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   Chapter 7 Stand Up For Her

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Della just smiled and didn't ask more questions that Tilda didn't want to answer.

"I am innocent. If they are willing to sue, just let them. Anyway, the lawyer is here! He doesn't need me to help him. " There was no abnormal emotion on Della's face.

Then Tilda asked, "What about your work? I heard that Mr. Dugan suspended you because of the pressure of public opinion. "

At the mention of this, Della felt a headache and collapsed on the sofa.

"I might have to change my job." Della said bitterly.

Last night, she tossed and turned for a long time, but finally she had to compromise. For the sake of her childhood family, she had to work as a personal assistant for three months.

"What? How ungrateful Mr. Dugan was! Even if you and he are not a real couple, he can't fire you for such a small thing! Besides, anyone with a discerning eye can see that it was the woman, Lana, who framed you! No, I have to talk to Mr. Dugan. " Tilda seemed to be pissed off and was about to rush out in anger.

Helplessly, in order to stop Tilda's impulse, Della had no choice but to tell her everything about Bald.

"Oh my God!" Tilda screamed, "Bald Hua, that handsome and enchanting man has a crush on you!"

Tilda ran around the room excitedly.

Della touched her forehead helplessly. She knew that Tilda, a girl who likes handsome man, would definitely do this.

"Della, when are you going to visit Bald again? Can you take me there?" Tilda grabbed Della's hand and said, "Or you can discuss with him and ask me to be his assistant."

"I don't mind if you don't want to see the front page immediately." Della's words were like a basin of cold water, instantly extinguished Tilda's excitement.

As one of the inheritor of the Zuo Group, every move of Tilda was undoubtedly the focus of everyone's attention, especially at this critical moment of grabbing the family property. If there was any bad gossip, her property would really be swallowed up by her brothers accidentally.

"Alas!" Tilda sighed.

Della touched Tilda's head and comforted her, "Actually, you don't have to worry so much. You are worried that the two of them will take away the family property. If the two of them enter the company for the trial together, I'm afraid there won't be much peace between them."

"Right! I heard that they seemed to like a woman at the same time and fought fiercely for it. How could I let go of such a good opportunity?" Tilda regained her fighting spirit in an instant.

Without waiting for Della's response, she left in a hurry. Before she left, she didn't forget to tell Della to take more beautiful photos of Bald Hua for her.

On the other side, Della didn't take the court summons seriously, but on the other side, Bald got angry. He finally liked a woman, but someone dared to bully her! Did Evan want to die?

He quickly investigated the whole matter, but unexpectedly, he also found out another thing that shocked him.

Standing by the window, Bald looked at the documents in his hands and smoked three cigarettes in a row. He still couldn't calm down.

"Peter, you can investigate it in person." Bald took out another cigarette. He had always been calm, but his fingers were trembling slightly.

"Mr. Bald? What's this? " Looking at the photo of Della on the document, Peter opened his mouth in astonishment.

As Bald slowly puffed out a smoke ring, he said in a rare tired voice, "Maybe, no."

Peter widened his eyes in disbelief. He opened his mouth but couldn't utter a word for a long time.

Taking a look at the photo of Della on the document, Peter wanted to say something but chose to be silent.

Six years ago, no one knew what had happened to Mr. Bald, and no one could find out what had happened under his watch.

But now, looking at the group photo in his hand, Peter felt that he seemed to have pried into the secret buried six years ago.

"By the way, don't let Suzan know about it." Bald frowned more tightly.

For so many years, although Suzan had always been a dutiful person, the fire in her eyes hadn't extinguished. Especially in the past few years when he came to visit Della, she had intentionally or unintentionally stopped him, which made Bald have to worry.

He couldn't turn a blind eye to the photos in his hands anymore.

After another cigarette, Bald forced his eyes away from the photo and asked people to deal with the matter of Lana.

On the other side, Lana had no idea that she had been targeted. Now she was in the hospital, flirting with Evan.

Lana removed her make-up and leaned against Evan wearily. Her face was pale, without arrogance and charm as usual.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I didn't protect our baby."

Evan gently stroked Lana's hair and said gently, "It's not your fault. I know you don't want to."

Somehow, after being angry, he calmed down when he thought of Della's jealousy and hatred for Lana all out of her lov

e for him. A trace of indescribable thoughts kept lingering in his mind.

