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   Chapter 11 Eaton Tang Is Back

Miss CEO: Lost In Love And Trickery By Li Zi Hai Shi Xing Characters: 9667

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Mark couldn't forget her when they met six years ago. Six years later, she became his secretary today. He knew that everything was destined, and the child was the solicitude. No matter what, he would protect the two of them well.

Della didn't do anything else this morning. There was an international meeting held by Mark, and she was responsible for serving tea, pouring water and meeting notes. Of course, in Della's eyes, it was all secretary's work, but as Mark called her personal assistant, he put all the work on her.

Fortunately, the meeting was humanized. It ended at twelve o'clock at noon. If it went on, Della would be hungry and faint. In the morning, she was beaten down by Tilda, so she didn't make breakfast or eat anything. If she had known that she would be so busy today, she would eat in the morning.

After a while, Della knew why Hua Group had developed so fast. 'Mark is really a hidden man. I have been working for Mr. Tang for so many years. I have seen almost all kinds of people in the business world. But it's rare for me to see so smart man like Mark.' Della thought.

After the meeting, Miss. Zhang followed Mark to his office, but she hadn't come out yet. It had been fifteen minutes. Della thought she could leave now. Seeing that all her colleagues had left, she took the elevator. However, it was not easy to take the elevator during the rush hour.

Della didn't want to wait for the elevator, so she went straight to stairs. At that time, she didn't know what she was thinking. Later, she told Tilda, "If I had known that I could meet Mark, I wouldn't have taken the stairs.

"President, you are so naughty. You always make fun of me..."

As soon as Della went to stairs, she heard the soft voice of Miss. Zhang. Even Della felt so comfortable when she heard the voice, let alone the president, Mr. Mark.

All of a sudden, Mark's image as a high-ranking official was ruined. Della turned around and was about to leave. She wondered if Mark had a sharp ear like a dog's.


Della was not a fool. She didn't let Mark and Miss. Zhang see her in this place. She quickly left the stairs and went straight to the crowd waiting for the elevator.

As soon as she arrived downstairs, she saw Tilda. But Tilda's mysterious look made Della's chest tighten. Was there something wrong?

As soon as she got in the car, Della asked, "What happened?"

"Hee hee, can you guess?" Tilda's cheeky smile made Della want to give her a punch.

"Stop talking nonsense! I don't want to know what happen, if you are still like this. " Della pretended that she didn't want to know anything.

There was really nothing left for Tilda to do. She was not as determined as Della from the beginning to the end. Every time such a thing happened, she would definitely lose. After all, she was not only gossiping, but also hurriedly. She would rather take the lead in everything than be slower than others.

"Eaton is back!"

"Why did he come here?" Della knew that something bad would happen, but she didn't expect the thing.

It was because of Eaton Tang's ignorance that Mr. Tang and Della worked together to make him give up and work hard. However, this plan didn't work for the time being. The thing only made Eaton Tang hate Della instead of liking her. Della knew that since ancient times, it was better to have one more friend than one more enemy. It was a terrible thing to have one more enemy.

"Who knows? Probably he couldn't help come here when he saw you and Mr. Tang come back. In fact..."

Tilda had always been a straightforward person. It was not her personality to stop talking now. With a bitter smile on her face, Della said, "What? In fact, it's not bad for me to be with Eaton Tang, isn't it?"

"How do you know what I want to say?"

Tilda looked at Della in surprise, but Della didn't answer her question. They had arrived at the restaurant, and eating was the most important thing for Della.

Two o'clock in the afternoon.

As soon as Della was sent back by Tilda, she saw Miss. Zhang sneak into the office of Mark again. They really had strong sexual appetite and didn't hide anything. Della disdained Mark more seriously. But it didn't seem to be what Della thought, because thirty seconds later, Miss. Zhang came out and her face was not very good. Della knew that she'd better not provoke this woman this afternoon, and she didn't want to get into trouble.

"Della, go and get me a cup of coffee!"

"Okay." Even though it was not her job, Della still did it because she couldn't want to be gossiped on the first day she came here.

"Della, come back."

Before Della walked out, she was called back by Mark.

