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   Chapter 10 Who Held Me Last Night

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The second day.

Tilda touched her head which was about to explode. Looking at the strange environment, she was totally confused. What happened? Wasn't she in the bar? She didn't dare to think about it any more. All of a sudden, she heard some noise outside. She picked up something randomly and held it in her hand. Then she tiptoed out, ready to give the man a blow.

"Damn it..." Hearing the sound of the kitchen, Tilda hid aside and listened to the footsteps getting closer and closer. She knew that it was time to do something.


"Clang! Clang!" ...


This series of actions happened at the same time. Tilda's attack succeeded, but she would rather fail herself. The person who fell on the ground was no other than Della.

At this moment, Della felt that her head was going to crack. If she could go to the Hua Group alive, it only meant that she had a strong head.

Tilda was stunned to see Della sitting on the ground.

But when she saw Della looking up at her, Tilda ran away in an instant.

Touching her head, Della tried hard to stand up, but she still shouted at Tilda, "Tilda, don't you need to explain?"

It was unfortunate for Della that her best friend was drunk in the bar and she went to pick her up by herself. She didn't expect that her friend would give her such a heavy blow.

"Della, I didn't mean to do that. Please forgive me, Della... Ah... Help... " Tilda ran to the bedroom. And then everyone could heard a heartbreaking scream.

Half an hour later, Tilda pouted as if she had suffered a great grievance and her car was wobbling. If Della hadn't reminded her, the probability of the car accident would have been one hundred percent.

"What? Are you still unhappy?" Della said helplessly.

Tilda rolled her eyes at Della. The corners of her mouth twitched for a long time, but she didn't say anything. Fortunately, she soon arrived at Della's company, which was Hua Group.

"Tilda, I just tickled you a few times, but you didn't talk to me all the way. That's enough..." Della was in a bad mood, and when she saw the strange madness of Tilda, she was in a more bad mood.

Tilda had known Della for a long time, but it was the first time that Tilda had seen Della get angry. She was confused and couldn't speak for a while. She looked at Della, unspeaking.

Della waved her hand. When she was about to leave, Tilda stopped her. "Della, I'm not angry!"

"I'm angry!" Della was speechless. How dare Tilda say that she was not angry?

"I'm just wondering who was the man holding me last night?" It seemed that Tilda was still recalling what had happened before. It was not until then that Della realized that she had become a scapegoat.

"Well, Tilda, it's not late for me to pick you up. Do you have something to do with the man?" Della knew that Tilda was in a hurry to find a man, but at first, she thought it was Tilda's mother who was the most anxious. Now it seemed that even Tilda was also in a hurry!

"Della, what are you talking about? Go to work now!" Tilda knew that she shouldn't have told the truth to Della. She knew that this woman would make fun of her all the time.

Noticing that it was almost time to go, Della didn't continue to make fun of Tilda. She summoned up her courage to go straight in after saying goodbye to Tilda. Even if Hua Group gave money to Della, she might not want to come to this place, but now she had to work as an assistant for Mark for three months.

"Hello, miss. Who are you looking for?" The receptionist stopped Della.

Della scratched her head helplessly. Damn it! Didn't Mark tell the company that he wanted her to be an assistant? He really thought he could do whatever he wanted as a CEO.

Della chuckled and told her that she was here for Mark and had an appointment with him.

The receptionist looked at Della and found that she didn't seem to be the women who Mr. Mark liked. Since when did Mr. Mark like other kinds of women? But she didn't think too much and called his secretary directly. Five minutes later, the secretary called and asked Della to go upstairs.

After expressing her thanks to the receptionist, Della went straight to the twenty-eight floor. Fortunately, there was an elevator. Although she had been like a female soldier since she had a son, no matter how powerful she was, she always had her weakness. And Della's weakness was that she was afraid of dark, especially in the elevator. If it was too dark or there was no light, Della would rather climb the stairs.