"Okay." Lana silently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and said softly, "I have prosecuted Della in your name. Are you angry with me?"

Evan looked at Lana coldly.

"Evan! It's all because of Della! Can't I even seek justice by law? " Lana cried sadly.

Evan withdrew the cold light in his eyes and slowly took Lana's hand off his body. He looked at Lana with a complicated expression and said indifferently, "Leave the lawsuit to me. Don't think too much. Just take a good rest."

There was no sweet words or tenderness.

Evan said a few more words perfunctorily and left the hospital indifferently.

What annoyed him was not that Lana was suing Della, but that Lana acted in his name without his consent, completely taking herself as the hostess.

But that's good. He also wanted to see how long Della could be cold in front of him. A flash of complacency flashed through Evan's eyes.

As soon as Evan left the hospital, Lana swept all the things at hand to the ground, her face distorted.

"What happened?" As soon as Afra Zhang, her mother, came in, she saw a mess in the room.

Lana's face twisted. She gritted her teeth and said angrily, "It's been so long, but he still can't forget that little bitch. I lost my child this time, and he still blames me for suing that little bitch."

With a helpless smile, Afra Zhang sat on the edge of Lana's bed and persuaded in a soft voice, "In my opinion, Evan will be angry. The reason is that you used his name on your own. It has nothing to do with Della."

"I used his name. So what? I've been with him for six years, but he still doesn't want to marry me. He is thinking about that little bitch, isn't he? " Lana screamed.

"Everyone knows that Evan doesn't like the child bride arranged by his family, so he divorced with that woman on the day when his grandpa died. Why do you think he still like Della?" Afra asked in confusion.

Lana clenched her fists, and her eyes were red, but she didn't answer her mother's question.

She used to think so, but Evan called her name when he was drunk and had sex with her. He mentioned Della's attachment to him intentionally or unintentionally. Although his words were full of contempt, she could see the nostalgia in his eyes.

Sure enough, six years later, when Della appeared, Evan, who had always been calm and self-control, panicked. He unexpectedly quarreled with Della in public regardless of the occasion, especially at the banquet that day. She clearly saw Evan's entanglement with Della on the balcony. It was not a sign of disgust for a person at all.

"Well, well, don't be angry. Anyway, Della is now Mr. Dugan's wife, and Evan can't really do anything to her. You'd better think about taking good care of yourself and getting engaged to as soon Evan as possible." Afra Zhang said dotingly.

When she heard the engagement, Lana's eyes lit up. She looked at her mother with expectation and asked, "Did the Xiao Family agree to our marriage?"

Originally, she should have been engaged to Evan, but over the years, the Xiao Group was getting bigger and bigger, and Antonia Zhao, Evan's mother, was somewhat arrogant. She didn't even care about the power of the Luo Family, so she found various excuses to delay the engagement, refusing to let the two people get engaged.

Afra raised the corners of her mouth complacently, and her face, which was over fifty years old, was still charming. "She doesn't like our Luo Family, but she is more afraid of provoking the Zuo Family, isn't she? If you don't get engaged as soon as possible, when the Zuo family really proposes to that let her son get engaged to Zuo Family's daughter, she will be in a dilemma. "

Everyone knew that Tilda Zuo was the only legitimate heir of the Zuo Group, and it was possible for Evan to be son-in-law by adoption of Zuo Family.

Hearing this, a smile appeared at the corners of Lana's mouth, but she couldn't help complaining, "If only you really married into Zuo Family that year."

If she was the eldest daughter of the Zuo Family, how could Xiao Family be so arrogant and let Della have the right to marry Evan!

Afra sighed deeply.

She didn't expect that the Luo Group, which used to be prosperous, would become a second-class Group overnight, while the unknown Zuo Group would make rapid progress and become a super group!

If it weren't for the fact that the Zuo Family didn't have a decent son, she wouldn't have let her daughter marry Evan.

Not to mention the schemes of the mother and daughter, after Evan went out, he unconsciously went downstairs of Tang Group and met with Della who was about to go home.

Della frowned and snorted, "I've received the summons from the court. What's wrong? Do you want to slap me again in private? "

Evan was slightly stunned and suddenly realized that he had arrived here.

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