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   Chapter 44 He Saved A Poisonous Beauty!

Office Romance: Mischievous Secretary VS. Bossy CEO By Ren Ping Sheng Characters: 8138

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Charlotte studied in Communication University step by step. During this period, Kadence had asked her for several unimportant small jobs, and Charlotte had all agreed.

One day after class, Kadence came over and said, "Charlotte, thank you for your help. This is for you. Please don't refuse."

After saying that, she handed over a small box. It was a perfume put inside, which was not very expensive, only a few hundred dollars.

Charlotte pushed it over and said, "we are classmates. It's just a piece of cake. You don't have to do this."

Kadence put in front of Charlotte several times. Seeing that Charlotte really didn't want to take it, she put it away.

Then Kadence said in secret, "Charlotte, I have one more thing to ask for your help. Can you sign in for me every morning? I have something to deal with recently, so I can't come to attend classes every day. "

The rules of this training class were very strict. No matter what happened after class, they had to sign in every day and do their homework on time.

Kadence didn't really want to learn.

Kadence always went to the night club and had a lot of fun every night. She couldn't get up in the daytime and sign in every day. So she wanted to ask someone for help.

In the same dormitory, Ethel was not easy to talk to. Lila seemed to be smiling all the time, but in fact, it was difficult to get close to her.

Only this Charlotte, who was dressed so casually, was obviously not a rich woman. In addition, she had agreed to her request these days, and so in Kadence's opinion, if she gave Charlotte some benefits, she would definitely be willing to help.

Charlotte frowned. Seeing that she was hesitating, Kadence said anxiously, "Charlotte, as long as you help me, I'll give it to you."

She took out a jewelry box from a luxurious brand, opened it and there is a thin gold bracelet. It was pushed in front of Charlotte.

'She must think perfume is too cheap so she refused to accept it. But the gold bracelet is genuine, and Charlotte definitely would take it!'!

Charlotte frowned and tried to stay away from Kadence.

Charlotte almost forgot about her study these days. Although she was at the campus, the people around her were not real classmates, but real all kinds of people in the society.

That's why such a bribe happened and it was so blatant.

Charlotte didn't say anything. She took a glance at Kadence and left with her book.

still wear my own clothes. Thank you for your concern. I don't need your clothes."

After mocking Charlotte, Kadence continued.

"No, don't. It's disrespectful for teachers to have a student wearing shabby clothes in class."

Charlotte could tell that Kadence was provoking her again.

Putting down the pen in her hand, Charlotte turned around and looked at her up and down. Charlotte said with a faint smile, "you care about my clothes very much, so I want to ask you to pay more attention to your own homework. Don't let your name down at that time."

Kadence didn't listen to the class carefully and her homework was perfunctory. The teacher had criticized her several times.

Hearing what Charlotte said, Kadence blushed and said, "you!" She was completely rendered speechless.

"Charlotte, your words are so harsh. Kadence just want to remind you. You don't have to be sarcastic in this way."

It turned out that Jason was defending the beauty.

Charlotte took a pitiful look at Jason. As expected, Jason was just an ordinary man from an ordinary family judged by his appearance, and he was called to help by Kadence in a short time. When the training class was over, Kadence would kick him away.

Charlotte didn't want to argue with this idiot, but Ethel, who had been listening to the argument all the time, couldn't stand it anymore.

Ethel was a straightforward girl and spoke frankly. She pointed at Jason and said, "don't think you are a hero. Do you think the one you are saving is a real beauty? You have to recognize that the person you saved is not a real beauty, or a poisonous beauty!"

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