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   Chapter 15 Investigate Mark

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'I've said so many profanities, but why didn't Della respond at all?' He wondered if his words were not harsh enough!

Eaton pushed the door open and blocked it. Della didn't say anything, but as if told him what else did he want! As if she said if he hadn't said enough, he could continue. Anyway, she had plenty of time.

"I treated you well back then, but you still chose to be with my father. Now my father is so good to you, but you chose to be with Mark. Your strategy is good, and you utilize us, right?" He didn't expect that the woman he liked would be such a person, but even if she was such a person, he still liked her. Now he came to see her not only for his father, but also for jealousy.

"Yes, what do you think?"

"Haven't you visited my father since he was in hospital?" Eaton had nothing else to say.

Della looked at him in surprise. It seemed that she didn't know that Mr. Tang was in hospital. After making sure with Eaton again and again, she asked him to wait for her outside.

After Della changed her clothes and came out, she got in his car and soon arrived at the hospital.

Eaton didn't go in. He couldn't bear to see Della flirting with his father.

"Mr. Tang, why are you in hospital?" Della was really worried. Mr. Tang had always been in good health. How could he be hospitalized without telling her?

Mr. Tang's face was a little pale and weak, but when he saw Della, he smiled and told her not to worry. "I'm fine. I just caught a cold. There's nothing serious. I didn't tell you. Aren't you in Hua Group now? I don't want you to be misunderstood by Mark. "

"Mr. Tang, how could you say that?" Della didn't know what to say. She had told Mr. Tang many times! There was no need to worry about misunderstanding. Why didn't Mr. Tang listen to her?

"Okay, I know. No matter what happens next time, I will tell you." Mr. Tang knew that Della couldn't stop talking about him, so he'd better make an apology.

Mr. Tang didn't see Eaton. After making sure that he wasn't outside, he asked cautiously, "Did my son embarrass you?"

"Don't you know? He has always treated me like this, but he has done a good job in several projects recently. "

Mr. Tang and Della talked a lot, of course, about Eaton and Mark.

Della just couldn't figure out what had happened between her and Mark. It seemed that Mr. Tang knew it, but he didn't say anything, which made her anxious.

"Della, do you really forget?" Mr. Tang asked tentatively again. In fact, after he found that Mark was intentionally approaching her, he began to carry out a system investigation on Mark. Only then did he find that there was only communication between them six years ago.

And maybe Della's child was Mark's. Mr. Tang was so smart that he could figure out what was going on, but he wondered why Della was a little stupid.

"Mr. Tang, if you know something, just tell me." Della was really anxious. Mr. Tang just smiled and shook his head, letting her out.

Della still wanted to get some information, and she didn't go out.

Being impatient to wait outside, Eaton rushed in directly, pointed at her with both hands and said discontentedly, "Even if my father is not your man now, you won't be so indifferent to his health, will you? You used to utilize him. "

Hearing this, maybe people thought that Eaton was caring about his father. In fact, he was obviously making trouble for Della. But Della had already been used to it and wouldn't be influenced by him.

But when Mr. Tang saw that Della was wronged for his unfilial son, he felt bad.

"Well..." Mr. Tang glared at Eaton.

Despite his anger, Eaton couldn't say anything. Pointing at Della, he seemed to say, "You really have something. It seems that my father will agree even if you kill him, won't you?"


Looking at Eaton who was walking out angrily, Della was still a little worried. She pulled him back and said, "Stay with your father. I'm leaving now." Then she left without waiting for him to say anything.

After walking out of the hospital, Della looked up at the sky and smiled helplessly. She didn't know when the misunderstandings between her and Eaton would be solved. It seemed that it was impossible for them to solve them in a period of time.

Della knew that misunderstanding would come to an end one day, but it might take a long time.

Eaton, who was about to leave with Della, was stopped by Mr. Tang. After thinking for a while, Mr. Tang said, "Don't stare at her anymore. She is not suitable for you!"

"What? She doesn't want you now! Can't I go to provoke her? What benefit did she give you to make you so loyal to her?" When he said this to his father, he actually asked himself in his heart. Wasn'

t he the same?

