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   Chapter 6 Self Injury Trick

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Della followed Lana to the balcony. When Della was about to listen to her talk about what had happened in the past, Lana suddenly turned around and said to her with her back to her, "Can you help me tie up the straps of my dress at the back first?"

Della frowned and wanted to refuse, but when she saw the shaky dress of Lana, she couldn't help reaching out her hand. Unexpectedly, just as Della reached out her hand and touched the corner of Lana's clothes, Lana pounced forward and fell down the stairs.

Della instinctively reached out to grab her, but only grabbed the slender dress ribbon.

"Ah..." Lana's scream echoed in the hall.

The people who had been at the exposition heard the noise and rushed over. They saw that Della was holding a red silk ribbon in her hand, and the woman, Lana, in a black dress was lying under the balcony, covered in blood.

There was a large part of her back exposed, red curly hair, and the blood red on the ground, like a black mandragora, desolate and beautiful.

Della had to admire Lana's scheming. In order to frame her, Lana risked her life to play the real trick of flesh and blood, accurately grasped the corner, and even maintained an amazing sense of desolation and beauty when she was injured. It was really amazing!

Evan squeezed out of the crowd and glanced at the situation. He slapped on Della's face without hesitation. Della lost her balance and almost fell down from the balcony.

Evan didn't look at Della anymore. He jumped to the balcony quickly and carefully picked up Lana.

"Child, child, Evan, our child..." Lana grabbed Evan's arm in panic.

Only then did everyone find that most of the blood on the ground came from under Lana's body. They could not help but shake their heads and sigh.

The baby might not be able to survive with such a large amount of blood.

Evan's last doubt vanished at this moment.

He knew clearly Lana wanted to marry him and she wanted to let he love her forever with a child. Therefore, no matter how much she disliked Della and wanted to frame her, she couldn't gamble with her child.

"It's okay, it's okay. The baby is gone. We can have it again. I'll take you to the hospital first." Evan bent over and held Lana in his arms, with a rare tenderness in his eyes.

Evan, who had always been confident, had never thought that Lana would have sex with another man behind his back.

With her head buried in Evan's chest, the corners of Lana's mouth slightly quirked up, but her faint cry was particularly pitiful.

Della just looked at them coldly. Her cheek was completely swollen and she didn't cover it with her hands.

"Evan, do you think I pushed her down?" Her voice was as cold as ice.

Evan raised his head, glanced at the cold face of Della, and replied in a colder voice, "Don't think that you can do whatever you want as long as you have a relationship with Mr. Dugan now."

Then he turned around and left with Lana in his arms.

Looking at Evan's cold back, Della couldn't help but burst into tears.

Six years had passed, and this slap was as the same as before, leaving her no room for explanation.

"You can leave now!" Mr. Dugan appeared out of the crowd.

The group of people who wanted to know more could only leave the scene with a reluctant expression.

After a long while, Della heard footsteps stop behind her and thought it was Mr. Dugan.

"I thought I wouldn't cry for this man anymore." Della said softly, but didn't turn around.

She didn't want anyone to see her crying.

"Yes! It's so ugly! It's so shameful to cry for such a bad man. " Mark's cold voice suddenly came to Della's ears.

"Ah!" Della trembled with fear. She suddenly turned around and met the pair of enchanting eyes. She couldn't help but feel a little flustered. "You... Why are you here? "

"If it's not me, who do you think it is?" Wiping the tears off Della's face, Mark asked, "Are you still expecting Mr. Evan?"

Della turned her head to avoid Mark's nonsense.

Mr. Tang must have driven those people away, so he left. But she mistook him for Mr. Tang.

"What do you think? Have you decided when to be my personal assistant? " Mark jumped to the other side of Della and looked at her again.

"No way!" Della left angrily.

"The Xiao Group is expanding real estate recently. My house is in a key position. It is said that I can get a lot of money if I agree to demolish it!" Mark's words came from behind Della.

Shocked, Della turned around and walked quickly to Mark. She asked nervously, "What? You are going to demolish it?"

No, No. her "home" couldn't be torn down. Della refused it.

"How much will you want? I'll pay you double. You are not allowed to demolish it." Della grabbed Mark's collar anxiously.

