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   Chapter 9 The Marriage Between Xiao Family And Luo Family

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After Evan returned home, he locked himself up. Antonia didn't intend to let her son go so easily. She followed him upstairs, but was locked outside.

Antonia kept knocking at the door and asked, "Son, what happened between you and Della? Do you have feelings for that woman?"

Thinking of this, Antonia wanted to die. She muttered something. Although everyone couldn't hear it clearly, but they could guess that it was that Evan was an unfilial son...

Evan, who wanted to be alone, frowned. He knew it wouldn't be that easy.

"That's enough. Della and I are just going to visit grandpa..."

When Antonia was unprepared, Evan opened the door all of a sudden, which frightened her. She stared at her angry son blankly and didn't know what to say for a moment.

Seeing that Antonia didn't respond, Evan continued, "As you said, I'm engaged to Lana. What are you worried about? Isn't an engagement enough for you?"

After saying that, Evan slammed the door and said, "Leave me alone."

It took Antonia a long time to react. She grinned and said, "Okay, okay. I will deal with your engagement. Have a good rest."

Seeing that her son didn't object to the engagement, Antonia stopped pestering her son about Della.

The marriage between the Xiao Family and the Luo Family was undoubtedly the most sensational thing at the moment. On the second day, all the major media focused on the HT Hotel, the biggest and most luxurious hotel in the city, and also the most amazing hotel in the city. It was not a place where people could come with money.

After six o'clock, the invited people came to the hotel one after another. Of course, as Mr. Tang's secretary, Della came with him.

Mr. Tang smiled at Della and said in a low voice, "I wouldn't have come here if it weren't for you."

Embarrassed, Della smiled and said, "Thank you, Mr. Tang."

"Don't be so formal with me. Are you really not sad?" Della had been working for Mr. Tang for so many years, just like his daughter. Mr. Tang naturally hoped that she could be happy.

Della raised her head to look at the top floor of the hotel. No one knew what she was thinking. She was so eye-catching with a silver evening gift that all the men around looked at her.

Della looked at Mr. Tang and said, "Everyone lives such a big life. Everyone knows how to correct and let go. Only in this way can they not be hurt all over."

As soon as the two of them entered the hotel, all the people around looked at them. Mr. Tang smiled helplessly and whispered in Della's ear, "Della, it seems that they all think that I'm lucky to have a girlfriend."

With a helpless smile, Della asked, "Mr. Tang, do you want me to feel guilty?"

"Ha ha..."

No one heard their conversation. In others' eyes, it was obvious that they were in love.

The engagement party began soon. Evan was still the same as before, but Della would never forget his unwillingness when they were engaged. But now, his complacent face made her feel ironic.

Soon, Mr. Tang was called away. Della hid in a quiet place and looked at the starry sky. It seemed to be a good thing to look at the sky.

"Why are you drinking alone after your ex-husband's engagement?" A playful voice came from behind. Before Della turned around, the man had already come to her.

"It's you?" When Della saw it was Mark, the only thought in her mind was that he always haunt her.

"Why don't you want to see me?" Although Della didn't respond, Mark still drank the wine with a smile.

"It's good that you know it." After saying that, Della stood up impatiently.

"Don't forget that it's the third day today. It seems that the house is going to be demolished." The man behind her continued to talk.

"See you at Hua Group at half past eight tomorrow." Della stopped for a moment and said gracefully without turning around.

Mark proposed a toast to Della's graceful back.

After the party, Della didn't take Mr. Tang's car. She took a taxi home to change her clothes and went to the bar to look for Tilda. She just received a call from her, and it sounded that Tilda was in a bad mood.

In Della's opinion, Tilda had never been annoyed. It was the first time that she had heard her in such a bad mood. She was a little worried. After asking the address, she went straight there.

At the same time, Mark was following her. Just now when he saw her coming out in such a hurry, he knew that there was something wrong. But when he saw her clothes so revealing, he almost rushed up.

"No way, Mr. Mark." Seeing that, Peter knew what Mark wanted to do.