He couldn't forget Della. At the first sight of her, he expressed his love to Della, but she chose his father and thought he was ignorant. Since then, he began to be angry, work hard and wanted to prove himself.

But he didn't expect that after only a few years, Della would choose to give up his father and be with Mark. Wasn't it ironic?

"Son, what do you know? If you could be like Mark, you wouldn't have been unable to be with Della... Where are you going? Come back! "

Seeing that Eaton turned around and was about to leave, Mr. Tang knew that he would definitely go to look for Della, so he called Della at the first time. Della didn't care about it. Anyway, the hatred between Eaton and her was like this, and it would be hard to explain it in one thirty.

"Della, stop!"

Why did Eaton come out so quickly? As soon as Della reached the car, he came down. But it is clear that Mr. Tang had just called her.

"What's up?" Della stopped getting into the car and waited for Eaton. She wanted to see what he was going to do!

Eaton held her hand tightly. If he continued to hold her hand like this, Della felt that her arm would break in less than three minutes.

"What? Revenge?"

"Are you really going to be with Mark?" Eaton would not accept this fact.

In fact, Eaton didn't realize that he didn't look like him in front of Della at all.

Although the young master of the Tang Family had always been such a playful and stubborn boy, his love for her had always been clear. For so many years, no matter what, he was so "stubborn".

"When did you see that I went to the Hua Group just to be with Mark?" Della was also confused. Did Eaton come back from abroad to question her about this?

"Then what do you mean?" To be honest, he was a little grateful to hear that.

"Let me go!" Della didn't respond, but Eaton let go of her. But he didn't expect her to get in the car directly. She ignored him and the taxi drove away in an instant.

"Della, come back..."

Seeing that Eaton was furious behind her, Della felt happy for no reason. She naughtily waved at him and left.

In the Xiao Family's house.

"Mom, why are you in such a hurry to ask me back?" Evan looked at Antonia with dissatisfaction. It was not the right time to disturb him from time to time. Didn't she know that it was the most critical time for the project?

Evan put his phone on the table and took a sip of water in a hurry. He looked up at Antonia, waiting for her response.

However, Antonia didn't know what to say when Evan looked at her. "Are you busy recently?" It was obvious that she was speechless.

Evan frowned and thought for a long time before he said, "Mom, can you just say something what you want to say?"

"Is the latest project of the Luo Group allied with our project?"

Antonia's words reminded Evan of something. It was true. But so what? Was there anything wrong?

Afra came to look for cooperation. She also said that since they had been engaged, they would not talk to each other anymore, so she came straight to the point to discuss the share with Antonia. Afra said that Luo Group wanted to take 30% of the share. Originally, the Xiao Family planned to take charge of this project alone, but they did not expect that the Luo Family would also participate in it.

"30%? Demand an exorbitant price, right? " Evan was confused. How could the Luo Family have the nerve to take so much? Why didn't they take away all the share? Just let Luo Family directly finish this project. This time, Xiao Family chose to cooperate with each other at a loss of money in order to gain a firm foothold in the industry. They could only earn one or two million. If they gave 30% to the Luo Family, they would earn too less.

"Otherwise, I wouldn't have called you back." Antonia was also very angry.

Seeing that Evan didn't say anything, she didn't say anything but waited for his reply.

A few minutes later, Evan said, "Let Lana come here. I'd like to see what she will do!"

Antonia knew that Lana really wanted to be with her son. If she did something to her, it would be a good breakthrough.

At six o'clock in the evening.

Lana dressed herself up and went to Xiao Family. It was the first time that Evan's mother had invited her. How could she not pay attention to it? Afra had her own ideas in front of her daughter, but the Xiao Family didn't invite her, so she hesitated whether she should go or not.

"Mom, you can go there next time. I don't know why the Xiao Family wants to see me this time. Isn't it appropriate for you to go there so rashly?" After saying that, Lana held Afra's hand, as if comforting her. Afra could only sigh, but finally did not follow her.

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