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   Chapter 8 Worship Grandpa

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Unwilling to admit that he had some feelings in his heart, Evan said stiffly with a cold face, "It's almost grandpa's death day. You can go with me to worship!"

Somehow, he just wanted to stay a little longer with Della.

Della was stunned. She remembered the night when his grandfather died of illness six years ago. She didn't say anything to refuse and got on Evan's car coldly.

The two of them put on a long face. For a moment, the atmosphere in the car dropped to freezing point, extremely embarrassed.

Evan peeped at Della's side face from the corner of his eye. She was fair, smooth, dignified and beautiful, less childish six years ago, and more elegant. As time went by, not only did she not weaken her beauty, but also made her more eye-catching.

Six years ago, she was only eighteen years old!

"I don't know about the lawsuit. It's Lana who has secretly signed my name." Evan said abruptly.

With a sneer, Della asked, "Is it important?"

Della sneered at Evan in her heart. It was obvious that he was too indulgent to Lana that he allowed her to do such a thing. Why did she fall in love with such a man before?

At the same time, Della mocked herself.

Evan, who was driving, didn't hear what Della was saying and didn't know what to say. He came here to apologize, but Della didn't save his face. How could Evan not be so angry?

"Don't you believe me?"

"So what if you allow it? Or do you think that what Lana has done is wrong?" Della looked at Evan firmly. Evan didn't find that the woman's eyes were so attractive before, but he was a little stunned.

But he came to his sense by Della's cough.

Evan coughed and continued to focus on driving. But he glanced at Della from time to time. The atmosphere was awkward. Evan still remembered that six years ago, Della had always been following him and pestering him. No matter how disgusted he was, she still followed him.

But now she didn't even look at him. Evan felt strange. Did she really change her personality in the past six years?

"When you left, you didn't take the five million. Is it because you have already targeted Mr. Dugan, so you don't need the money at all? And you did those things to make me let you leave, didn't you?" Evan pretended to ask casually.

But these words completely irritated Della. He even got the Tang Family involved!

With a sneer, Della glared at Evan without saying anything.

Evan was not used to this. He frowned and asked, "Why are you looking at me?"

"Evan, are you jealous?"

"What do you mean?"

Della knew that Evan was a man of dignity. As long as she said something, he would get mad at her.

"Don't you know what I mean? I has been with you, Evan, for so many years. Do you think I will still be there for you? " Della wasn't afraid of irritating Evan. She had nothing not to say since this heartbroken man thought that she was that kind of woman.

"You are still the insidious Della. I thought you would at least change a little after so many years. I don't know if Mr. Dugan will continue to be with you if I tell him what happened six years ago..." Evan looked at Della with contempt, as if she was a prostitute.

"You..." As soon as Della closed her eyes, she calmed herself down.

It would be fine if Evan didn't tell her about it. But when she heard it, Della became even angrier and almost told him about her son. But on second thought, she thought that she couldn't let Evan be her son's father.

"What? I'm talking about your pain. Do you really want to be a bitch?"

"Evan, that's enough. I'm not here to quarrel with you today. Do you really think I will get in your car if it weren't for grandpa's sake?" After saying that, Della slammed the door.

Fortunately, they had arrived at the cemetery. Otherwise, Della didn't know if they would keep quarreling like this. She wasn't in the mood to quarrel with her ex-husband.

"You, a jinx, why are you in my son's car? What are you doing here?" Della's ears were quiet for a while. But Antonia Zhao appeared. Antonia didn't like Della all the time. Even when Della was a child, she disliked this "child bride". If it weren't for grandpa's sake, she would have driven Della out.

"Auntie, you misunderstood me. It was your son who asked me to see grandpa. I came here out of respect for him. But don't worry. I will take a taxi b

ack when I go back. Please excuse me!" Della finished what she wanted to say in a huff, which made Antonia a little stunned.

Was this the submissive Della she knew?

Ghost possession?

But Della didn't take two steps when Antonia caught up with her and grabbed her arm. "What do you mean, bitch?"

"Auntie, we haven't seen each other for a few years. There is something wrong with your hearing!"

"You, Della, I can't see that you have found an old man and even changed your words. How dare you talk to me like this now?" Antonia couldn't accept it for a while.

Of course, as a lady of the upper class, she had already experienced such a scene, and was naturally familiar with such a debate. Of course, she was silent just now just was that she was unable to react for a while.

"Mrs. Antonia, please show some respect..."

Della still remembered how Antonia treated her and tortured her in private when she was brought back by grandpa. After that, she tried every means to stop her from being with Evan.

Of course, when Della thought of this, she was grateful to Antonia for stopping her.

"Don't be afraid of others talking about what you have done. You have no parents since you were a child. How can you know shame..."


Both Della and Antonia were stunned. Antonia's words had completely infuriated Della. When Della was about to lose her temper, she didn't expect that Evan would speak first.

Antonia looked at her son who suddenly interrupted her. She thought there was something wrong, but what Evan said next surprised her.

"Mom, is it meaningful to say that about Della? Didn't she come to see grandpa today? We are in the cemetery. Why did you say that? " Evan seemed to be impatient and looked at Antonia with disgust.

Antonia gasped for breath, as if she was about to explode with anger by Evan. Antonia didn't expect that her son would quarrel with her for this woman, did she?

"Good, very good. You've become so powerful just a few days after you came back. But I'm telling you, there's no chance for you. My son is engaged to Lana. You can only be an ex-wife!" Antonia played her trump card.

However, Antonia thought too much. There was no change in Della's expression. She just said "Congratulations!" indifferently.

After putting the flowers for grandpa, Della left.

However, Evan seemed to be dissatisfied with his mother, but he said nothing in the end.

In the villa.

Mark had just sorted out some documents and was about to relax, but he didn't expect that Peter came back ahead of time. He asked Peter to find out everything about Della within three days, but he came here only two days later.

Normally, Peter wouldn't report the mission in advance unless there was something special.

So even Mark was a little nervous. "What's wrong?"

Without saying anything, Peter just handed the file to Mark. It took him an hour to read it carefully. The matter was really serious.

Six years ago, after Della divorced Evan, she went abroad directly and stayed with the Tang Family almost the same year. Now, she had a son in the Tang Family abroad. According to the investigation, Della's son was Mark's.

Generally speaking, it should be a happy thing if a man knew that he had a son, but Mark was not happy at all. It was not that he didn't like this child, but the reality didn't allow it at all.

The people of the Hua Family all had hereditary poisons in their bodies. Once the disease occurred, it was worse than death. Of course, death was also a result.

Even if the child didn't die of this kind of inherited disease, the Hua Family would not allow him to live well.

"Mr. Mark?" Since Peter had been working for Mark for a long time, he could guess what Mr. Mark was thinking even if he had an expression on his face. If nothing important had happened, Mr. Mark wouldn't have been so depressed.

"Remember, don't let anyone know that Della has a son!"

"Yes, Mr. Mark. Don't worry. I will handle it!" After saying that, Peter went out directly.

Mark didn't expect that he would have a son with this woman who he had met for once and who he fall in love with at first sight. He was happy. But now was not the right time.

He knew that he would make this woman fall in love with him sooner or later. "Della, you are destined to be my wife all your life."

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