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   Chapter 12 Being Bullied

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He was so drunk but he spoke seriously.

"Suzan, let me tell you, it's none of our business. Besides, Della is just a simple woman, isn't she? You have been working for Mr. Mark for so long. He has always been surrounded by women. What are you worried about? " After saying that, Peter got drunk and slept.

In a fit of pique, Peter was left in the bar by Suzan. If Tilda hadn't passed by and seen Peter, Peter would have been taken away by those vicious old women. It was the first time that Tilda had been kind to people. So appearance was very important.

Tilda had planned to come here to have a drink, but she didn't drink much. After she took Peter back home, she was so tired that she fell asleep on the sofa. When she woke up, she found that she was tied up, and the man she saved last night was looking at her so seriously.

Tilda was frightened by what had happened. She wondered if she had saved a gangster!

Tilda finally realized how Della felt that day. Being hit by her was not the key. The most important thing was that no one could understand her complicated feelings.

"You, you..."

"Who are you? How did you get me back? What do you want to do?" Peter asked more questions.

"I'm Tilda Zuo, and this is my home. I went to drink last night. When I saw you drunk, I took you back out of kindness. Is this how you repay me? Or are you a man suffering from persecutory delusion?" Tilda yelled at Peter, not showing weakness. Even if Peter wanted to do something, she was not afraid. She had already secretly pressed the number one button on her mobile phone just now.

It was specially set for Tilda by Della, in case that Tilda would get drunk again and Della couldn't find her.

Tilda breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that Della would receive her location information soon and come over as soon as possible.

"You brought me back. Is there anyone else around me?" The first thought on Peter's mind was that something had happened to Suzan, so he called Suzan before Tilda answered him.

It took a long time for Suzan to wake up from her sleep. She answered Peter's phone and said impatiently, "Even if I left you in the bar last night, you wouldn't be in trouble as a man. You disturbed people's dreams in the early morning. Do you know it's a crime?"

After saying that, Suzan hung up the phone.

Hearing the sound on the phone, Peter finally came to his senses. Suzan didn't care about him at all, but he was worried about her. He sneered helplessly. Seeing this series of actions, Tilda was even more afraid. Was this person insane?

Tilda was so frightened that she couldn't help but move far.

As soon as Della had breakfast and was about to go to work, she received a message from Tilda. She was confused and wondered why she sent this message to her at home. But on second thought, she guessed that something might have happened and then she couldn't get through to her. Della was more sure that something had happened. She hurriedly went downstairs to look for Tilda.

But she didn't expect to see the cool sports car as soon as she went downstairs. Della remembered correctly that this car belonged to Mark. Was there an acquaintance of Mark?

Shaking her head, Della didn't think too much. She walked past the car and was about to leave, but someone grabbed her arm.

Della was so scared that she almost cried out. Fortunately, it was Mark who was standing behind her.

"What do you want? I've only worked for you for one day. Do you want me to die?" Della shouted at Mark, still in shock

"You saw my car. Why are you still running? Is this what an assistant should do? "

What Mark said made Della even angrier. Who made the rule that workers should stop when they saw boss's car?


"Get in the car!"

Without giving Della a chance to retort, Mark grabbed her into the car and started to drive car.

Della almost forgot what happened to Tilda. As soon as they drove out of the community, she said to Mark, "It's not working time. I have to go to a place first. It's very important."

If Mark didn't agree, it would be much better for Della to take a taxi.

"Okay, tell me the address." The only thing that Della could accept was that Mark was a man of few words.

She quickly sent the address of Tilda to Mark. Both of them fell into silence again. Sometimes Mark saw Della. On the contrary, Della had been enjoying the scenery all the time. It seemed that the scenery outside would be more interesting and lively than that of the handsome man, Mark.

"Whose home is this?"


"Here we are."

"Okay, thank you!"

"I'll go with you."

"No, thanks."

This was the only conversation between Mark and Della after they got on the car. Only a few words were enough to show the embarrassment between them.

