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   Chapter 17 Affect The Progress

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When Vicky went out, she deliberately held the arm of Mark and whispered in his ear, "Mr. Mark, we are living advertisement. The stock price of your company will definitely rise tomorrow!"

After saying that, Vicky looked at Mark complacently. With a smile on his face, Mark said in a low voice. "Thank you."

But he still glanced at Della from the corner of his eyes. That damn woman didn't look at him at all, as if he was a stranger. She was just eating happily with Tilda.

He sent Vicky back soon. When he was about to go downstairs, she found a man with a cap following behind Vicky.

Mark was not the kind of person who would refuse to help when faced with danger. He had planned to look for Della, but finally he chose to get out of the car.

Mark followed the man. When the man wanted to hurt Vicky, he subdued the man and asked the security guard to send him to the police station. Vicky looked frightened and even couldn't stand steadily. So he had to send Vicky upstairs.

"It's okay. I have told the security guards that they will guard downstairs and no one can come up again." Mark didn't expect that Vicky, as a star, would be targeted by such a person.

Mark wanted to leave as soon as possible, but it seemed that he couldn't leave for a while. Holding his hand, Vicky begged with tears in her eyes, "Can you stay with me? I'm scared! "

"Okay, don't worry. I won't leave until you fall asleep. You can rest assured." Mark had no choice but to agree to Vicky's request.

However, Vicky didn't want to sleep at all. She kept talking about her own things to Mark.

Although Mark didn't listen carefully, he still heard something. It seemed that there was a sad past behind every glamorous person, and so was Vicky. If it were any other man, he would have been merciful to women, but Mark already had someone in his heart, and he could only sympathize with Vicky now.

After talking for a long time, Vicky finally fell asleep. After Mark went out, Vicky opened her eyes.

She stared at the door for a while and asked. "Is it Della?"

Vicky was eager to know who Della was! How could she make Mark so obsessed with her?

Vicky had always been a person who would do anything to achieve her goal. In fact, when she first saw him, she had this idea. But at that time, she had no ability to do that, and now she could control her own happiness.

Vicky made a phone call, and everything seemed to be clear. "The money has been transferred to your account. Thank you today!"

"Miss. Vicky, if you have such a job in the future, you can find me again." The man said with a dirty smile. Although Vicky was not in front of him now, it was not difficult to imagine his expression at the moment. As long as she thought of the man following her just now, she could not help trembling.

Vicky knew that she wouldn't find this man again, and he couldn't stay here for a short time. "The money I give you is enough for you to live for several years. You are not allowed to come back within a year."

"Don't worry. I know that." The man said in a complacent tone, but Vicky ended the conversation as soon as possible. She didn't want to spit it out now.

Vicky called her agent and asked him to get all the information about Della within three days. Rob Li had been working for her for many years, and she was well known by Rob. He knew her well and seemed to know her best.

"Do you really want to be with Mark?"

"Can't I?" Vicky seemed to be determined. Rob Li didn't say anything else. He just promised her that he would get to know Della thoroughly within three days.

When Mark arrived at the restaurant, Della and Tilda had already left. He was very upset. He called Peter, but Peter didn't answer the phone. According to the rules of the organization, the phone must be connected in five seconds, or he would be punished. So he had made up his mind that he must severely punish Peter this time.

Since he had nothing else to do, Mark went straight to the bar to find Peter.

The bar.

Tilda was holding Peter tightly and drinking, which frightened Della. Della didn't know what was wrong with her.

No matter how Della tried to stop Tilda, Tilda didn't listen to her. Tilda looked at her stubbornly and said, "I want to have a drink with Peter. I want everyone to know that I, Tilda, am not the Miss of the Zuo Family. I'm just Tilda..."

As soon as Tilda shouted, everyone in the street knew who she was. The men around them had already been attracted by the faces of Della and Tilda, and they began to approach them one by one.

"Two ladies, would you like to have a drink with me?" An overconfident man walked up to them.

Peter frowned and looked at the man who didn't know what to do.

"Fuck off!"

