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   Chapter 14 The Old Man Was Dumped

Miss CEO: Lost In Love And Trickery By Li Zi Hai Shi Xing Characters: 9830

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Without any hurry, Mark walked slowly to the gate of the Hua Group and saw a lonely woman standing there. From a distance, he could see that her figure was not bad. Of course, the graceful Della didn't know that someone was admiring her back.

She paced back and forth for several times. When she turned around and saw Mark, she angrily walked up to him and said, "Let's go."

Mark held Della's hand even tighter when they walked out of the building.

Della couldn't get rid of him. Seeing her little face twisting together, Mark smiled even more happily.

"Mr. Mark, are you flirting with me?" Della couldn't stand it anymore. She had never been molested like this before, but Mark didn't do anything. He just whispered in Della's ear, "Do you know that Secretary Macy will check the surveillance video tomorrow morning?"

"You... Do you set me up on purpose? " Della finally knew why Mark came back in the middle of the night. Why did he hold her hand and have such an ambiguous relationship with her? She thought he had a crush on her, but she didn't expect that it was wrong.

"Unless you treat me well, I will think about destroying the surveillance video now. Otherwise, I will wait for those women to make trouble for you tomorrow. Anyway, I will go on a business trip tomorrow. I will not help you." Mark's expression seemed to tell Della that it would be a happy thing if it really happened.

"Mark, what's the fun of you? What do you want?"

"Go to the West City with me tomorrow. I'll destroy the surveillance video."

"Okay, deal." Della knew that she had to agree with Mark.

Della seemed to have forgotten to make an appointment with Tilda in the bar. At this time, Tilda was drunk again. She called Della several times, but Della didn't answer the phone. At last, Della's phone was turned off.

Tilda cursed, "Della, you are a liar. You are not with me at this time. Do you want me to drink to death?"

As soon as she finished scolding, she was grabbed by a man. The glass in her hand was suddenly taken away, so she was naturally full of impatience. She turned her eyes to look at the man. When she was about to scold him, she saw it was Peter.

Tilda gave Peter a punch and said, "What are you doing? You are always haunting me."

"Let's go..."

In fact, this bar was owned by Peter, so he came here every day. He didn't expect to meet Tilda here.

On the other side, Della suddenly thought of Tilda. Her mouth wide opened, Mark was amused by her expression. "What's wrong with you?"

"I forgot a person. I'm doomed this time." After saying that, Della called Tilda, but no one answered. She was even more anxious.

She called her several times, but no one answered. Della stamped her feet with anger.

Holding her back, Mark asked, "Is it Tilda?"

"Yes, we made an appointment. I guess she went to the bar, but I couldn't get in touch with her, so I was a little worried." Della bit her lips.

Tilda would never be an irresponsible person. She had never said that she would disappear for no reason. Otherwise, Della wouldn't have been so worried.

Angry and anxious, Della was so cute that Mark couldn't help but kiss her on the lips. At this time, Della looked at him with her eyes wide open. When she realized what had happened, Mark had already left her lips.

"Not bad."

"You..." Della really felt that she had been molested by Mark, especially when he said that.

"What do you want to say? You seduced me in front of me like this. If I don't express my feelings, then I will be an abnormal man." What he said seemed to be reasonable, but in fact, it was full of lies, but Della didn't want to say anything to refute.

"Let's go to find Tilda now. I don't know whose bed she will be in if we are late." Although Mark was joking, he successfully shifted her attention from kissing. Now she got on the car quickly and asked Mark to drive as soon as possible.

However, just after a few crossroads, Della's phone rang. When she saw that it was Tilda, she breathed a sigh of relief. "Tilda, where are you?"

"? Is it Miss. Della? "

Della thought she had misheard. She took out her phone and found that it was Tilda. how could a man answer the phone? "Who the hell are you? Where is Tilda now?"

"I'm Peter, Miss. Tilda is in my car now. Where should I send her?" Peter had always said quickly, so he would naturally finish what he wanted to say quickly.

Della was finally relieved. She told Mark her address and asked him to drive her home.

Just in time, when Peter arrived, they just arrived.

Peter and Mark left after watching Della and Tilda go upstairs.

Mark looked at Peter with a smile at the corners of his mouth. The smile on his face made Peter at a loss. He knew that Mr. Mark's smile had a purpose.