"Della is my personal assistant. Miss. Zhang, I have reminded you of this, haven't I?" Mark looked at Miss. Zhang meticulously and M

iss. Zhang was frightened and nodded after a long time of reflection.

"That's good. Della, you go out with me to deal with something!"

As soon as Mark finished his words, he started to walk out, and Della immediately followed him. She really didn't know what kind of revenge she would suffer if she refused his request. Compared with the painful of being misunderstood by Miss. Zhang, Della thought that she would be more painful if she refused Mark. Mark was a villain.

Walking out of the elevator, with a fake smile on her face, Della glanced at Mark and whispered, "What do you want? Do you want to get rid of Miss. Zhang?"

"You have known everything since the first day you came here. No wonder Mr. Tang entrusted you with a heavy task." Mark's voice was dripping with sarcasm, which made Della feel uncomfortable all over, but she didn't say anything.

Three hours ago.

Miss. Zhang knew that the Mark had a habit of going stairs, so she left the office early to wait for Mark and seduce Mark. But she didn't expect that she was disturbed by someone. Of course, even if there was no one to disturb her, she might not be able to succeed.

After Della left, Mark pushed her away and said seriously, "Macy, you are indeed a good girl, but I don't like the woman beside me."

"Mr. Mark, I can resign!" Macy Zhang seemed to have seen the hope and immediately shouted at Mark who was about to leave. However, Mark didn't say anything but sneered and didn't even pause.

In the afternoon, Della saw Macy Zhang enter the office of Mark again. In fact, Macy Zhang came here for this matter.

Macy Zhang directly went in with the resignation letter, but was ruthlessly refused by Mark.

"Macy, if you don't have a man, you can be rich, but if you don't have money, you don't have a man either. What should you do?" Mark's words were implicit, but Macy Zhang still understood what he meant. She walked out of the office in frustration. She had been in a bad mood, and now seeing that Della was taken away by Mark, she was even angrier.

After they left, Macy Zhang began to spread rumors in the company that Della was seducing the Mark. There were many women in the Hua Group and they liked gossiping.

"Secretary Macy, are you telling the truth? The new woman who came here this morning began to seduce president now? " The girl at the front desk stared at Macy Zhang in disbelief.

Macy Zhang looked at the distance with a sneer and continued to say, "Can I lie? She is in my office. How don't I know? Besides, have you ever seen the president go out with a woman during working hours? " Macy Zhang became angrier at the thought of this. Why couldn't she be with him?

Della became a celebrity in Hua Group in a short time, but she, who had gone out with Mark, didn't know that she had been jealous by Macy Zhang.

During this period, Peter called Mark, "Mr. Mark, Macy began..."

He told Mark what Macy Zhang had done in the company, but Mark didn't stop her. He wanted to see how Della would deal with it.

"You don't have to do anything. Just wait and see!"


After hanging up the phone, it was very quiet in the car. Looking at the sleeping Della, Mark wondered whether she was so defenseless to anyone or him. They soon arrived at the destination. But Mark didn't want to wake Della up. If she wasn't too tired, this damn woman wouldn't have fallen asleep like this.

At the same time, Peter looked at the photo of Della's son. He didn't know why the more he looked at the photo, the more he thought her son like Mark. But he was not sure. Did Mr. Mark know that he had a son? It didn't make sense, so Peter gave up the idea and thought that the child might be Evan's. After all, he used to be Della's husband.

But Peter remembered that Mark had told him not to let Suzan know, so when Suzan walked up to him, he quickly put away the documents. And Suzan knew that Peter had something to hide from him, then she asked, "What are you hiding?"

"No, the information can't be leaked!"

"Don't you believe me?" Suzan wanted to tease Peter on purpose. Peter was good in everything but not sophisticated enough.

"It doesn't matter whether I believe you or not. You know our rules!" Peter and Suzan knew the rules of the organization. It was them who helped Mark set the rules.

The third rule for carrying out tasks was that everyone had his or her own task, and everyone's task could not be known by anyone else. Therefore, Suzan could only spread out her hands helplessly, as if she didn't want to know it. But they had dinner together at night.

As an adult, of course Peter knew what was on Suzan's mind. But as a professional intelligence officer, he had professional ethics. So when he got drunk and Suzan wanted to get some information about Della, he refused.

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