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   Chapter 45 Campus Belle

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Her words were a little harsh, and Kadence began to cry in a low voice.

Seeing her crying, all of a sudden, Jason couldn't bear it and rushed forward to fight. But Ethel was not afraid. She threw the book and wanted to fight.

Charlotte was startled and hurried to stand in the middle. It would be too apologetic for her if she let Ethel get because of her, although it seemed that Jason might not be able to defeat Ethel.

The classmates were also pulling and trying to stop the fight. It was not easy to separate the two.

Sitting in the back row, Kadence gritted her teeth secretly. She hated that Jason was not strong enough to punch Ethel in her face.

This time, not only Charlotte, she even hated Ethel.

On his way to Communication University, Simon attracted a lot of attention for the sport car he drove.

When he stopped the car and waited at the roadside, all the students and teachers in and out of the school looked at him.

There were a lot of luxury cars coming to the University, but it was rare to see a limited edition sport car worth tens of millions.

Not to mention the man standing next to the car. His features, figure were so excellent that the boy from Communication University were too weak compared to him. The famous male star was no worse than him in appearance, but Simon ,who kept emitting the aura of the top leader, was obviously much stronger than those male star.

The supercar and the handsome man were really a beautiful scenery. But no one knew who the handsome man was waiting for?

Several girls whispered at the door for a long time.

"Cassandra, who do you think he is waiting for?"

The girl named Cassandra said, "I don't know. But I am sure he must not be waiting for me."

"You wish. I guess she must be waiting for Caylee. She is the most beautiful girl in our university!"

"Yes, only such Caylee can match such a handsome man and the sports car. We are far from them."

After a while, perhaps someone announced that there was a luxury car waiting for a girl at the school gate and then a girl came out.

"Look! It was Caylee. She is coming out! "

Everyone stared at Caylee, wondering if she was the one that the handsome man was waiting for.

Caylee was used to those men driving luxury cars, and she had refused several times. After all, she was the most beautiful girl in the university.

But she was a little annoyed by this kind of thing all the time. She had planned to leave after a few words of refusal, but when she went out, she saw the smooth line of that sport car and the handsome face of the man next to it, she couldn't say anything

ered all over the ground, but she couldn't care about it.

She didn't expect that Simon would come to the Imperial Capital to see her. In fact, she missed him very much in the past few days. But she knew how busy he was, so she could only hide her longing for him in her heart.

Now, Simon came to her unexpectedly. In his arms, Charlotte felt very sweet.

The onlookers were a little disappointed when they saw the heroine show up in the end.

"This girl Who is she? I haven't seen her before. "

"I can't see her face clearly. But she has a good figure, but I still think Caylee is much more beautiful."

"I don't think it is useful though Caylee is more beautiful. That handsome guy is fond of this kind of girl."

Ethel and Lila were a little surprised and they helped to pick up the books for Charlotte. They didn't expect that Charlotte's boyfriend was such an excellent man.

On the other side, after displaying affection with Simon, Charlotte, with a blushed face, held Simon's hand and introduced him to her two roommates. They were shocked by the charming face of Simon again.

Charlotte invited them to lunch, and the two turned it down immediately. It was not easy for Charlotte and her boyfriend to meet each other, and sensible ones like them should avoid being the third wheel.

They also helped Charlotte take the things back to her dormitory and talked about Charlotte and her handsome boyfriend all the way.

As for Kadence, who was lying on the ground, no one cared about her. When Jason saw her rushing towards Simon, he knew that he had been fooled and had already run away from Kadence.

Kadence had to limp back to her dormitory.

Meanwhile, Ethel and Lila were still talking about the sport car of Simon.

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