uncomfortable.

If Mark still made things difficult for her as before, it would be normal. At this moment, Della didn't know what to say to him, so she went downstairs directly.

However, what Mark could do was to watch Della go down again. He didn't know what was wrong with him just now. He just wanted to ask her ho

w she had gotten through these years, but he swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue.

When Mark went downstairs, he found that Della was no longer in the study. He didn't care about it and went back to his room, preparing to rest.

Della was about to go to bed too. She went to the room she used to live in. It was strange that Mark didn't live in the master bedroom after buying a house. But it made her happy.

Della was taking a shower, but suddenly felt her feet slippery. She almost fainted in the bathroom when she casually look at it.


Della had been afraid of it since she was a child. It was not only slippery, but also could pester people. Her heartbreaking scream naturally alerted Mark. Mark rushed out quickly and couldn't think of what she could shout for.

They bumped into each other in the corridor. With her whole body trembling in Mark's arms, Della said in a trembling voice, "There's a snake..."

But now, Mark didn't pay much attention to the snake. How scared Della was that she ran out naked and her hair and body were wet. He could imagine that she was taking a shower.

Mark touched Della's skin and felt hot.

As soon as Della finished her words, she saw that Mark was staring at her chest. At that moment, she seemed to think of something.

"You, you..." Della tried to push Mark away, but she couldn't.

"Bastard..." Della blushed.

"It seems that you threw yourself at me, didn't you?" Mark held her tightly, making her unable to move at all.

"Let me go..."

"No." It seemed that Mark was going to play a hooligan to the end. He just held her in his arms and unscrupulously exposed her. Now she could do nothing but feel annoyed.

"The same feeling as before." Mark whispered in Della's ear and put his coat on her. To be honest, he really wanted to see the scene again, but he also knew that it was not the right time, so he tried to suppress his inner desire with reason.

"What do you mean?" What he said confused Della.

However, Mark didn't want to explain. He just wanted to know what had happened. Della was led back by his words. She pointed at her room and stuttered, "There is a snake..."

"What? Are you afraid of it?" Mark looked at Della.

Della knew it was not the right time to brag. "Of course. Am I not afraid that I will run out like this?"

As soon as Della finished her words, she looked at herself, and so did Mark. He couldn't help laughing. Her small body was wrapped directly in his shirt. It would be better if he didn't look at her. He wanted to have sex with this woman more if he looked at her again.

Mark couldn't help but pull Della back into his arms. Della looked up at him, as if she could see something in his eyes.

Della swallowed and grinned, "Mr. Mark, you are not such a mean person."

"Not necessarily."

"Snake..." Della pointed at her back.

Mark knew that he had frightened her. He touched her head and went straight to the bedroom.

Mark didn't expect that these people would be so cruel to let go of so many snakes, but he could see more than a dozen of them. It was already a miracle that Della wasn't scared to faint.

Mark called Peter and closed all the other rooms' door before Peter came. He was waiting for Peter to deal with these snakes.

On the other hand, Della was still in a state of shock. Fortunately, Mark was here. She thought if Tilda were here, she wouldn't have imagined what would happen.

"Thank you!"

Della thanked Mark sincerely.

"You just found that I'm good, didn't you?" In front of her, Mark had been wearing a cheeky smile.

Della had seen him being very rigorous at work. She couldn't figure out what kind of person Mark was.

At this moment, she could only smile helplessly.

But Della didn't know that Mark just used this smile to hide his inner world. There are many things that we can't show you. These things are totally different from what we think.

This was how Mark had been after Della left for so many years. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to keep the secret of the organization.

When Peter arrived, he saw that Della was also there. He looked around and wanted to say something, but he swallowed it in the end. Before leaving, he couldn't help but say, "Mr. Mark, this..."

"Since when have you become so talkative? It seems that the plan I said last time is feasible. You can give up Suzan and be with Tilda."

Mark said straightforwardly. Peter soon left looking like a servant. "Mr. Mark, I'm leaving now."

In fact, Mark really thought that at most, Suzan and Peter could only be friends. The difference between them was not the difference in personality, but the difference in the dark side of their hearts.

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