"I'll give you one minute, or you can ask me to

go upstairs with you. I'll give you enough time." Obviously, Mark was threatening her. But looking at the time, it was almost work time. He really had the ability to make Della listen to him.

"Okay, then please go upstairs with me to see my friend, Mr. Mark." Gritting her teeth, Della made a gesture of invitation. But it was obviously against her will. It was not a sincere invitation. Of course, Mark didn't care.

"Let's go."

The two of them went upstairs soon. Della had the key to Tilda's apartment, but as soon as she took it out, she heard Tilda shouting inside.

Della was frightened. Was it a house robbery? Were the robbers so rampant in the country now?

Without hesitation, Della quickly opened the door. But the scene on the sofa confused both her and Mark.



Della and Mark spoke in unison. The two of them looked at each other and pointed at the sofa at the same time.

"Do you know her?" "Do you know him?"

"Was she your friend?" "Was he your friend?"

Five minutes later, Tilda and Peter sat opposite to Della and Mark seriously. Both of them were very embarrassed now.

It turned out that before Della and Mark arrived, Tilda had already thought about how to save herself. When Peter was distracted, she had untied the rope that tied her, and then pressed Peter on the sofa. It happened to be the scene that Della and Mark saw.

It turned out that everything was a mistake. Peter apologized, and then Tilda apologized for suspecting that Peter was a neurotic. They were familiar with each other after this matter, but then it was Tilda who drove Della to work.

As soon as Mark and Peter got into the car, Mark looked at Peter without saying anything, but Peter already knew what Mark meant. He sighed helplessly and said, "Mr. Mark, I..."

"You were pressed on the sofa by a woman. Are you going to stop working in the organization?" It was a shame for Mark that the best skilled man, Peter, was pressed on the sofa by a weak woman.


"You don't have to explain. From today on, you should strengthen your training every day. Why are you with Tilda?"

After being forced to receive more training, Peter told Mark what happened between him and Suzan last night. It was Peter who liked Suzan, but Mark saved his life. No matter what, Peter would not betray Mark because of a woman.

"What did you say?"

"Mr. Mark, what do I say? I won't be left in the bar by Suzan if I said something, and I won't appear..." Before Peter could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by the ferocious look in Mark's eyes.

On the other side, Tilda had been speaking ill of Peter all the way, which made Della's ears tingle. Fortunately, she had arrived at the company.

Della was going crazy. For the first time, she would rather come to the Hua Group than stay with Tilda.

"Della, I'll see you tonight!" Tilda said that as soon as Della got off the car. Then she drove away.

When Della arrived at the company, she noticed that the people around looked at her strangely, and then looked at Secretary Macy's smug face. Della sneered and thought, 'She was an adult, but she still did such a little thing behind my back. She underestimated my ability to bear pressure.'

"Della, the president is looking for you." After taking the documents from president, director of Design Department came out and said something to Della. But the disdainful look in director's eyes really annoyed Della.

If Della really had a crush on Mark, she wouldn't have been so angry. But the truth was that she didn't want to stay here at all. She thought about it for a long time and still couldn't figure out why Mark had to oppose her.

"Knock, knock, knock..." ...

"Come in." Mark's magnetic voice would have been nice to Della if it had been before, but today was different.

"President, what can I do for you?"

Mark just raised his head to take a look at Della, and then went on with his own business, ignoring her existence. Half an hour had passed, and Della was a little impatient. Although it was the right choice for her not to move against him, Mark obviously wanted to give her a hard time now. Della wouldn't waste time with him.

"Who let you go?" Hearing the noise, Mark still didn't raise his head. He just stopped Della. Della was a little angry. "President, if you have anything to say, just say it. Can I go out first?"

"Don't you have anything to tell me?" Mark put down the pen in his hand and looked at Della formally this time.

Della thought for a while. She really didn't have anything to say, so she just shook her head. With a smile, Mark said, "Do you think you can hide it from me?"

"Mr. Mark, what do you mean?" Della had just known Mark for a few days. What else could she hide from him? Besides, it was strange enough for her to be brought here for no reason.

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