That was the only memory Della had for her

parents and her family. No matter what, Della couldn't accept the fact that they had been demolished.

"I have told you many times that I don't lack money. I only need a beautiful assistant." Mark looked helpless.

Della gritted her teeth and frowned. She stared at Mark for a long time, but there was no other emotion in his charming eyes except for his seductive charm.

Frustrated, Della let go of her hand. She felt like a white rabbit that had only cultivated for six years, but she wanted to challenge a thousand year old fox.

"Don't sign it. I'll think about it." Della said dejectedly.

However, Mark didn't want to leave too much room for Della. Some things would change if they were delayed for a long time.

"Three days. Three days later, if you haven't become my personal assistant, the house will have to be torn down by others." Mark smiled.

It was a breathtaking smile, but Della felt it was like a devil's smile, which made her breathless. ...

"Okay, I see." Della had no strength to quarrel with Mark.

After Mark left, Della was immersed in the distress of her old residence, staring blankly into the distance.

The footsteps behind her turned back. For a moment, Della was a little angry. "I said, within three days, within three days... It's you, Mr. Tang! "

Before she could say anything, she stopped.

Mr. Tang looked at Della with a faint smile. "Three days? Three days? What?"

"Alas!" With a deep sigh, Della told Mr. Tang about what had happened to Mark.

"Oh? I see. " Mr. Tang's eyes were full of tease. He didn't expect that Della, who had refused the pursuit of so many elites in the past six years, would fall into the hands of Mark.

"Can't you really remember where you have met him before?" Mr. Tang said with a smile. It was rare for him to gossip.

He didn't know much about Mark. He only knew that although Mark looked like the boss of a three class group, the power behind him was very mysterious. He didn't know why he suddenly pestered Della like this.

Della lowered her head and shook her head dejectedly.

"It seems that you are really going to be his personal assistant! Ha ha... Then I have to arrange your work well, in case you leave suddenly and mess up the work. " Mr. Tang burst into laughter.

In the past six years, Della had devoted herself to her study and work. To be honest, Mr. Tang hoped that Della could find her own happiness.

"Mr. Tang, if you don't help me find a way, why do you ask me to be his personal assistant?" It was rare for Della to show a trace of anger.

In the past six years, Mr. Tang had become her closest elder.

"Hahaha... " Mr. Tang laughed happily.

Della felt depressed.

What made her more depressed was that on the second day, she received a summons from Evan for Lana.

He accused her of attempted murder, intending to kill two people.

"Is Evan's head rusted? How could he sue for murder? One corpse and two lives? " Tilda Zuo took the subpoena from Della's hand and twitched her lips with disdain.

She had short hair with fine ears, dashing eyebrows and a beautiful face. She was too small in stature and too round in face. She was just a little arrogant and lovely girl, without any domineering at all.

"Tilda, why are you here?" Della cheered in surprise.

Tilda Zuo was her best friend when she studied abroad, and also her first friend since she left Evan.

"My family forced me to come back for a blind date, so I came back." Tilda Zuo weakly lay prone on the table, looking desperate.

Della giggled, "When did you become so obedient?"

Tilda Zuo, a typical daughter of a rich family. Although she was not like an arrogant princess, she was also an unruly little devil. How could she be obedient?

"Alas! It's really hard to say! " Tilda Zuo sighed, rolled over on the table and climbed onto the big sofa.

It turned out that Tilda's elder brother and younger brother had recently joined the Zuo Group to work and began to carve up the family property. Her mother was anxious, so she used her life threatening to force Tilda Zuo to go home for a blind date. Tilda must find a live in son-in-law in a short time to carve up the family property.

Of course, Tilda's brothers were all born by her father's mistress. She was the only daughter her mother had.

"Then why don't you go on a blind date? Why are you here?" Della teased.

Tilda bared her teeth and waved her hands, intending to grab Della. She shouted loudly to show off. After a while, the two of them collapsed on the sofa.

"Then what are you going to do now? Let the family property be taken away? " Della smiled.

Tilda Zuo twitched her mouth and changed the topic stiffly, "What about you? How are you going to deal with Evan? Don't tell me that you still have feelings for him. "

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