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   Chapter 43 Please Leave Me Your Number

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In this case, she didn't force Kadence to leave. The three of them took the things and left the dormitory building. When they met the dormitory keeper downstairs, they asked about the college's situation, such as where the canteen was and how it was convenient to buy things.

When she made it clear and was about to go to the canteen, she saw that Kadence went downstairs and apparently dressed up.

She didn't see the three people and went straight to a luxury car parked outside. This was probably the person she had an appointment with.

They went to the canteen to serve their favorite food and started to eat. They talked about the situation of each other. Some had just written one or two plays to learn more, some traditional writer wanted to change his profession, and some new scriptwriters like Charlotte wanted to learn more.

None of them mentioned Kadence. She was an adult, and it was only half a month's training class. After the training, they separated and didn't care about where else they would go.

After dinner, they went back to the dormitory. The teacher sent the class schedule to the training class group. Everyone looked at the class schedule and found that there was a class in the morning of the second day. They all washed themselves and went to bed early.

The second morning, Kadence came back in a hurry, changed into a less flamboyant dress and went to class with others.

Today's class was held by a senior industry editor. Charlotte listened to the class carefully and took a lot of notes in detail.

They had lunch in the canteen. The four of them sat together naturally. It was not appropriate for Kadence to go to another restaurant for lunch, so she managed to get some vegetables to eat.

In the afternoon, before the class, Kadence deliberately leaned over and whispered to Charlotte.

"Miss Qin, could you please do me a favor? I saw the dormitory duty roster you were discussing in the group yesterday, and it's my turn to clean the room today. But I can't go back to the dormitory today. Can you help me clean it?"

Kadence put her hands together and pleaded.

Charlotte was a person who could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. Although Charlotte didn't talk much with Kadence before, she still agreed after she said so.

Kadence was very happy and thanked her repeatedly before returning to her seat.

In the evening, when Ethel saw that it was Charlotte cleaning the dorm, she was very surprised. When she knew that it was Kadence who asked her for help, she even said that Charl

Simon very much. She put on her clothes and put on her coat. She quickly went out of the dormitory, found a place downstairs and called Simon.

The phone rang twice and then answered.

A magnetic voice came from the other side.

"How's your class today?"

Hearing her lover's voice, Charlotte couldn't hide her smile.

"Very good. The teachers are very excellent. I have learned a lot. This campus is also very beautiful, much better than my graduated one..."

On the other side of the line, Simon heard Charlotte say "Okay" from time to time.

Charlotte suddenly wanted to play a trick on him.

"Someone accosted me just now."

The voice of flipping through documents on the other end of the phone stopped.

Charlotte tittered.

"It's a boy. He looks very young, but very handsome."

"Hum, is he as handsome as me?"

Simon snorted bitterly.

"Of course not. You are the most handsome man in the world!"

Charlotte comforted the jealous man immediately.

The two hung up after a while.

When Charlotte went back to her dormitory, Simon whispered in his mind.

He knew clearly how beautiful his girlfriend was now. And he knew there were many energetic boys in the campus.

Charlotte was so beautiful. If that boy harasses her...

No, he couldn't just let her stay in the campus alone.

Simon picked up the phone.

"Dylan, book me the earliest flight to the imperial capital."

"The Imperial Capital? What are you going to do in the imperial capital city? Our project in the Imperial Capital runs well. "

Dylan asked in surprise.

Simon coughed. He didn't mean to say that he was worrying about his girlfriend.

"That is my order. It's settled! Just do it!"

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