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   Chapter 46 Did You Borrow This Luxury Car

Office Romance: Mischievous Secretary VS. Bossy CEO By Ren Ping Sheng Characters: 7687

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:02

There were several luxury cars in Ethel's house, so she knew a lot about cars. She said, "The Aston Matin he just drove is worth more than ten million. It seems that it is a limited edition in color. Even if you could afford it, it is not that easy to get this car."

"Actually, it's not a big deal to buy a car. Have you noticed the plate number?"

Daisy was too careless to know such a trifle as the license plate. She was stunned when she heard this.

"Though the license plate number is capitalized with A. those numbers following behind are not easy to get. The traffic police dare not stop anyone who drives the car with such number. I'm afraid that that guy could even drive his car into the White House as long as he wants!"

Ethel and even Kadence, who was eavesdropping outside the door, were all shocked.

"Well, Charlotte's boyfriend has a strong background." Ethel exclaimed.

"Yes, the Imperial Capital is also a place full of talents."

Lila, Ethel and Charlotte got along well with each other, so they just sighed for a while.

But Kadence had offended Charlotte. What if Charlotte's boyfriend take revenge on her?

Thinking of this, she hurriedly took out her cell phone and called her best friend who was said to have a relationship with a rich man.

"Hey girl, may I ask you a question? Is there any gentleman in the Imperial Capital who has a limited edition Aston Matin? The plate number is that awesome type? "

"Aston Matin? Although there were only a few of them, they were still limited editions in this city. What color is the car? "

"Yellow, very bright yellow." After all, Kadence had been attracted to the golden color for a long time.

"Yellow? Is it the kind of yellow close to gold? " The woman on the other side on the phone continued to ask.

After getting a yes reply, that girl also said affirmatively, "that's Lewis's car. I mean Mr. Lewis. The color of this car is unique even in the Imperial Capital. It's his car! Why do you ask this? Did you hook up with Mr. Lewis? That's a big shot! "

After hesitating for a while, Kadence hung up.

Lewis? Everyone in the Imperial Capital knew that Mr. Lewis was the youngest and most favored son of his parents and brothers, who were in high status. He could be said to be the biggest target in

few days."

Seeing that Charlotte didn't cherish her own so much, Simon sighed with hatred and flicked the tip of her nose.

Charlotte was caught off guard. Although it didn't hurt, she was shocked.

She covered her nose and widened her eyes, "what are you doing?"

Looking at the cute look of Charlotte, Simon couldn't help laughing, but deliberately said with a cold face, "everything you have is mine, including your body. Why don't you cherish my things?"

Hearing this irrefutable words, Charlotte couldn't refute for a while, and finally she had to say obediently, "well, I'll pay attention to my skin care."

'what a tyrant!'!

At this time, the owner served all the dishes and the two began to eat.

The owner was such a capricious boss. But the dishes were very exquisite and had the characteristics of the imperial cuisine.

One of them was yellow, orange and chestnut flavored. It was Charlotte's favorite.

The steam corn-bread was about the size of a bullet head, but it was exceptionally exquisite and delicious.

With mustard duck's feet, Charlotte ate a lot.

Seeing that she was eating happily, Simon was also very happy. He filled a bowl of walnut sweet soup for her and said softly, "have a sip of it to moisten your throat."

Charlotte took a sip and said in surprise, "the soup tastes good too."

All of a sudden, something occurred to her. She said to Simon in secret, "I want to tell the owner that I want to learn how to cook this soup and go back to cook it for Grandpa Alfonso."

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