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   Chapter 16 Don't You Feel Anything About Mark

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When she arrived at the Xiao Family, Lana was even more delighted to find that there was only Evan there.

They had a candlelight dinner and chatted casually. But in the end, with Evan's deep sigh, she was also worried. "What happened? Is there anything wrong? "

"You know we are working on a project recently, but this time it's out of my expectation..." Evan said all he wanted to say, mainly to show her his embarrassment.

"You mean our family wants to take 30%?" Lana looked at Evan in surprise. This was different from what she knew! Her father just said that he wanted to help Evan this time. Why did he mention the money again?

"Don't you know? In fact, it's reasonable for our two families to give each other 50% shares this time, but the main reason is that this project is not for making money. If we give shares to you, your family will not suffer any loss, but our family will have to bear all the expenses. "

Evan didn't know whether she really didn't know it or not. If she really didn't know it, it would be really helpful to him.

"I'm sorry, Evan. I didn't know my father did this. How could it be like this? She glanced at him and continued to say, "Don't worry. I will tell my father when I go back..."

She told Evan that she would handle it well. At last, Evan pretended to be drunk and said that he loved her, which made her more loyal to him.

After Lana went back, she had a big quarrel with her father about this matter. If Afra hadn't stopped her, she would have fought with her father.

Of course, Lana won in the end. But after she went to bed, her father looked at her mother and said unhappily, "Why did you tell daughter about it? Don't you know that this is a good opportunity for us? Why did she stop it halfway? " He said in frustration.

"I don't know. I didn't tell her." Afra felt wronged too. She didn't say anything, how could it be her fault?

They discussed for a long time but couldn't reach an agreement. Finally, they didn't go on. They could only accept the reality.

When Della went back, she found that Tilda was still sleeping. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Tilda came back early last night, but why was she still sleeping?

How long had she not slept well?

"Tilda, get up!" As Della spoke, she began to push Tilda away. But Tilda directly used Della's strength as a tool to help her sleep. She didn't care about being tortured like this at all.

After a short while, Della was exhausted, but Tilda didn't move at all.

"Tilda, I'll give you the last three minutes. If you don't get up, I'll beat you to death." Della's hoarse voice woke Tilda up finally.

Tilda opened her eyes and looked at Della. In a daze, Tilda said, "Why do you get up? Go to sleep!" After saying that, she turned around and went back to sleep.

Della rubbed her eyes and shook her head. She really wanted to take Tilda seriously this time.

Half an hour later, Tilda finally woke up. Frowning, she sat on the bed and pouted, "What do you want to do?"

"Have you been sleeping?"

Della still couldn't believe it, but Tilda nodded her head indifferently and looked up at her. "Is there anything strange?"

"You have slept for a long time. You are so good at sleeping. Get up quickly and let's go out to eat something." Della was really hungry. She was woken up by Eaton this morning and stayed in the hospital for more than half a day. Later, she received a call from the company, asking her to go back to the company now, saying that she had all the documents they needed.

Even though Della was angry, she still chose to go back to the company. She had been sorting out documents with those people who had been dawdling in the company the whole afternoon and came back late.

She called Tilda several times on the way, but Tilda didn't answer the phone. She had no choice but to come back to have a look.

Half an hour later, Tilda finally woke up.

"Della, what are we going to eat? Let's call Peter. Thanks for him help last night." She looked at Della, waiting for her answer.

Della was absent-minded. She just thought of what Mark had said. He wanted to make a match between Tilda and Peter, but she refused directly. Was he right? Was she wrong?

"You... Are you... "

"Well, stop it. You think too much. It's just thank him." Tilda knew what she meant at a glance, so she denied her words.

Without saying anything else, Della took Tilda to a western restaurant, but she didn't expect to meet Mark here.

The woman in front of him was so elegant that even she felt ashamed of herself. However, this woman looked familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had met her for a moment.

Tilda had been staring at the side of Mark for a long time before she exclaimed, "D

ella..." She

looked at the direction and patted her arm, indicating her to look over there. In fact, Della had already seen it, but she just pretended not to see it.