"Focus on driving." After saying a few words discontentedly, Mark closed his eyes and didn't say anything. He didn't look at

Della in the taxi. Anyway, Peter wouldn't be lost.

It didn't take long for them to come to the bar.

Clenching his fists, Mark asked Peter to park the car and followed Della in.

Looking at the expression on Mark's face, Peter didn't know what to say. He had known Mr. Mark for so many years, but Mark had never been like this. It seemed that this Della was probably the woman who had made Mark absent-minded for a long time.

There had never been a woman who could make Mr. Mark like this.

In the bar, it was the favorite time for men and women. Everyone seemed to be drugged and had a good time. Mark didn't like such noisy music. He frowned and cursed, then focused on looking for Della.

In the dim light, Mark couldn't find Della for a while. Thinking that his woman would be seen by those obscene men, he was even more anxious.

"Mr. Mark?"

Suzan came to the bar with her friends for fun, but she didn't expect to meet Mark. He never liked this kind of place. What happened today?

With so many questions in her mind, Suzan walked up to Mark without hesitation.

"Why are you here?" It was already annoying enough for Mark not to find Della. He even met Suzan, which made him be more annoy.

Frowning, Mark didn't say anything. Just then, Peter came in after parking the car.

"You are also here!" Suzan was even more confused.

"Peter has an appointment with a girl. I come here to check on her." Without changing the expression on his face, Mark said calmly.

Fortunately, Peter reacted quickly and nodded, "Yes. Suzan, would you like to go and have a look?"

"Suzan, are you going to leave us like this?" Her friend had already seen Mark. This handsome man naturally attracted their attention. They had planned to follow him with Suzan.

But Suzan would never allow anyone to know Mark, so she refused Peter's invitation.

As soon as Mark separated from Suzan, he saw Della walking out of a private room with a drunk woman. He was relieved.

But he was also worried that Suzan would come out. He ask Peter to tell him the parking place and let Peter stay in the bar. Although Peter was unhappy, he agreed.

Sweat trickled down Della's forehead. She didn't know what to say to the drunk Tilda.

Even if Tilda drank too much, she kept cursing. After a few words, Della finally knew the reason why she came out to drink.

Tilda's mother not only forced her to go on a blind date, but also wanted her to have sex with man. She was so angry that no one would believe that it was her own mother who did it.

"Della, do you think my mother has gone too far?"

"Yes, yes, you are right. Your mother has gone too far. I will talk to her tomorrow..."

Tilda pointed at them and couldn't stand still. At that moment, she felt uncomfortable in her stomach and vomited directly. It was comfortable to vomit, but none of the drivers around dared to drive them. They had been waiting for five minutes, and Della was almost unable to stand still.

"Will no one drive you there?"

A familiar and hateful voice came from behind, followed by a car parking beside Della. Della took a look at Mark, who was obviously watching a joke.

Originally, she didn't want to talk to him, but what he said next made Della change her mind. She would take advantage of Mark.

"Do you think your friend can hold on? Or do you think I'm more obscene than those men who only look at your breasts? Or don't you like free drivers? "

"Spring Community." After saying that, Della opened the back door and put Tilda in. But when she wanted to get in, she found that Tilda was already lying there and she couldn't push her up anyway.

"Are you afraid that I will eat you up?"

"Mr. Mark, you are thinking too much." Della had no choice but to sit on the passenger seat.

They arrived home soon, and Tilda vomited in the Mark's car.

Even Della felt sorry for him, let alone Mark. But he didn't say anything or blame her, which surprised her.

"Thank you, Mr. Mark."

"Remember to go to work on time tomorrow." After saying that, Mark drove away in a hurry. But as soon as he walked out of the community, he got out of the car and called Peter, asking him to drive a car over as soon as possible.

After a while, Peter came. "Mr. Mark..."

"You drive this one." After saying that, Mark drove away without giving Peter a chance to think.

Peter touched his head and felt puzzled. As soon as he got on the car, he almost vomited.

What did Mr. Mark do? Did he fall into the bathroom?

Now Peter finally knew why. He pinched his nose and got into the car. He opened all the windows and would rather be punished for over speeding than stay here for a little longer.

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