As soon as she walked out of the ele

vator, she saw Mark. He looked like a gentleman, which was quite different from what Della had seen before.

"Mr. Mark!"

"Welcome to Hua Group." However, the smile on Mark's face betrayed him completely. It made Della feel that it was hard to change his nature.

When Della passed by the secretary's office, she could clearly feel the hatred in the secretary's eyes.

Before coming here, Della had already investigated the Hua Group. The Hua Group had developed rapidly in recent years, and even the Xiao Group was ashamed of themselves. Moreover, Mark was a famous playboy in the city, and all the beautiful women had something to do with him.

Now it seemed that this secretary was one of them.

"Mr. Mark, I'm here to be your assistant, so please do your business!" As soon as Della entered the room, she was negotiating with Mark.

But Mark ignored her. He took a look at Della, who had already come in, and closed the door. "Della, don't you know what I'm talking about? You're here to be my personal assistant. You have to do whatever I want you to do. You must listen to me in both public and private matters, or I'll agree to demolish the house."

"You... Are you threatening me? "

'Did I offend Mark somewhere? I met this damn man as soon as I came back home and he always went against me. I am so unlucky.' Della wondered.

"Yes, I'm threatening you. It's up to you whether you can accept it or not. You can turn around and leave!" After saying that, Mark looked at her, as if she could do anything as she wanted.

Mark's arrogance really pissed Della off. However, she had no choice but to force a smile. Biting her teeth, she looked at Mark and said softly, "Yes, Mr. Mark. I'll listen to you. What should I do today?"

"Go to the secretary office. Ask Miss. Zhang to take you to the personnel department. And then go to the meeting room in half an hour." Mark's sudden change of attitude made Della admire him a little. It was said that if a person could remain calm when he was in the face of everything, then that was the true ability.

"Hello, is that Miss. Zhang?"

"Yes. What's up?" Miss. Zhang impatiently glanced at Della and went on with her work. Apparently, she didn't like to talk to her.

Della cursed Mark in her heart. It seemed that it is all his fault. Why was he so charming?

"I'm Mr. Mark's new assistant. He asked you to take me to the personnel department. Thank you..."

Della thought she was polite enough, but Miss. Zhang just sneered, put down the pen in her hand and looked up. "Don't you have legs?"

"Sorry to bother you." Over the years, Della had learned to endure. When she was ignored by Evan, if she could be as focus on herself as now, she wouldn't have been hurt badly.

Della turned around and left. Miss. Zhang was dumbfounded. She thought she would say something more, but she didn't expect her to know how to judge the situation.

"Humph! A slut!" Miss. Zhang had seen many women surrounding Mr. Mark, so she knew that Della had a purpose to get close to Mark. Therefore, she didn't like this woman at the first sight of her and even thought about how to punish Della from the very beginning.

Della went to the personnel department according to the signs downstairs. The people in the personnel department were all older, so they wouldn't beat around the bush when communicating with each other.

Leaving personnel department, Della went to the rooftop alone. When she came here just now, she found that there was a very large rooftop in Hua Group, and it seemed to be luxuriously decorated.

Della was used to hiding alone, and the rooftop was naturally a good place.

Della didn't know how to live through the three months and how to face the woman beside Mark. She was just a small potato.

"Why are you here?" When Della was about to leave, she heard a voice she didn't want to hear. Was this the exclusive place for the president of Hua Group?

Looking at Mark behind her, Della said in a low voice, "Boring!"

"Is this how you work as Mr. Tang's secretary?"

Obviously, Mark was satirizing Della. It seemed that men were all like this. They just looked at the surface.

Of course, this time, Della really misunderstood Mark. What Mark said was totally different from what Evan said.

"It seems that it has nothing to do with Mr. Mark, right?"

Della was furious, but she didn't want to talk to him anymore. She pushed Mark away and went downstairs directly, but she didn't see the weird and evil smile on his face.

"Della, you are so interesting!"

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