"What's wrong?"

"Is that Mark?" Tilda changed her surprise into anger. "This damn man is flirting with another woman while seducing you. Is he courting death?"

As Tilda said, she stood up and was about to go to find Mark. Fortunately, Della quickly pulled her back.

Della didn't want Tilda to make trouble for her again.

Now, Della wished that Mark hadn't had time to talk to her. He had ordered her to do all kinds of things every day, and she had been criticized by him. It was just like picking bones in an egg. It was not bad that she wasn't pissed off to death.

"What are you doing? You can stand it, but I can't." Tilda's righteous indignation made Della laugh. She leaned her head on Tilda's shoulder and said in a soft voice, "I have nothing to do with Mark. Don't you think it's not good to look for him like this?"

"Don't you feel anything about Mark?" Tilda looked at her in surprise as if she had just known it.

Della shook her head helplessly. How did Tilda know that she had something to do with Mark?

"Yes. When did I say that I have something to do with Mark?" Della looked at her with a smile. Embarrassed, Tilda scratched her head and said, "Ha ha, I'm sorry. But does Mark have a crush on you? Why does he meet this person no matter where he is?"

"It's just a coincidence. Aren't you hungry? Let's eat! " After saying that, Della held Tilda's hand and started to eat. Fortunately, Tilda was a foodie and she was really hungry, so she ate without saying anything,.

In fact, Mark had already seen Della, but he was a little angry when he found that she didn't look at him at all.

"Mr. Mark, what are you looking at? Do you meet an acquaintance?" Vicky Zhang was a popular female star recently. The only reason why she cooperated with Hua Group was for Mark's sake. Her only request was to have dinner with Mark, which was no different from a man who was willing to spend a lot of money to win a beauty's smile.

In the end, under the pressure of the company, Mark chose to have dinner with Vicky Zhang. However, he didn't expect to meet Della. The key point was that this damn woman chose to ignore him.

"No, the food here is not bad. You can eat!"


In Vicky Zhang's eyes, Mark was a perfect man. Of course, he was the best boyfriend in her eyes. That was why she took the initiative to cooperate with Hua Group this time.

But after Della came, Mark would no longer focus on eating with Vicky Zhang. She had always been shrewd in the entertainment circle, so it was obvious that she knew that Mark was not concentrated. After looking at the table around her for a long time, she found that a woman, Della, looked familiar.

It took Vicky Zhang a long time to remember that she seemed to have met this woman in Hua Group when she went to sign the contract that day. Did the woman have anything to do with Mark?

Thinking of this, Vicky Zhang snorted in her heart. How could such a woman deserve to compete with her? So she was not anxious or worried at all. She tried her best to let Mark look away from her.

On the other side of the line, Della also remembered who this woman was. Vicky Zhang was not a woman who ordinary person could invite out. It seemed that Mark was a capable man.

When Della went to the washroom, Mark also went there. But he seemed to have forgotten that Vicky Zhang was also there. So when he wanted to go to the ladies' room to block Della's way, it was him who blocked Vicky Zhang's way.

Vicky Zhang asked softly, "Why are you here?" After saying that, she lowered her head shyly. Obviously, she thought too much.

Before Mark could explain, he saw Della come out. At this moment, his posture was quite ambiguous with Vicky Zhang's. Della turned around and left, as if she knew what he meant.

"Della, stop!"

"Mr. Mark, it's off duty now. I have the right to do what I like." Della's words rendered him speechless.

After Della left, Vicky Zhang stared at her.

Mark didn't want Vicky Zhang to put her hatred on Della's side. "I don't want her to talk nonsense after she goes back. She is my assistant."

It was obvious that he was defending her, but Vicky Zhang wouldn't expose him at this time, so she smiled gently and said, "You're so considerate. Thank you so much, Mr. Mark. But I don't know if Mr. Mark is a good man or not."

Mark took a look at Vicky Zhang. There seemed to be something else in her eyes that he couldn't understand and didn't want to understand. But he didn't refuse her request. After all, it was better to let Della live a better life first.

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