They kept silent for a long time. Finally, he couldn't help but ask seriously, "Mr. Mark, what's wrong?"


o you have a crush on Tilda?"

Of course, Mark didn't object it. On the contrary, he always thought that Peter was a good match for a woman like Tilda.

Although he knew that Peter liked Suzan, Suzan could only be Peter's confidant.

"Mr. Mark, why do you say that?" Said Peter anxiously, as if he was afraid of being misunderstood.

However, he didn't give him a chance to continue. He patted him on the shoulder and said meaningfully, "Emily is not suitable for you. You'd better give up on her."

This sentence stabbed into the heart of Peter. Even Mr. Mark could see that he liked Suzan, but what about Suzan? He always knew that Suzan liked Mr. Mark, and he was at most a comrade in her heart.

"Ok!" Something appeared on Peter's resolute face, but it disappeared in an instant. No one saw it.

Of course, Mark said that on purpose. Suzan thought too much. Compared with the simple minded Peter, she was simply a scheming person.

Although Tilda was not as good-looking as Suzan, her forthright character was quite suitable for Peter. It was obvious that he wanted to make a match between the two.

After Peter left, Mark called Della and told her that he was going to make a match between them, but Della refused directly. She didn't think Tilda was suitable for Peter. Obviously, they were from two different worlds. So Della hung up the phone immediately and thought Mark was joking.

"How do you know it's not appropriate?"

Mark was still a little angry. Did Della set herself against him on purpose? He had already asked people to investigate Tilda. Tilda was forced to go on blind dates everywhere by her family. Wasn't Peter a good man?

"Do you think his family background is not good enough?" The only thing that Mark could think of was Peter's family background. The Zuo Clan was a first-class big company, so it naturally had requirements for a son-in-law.

And Peter was just one of his subordinates. If there was anything inappropriate, it would be here.

"Mark, since you don't give up, I'll tell you why it's not suitable for him. The first is not family background. Tilda is not the kind of person who cares about family background. Second, she won't like Peter. If she likes him, she won't meet him for so many times without saying anything. Third, Peter is your man. I won't let her be with your man. If there is nothing else, I will hang up... "


"Hello, Della..." Mark didn't expect her to hang up his phone, but when he called again, she had already turned off her phone.

It had been a long night for Della. If it weren't for the weekend tomorrow, she would have been late. Tilda didn't fall asleep until three o'clock. Then Della could choose to sleep.

However, as soon as Della fell asleep, she was woken up by noise. She didn't want to get up, but the knock on the door was so annoying, as if she owed that person a lot of money.

"It's so annoying." Tilda was also awakened in another room. Della didn't want a drunkard to meet the man outside. She knew it was a man when she heard the knock on the door, so she guessed that Tilda hadn't put on her clothes yet.

Della stood up quickly and pulled Tilda back. After comforting her, she went to open the door. "Who is it?"

"Open the door."

What an impatient man.

Della was even angrier. It was only five o'clock. Why did he disturb their dream?

The moment she opened the door, Eaton's distorted face appeared.

"Why are you here?"

"Are you going to dump my father so easily?" Eaton was really pissed off. He wouldn't have come back if he hadn't known that Della had left the Tang Group.

Three days ago.

Eaton had just handled a contract. Although it was not a big contract, it could also bring a lot of benefits to the Tang Group, which was good enough for him compared with the playboy before. When he was about to show off to his father, he didn't know that his father was in hospital until the housekeeper told him.

The housekeeper said that his father was angry with Della. It was only a short time since she came back, but she had an affair with Mark and her ex-husband. How could he bear it? He was so angry that he was hospitalized, so he rushed back.

At this time, Della looked at Eaton and didn't explain to him. But she didn't know that Mr. Tang was in hospital.

"What? Are you admitting it? I didn't expect you to act so fast. You just utilize him, don't you?" Eaton was provoking her with the most unpleasant words. All his expressions were written on his face, full of disdain. No one could see how much he liked her in the past, but only to see how much he hated her.

Della didn't bother to explain to Eaton, allowing him to look at her with different eyes.

"Since you are here, come in and have a seat."

"I think it's dirty."

"See you then." After saying that, Della was about to close the door, but Eaton couldn't help it.

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