Peter scolded him harshly, making the man shrink back from difficu

lties. He then said to the woman who was holding him, "Tilda, what do you want to do?"

He couldn't help shouting.

Tilda was drunk and didn't get angry. She just smiled at Peter shamelessly, which was very cute. She looked at him, as if a kitten was begging for the love of its master.

Peter was speechless.

Della was also frightened by Tilda's action. She pulled her away from Peter and was about to take her away, but she was pulled away by another person.

Because of this, Tilda almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Peter caught her quickly.

"What are you doing?" Seeing that it was Mark, Della became angrier.

"Why are you in the bar again?" Mark was a little angry. He didn't expect that Della didn't go home at all, but came to the bar. He found that she really liked to come to the bar, so she came here from time to time.

"Mr. Mark, does it have anything to do with you?" Della shook him off unhappily.

Della took Tilda from Peter and was about to take her back.

But this time, Tilda didn't show any respect to Della. She shook off Della's hand and said to her with dissatisfaction, "What are you doing? Don't you see that I'm drinking with Peter?"

"Tilda, then I will leave you alone!" Della looked at her with a threatening look, but she was not afraid at all. She held Peter's arm and said, "You can leave now. Anyway, Peter is in charge of me."


"Didn't you see that Tilda and Peter were having a good time? Come with me. " Mark said and pulled her away.

But before Della could say anything, Peter was unhappy and said, "Well, it's time for me to go back..."

"Send Tilda back first, or you won't be able to go back." Mark's words directly shattered all the hopes of Peter.

"What else do you want to do?" Mark was staring at Peter fiercely.

At this moment, Peter received a message. He took a look at it and knew that Mark had made a lot of calls to him. In an instant, he said nothing and obediently pulled Tilda aside to play with her. He knew that he could only send her back when she was drunk.

Although Della got on Mark's car, she didn't say anything.

As long as Mark said a word, Della would retort. Mark was so angry that he braked sharply. "Are you going to let us fall into the sea together?"

"What do you mean?"

"If you are so angry with me, we are likely to fall down in front of you." Obviously, Mark was threatening Della, but Della ignored him and got out of the car to say goodbye to him.

Of course, Mark didn't let Della go alone. He dragged her into the car and didn't say anything. He was just responsible for sending her back safely.

Peter sent Tilda back when Della slept till midnight.

It seemed that he had been tortured by Tilda.

On the second day, Della was almost late because she didn't sleep well.

Macy smiled sarcastically. Looking at the breathless Della, she gloated, "Oh, is this the flight you took? The time is just right!"

"What? Are you jealous?" Della didn't like Macy's sarcastic voice, so she didn't continue to talk nonsense with her.

After all, Della was still in the state of being teased by Mark. Unlike Macy, who had nothing to do all day long, who was just seducing Mark.

After another busy morning, Della felt a little tired.

During lunch, Mark deliberately waited for Della to take Della away. In the elevator, Della was very dissatisfied and directly broke out, "Are you kidding me?"

"It's good that you know it!"

"Are you really free now?" Looking at him, Della couldn't figure out what Mark was going to do.

And Della who was thinking seriously about things fascinated Mark more. He couldn't help but touch Della head and smiled, "I am taking you out to work!"

"Mr. Mark, I really don't have the leisure time. What do you want to do?" Della felt that he seemed to have something to tell her, but he didn't. It seemed that he was hiding something.

The corners of Mark's mouth lifted into a smile. His delicate facial features and perfect side face made Della jealous.

"I'll tell you. Let's have a meal first."

Mark still didn't say anything, but Della knew that something bad was going to happen. Of course, Della was not a persistent person, so she stopped asking.

In the Xiao Group.

"A bunch of losers." Evan slammed the document on the ground and kicked everyone out.

There were a lot of cases in the Xiao Group. They had just solved the problems of the Luo Group, and there was another accident in the construction site project. Everything had been settled. The construction was supposed to be demolished, but one of them refused to be demolished. The progress of the project was directly slowed down.

Evan looked at the project director discontentedly. It was his second time to tell the problem. It was good that he didn't kick him out.

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