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   Chapter 30 We Are Going to Be the Curie Couple!

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She took a sip of the tea and decided to continue fighting with the second wave of hot shrimps.

However, she found that Simon handed the peeled shrimps to her and put them in front of her. Then Simon withdrew his hand and continued to peel the shrimps.

Was this plate shelled for her?

Looking at the peeled shrimps, Charlotte felt like a deer running in the field, and her heart was itching.

She picked up the chopsticks and ate the shrimp slowly.

The fresh prawns were sweet enough without seasoning, and the sweet taste drilled into Charlotte's heart.

It suddenly occurred to her that those snacks and desserts were really given to her by Alfonso?

Why didn't Alfonso ask about the food's taste every time she came?

Was it all prepared by Simon?

But those snacks were all over the world, and the taste was indeed rare and delicious. How much effort did Simon make?

Seeing that Simon was peeling shrimps for Charlotte, Alfonso thought happily that the young couple was about to get married.

When the three of them were having barbecue on the mountain, a guest came to the Su Family.

This guest was a familiar guest. She came in after a short notice. Seeing that there was no one in the villa of the Su Family, she curiously asked Amy who was cleaning the living room.

"Amy, where are grandpa and Simon?"

Amy turned around and greeted warmly.

"Oh, it's Miss Judy. You haven't been to the Su Family for a long time. His lordship and Simon are having barbecue in the mountain!"

"Grandpa is in a good mood today," Judy said with a smile. She had no interest in barbecue. She came here today to see what grandpa thought about the marriage of Simon!

"And Simon's girlfriend, Miss Charlotte, is here, too. You don't know, Miss Judy, do you? The old master is very satisfied with Miss Charlotte!"

What Amy added in the end made Judy feel as if she was struck by lightning!

Simon has a girlfriend?

She forced a smile and said, "I really don't know. It's really a good thing that Simon has a girlfriend!"

"Yes, Miss Judy, would you like to have some barbecue too? The more people, the merrier Mr. Alfonso will be!"

"Of course, I will!"

Judy put on her sunglasses and stormed to the top of the mountain.

She wanted to see what kind of person Simon's girlfriend was!

Judy went all the way to the barbecue place. She was wearing high-heeled shoes to the Su Family, so it was naturally inconvenient for her to climb the mountain.

When she was about to arrive, she heard a burst of laughter, mixed with the girl's silvery laughter. She was even more anxious. She quickened her pace all the way, secretly guessing who it was.

Is she the daughter of the owner of the ship company or the young female senior manager of the chain hotel group? I haven't heard of anyone whose name is Charlotte.

But none of them could compare with me. Was Simon blind!

When she walked to the place, she saw Simon at the first sight. He smiled and gently touched the face of a girl in front of him, but the girl didn't dodge. Su Family's grandfather looked at her and smiled.

The girl had her back to her, so Judy couldn't see her face.

Judy took a deep breath and walked up to greet Alfonso.

Mr. Alfonso had heard that Judy had come for a long time. He and her grandpa had been friends, and Alfonso had seen her grow up, so he warmly invited her to sit down.

After Judy thanked the waitress and sat down, she finally saw the girl's face.

It was that secretary!

Judy suddenly remembered that Amy mentioned Miss Charlotte just now. She should have known that the girl was the secretary beside Simon!

She swallowed her anger and smiled, "isn't this the secretary of Simon? Why don't you take a rest on this weekend and come to the Su Family to work overtime? Simon, you are too harsh on your subordinates. "

Alfonso was amused by Judy and laughed, "Judy, I like Charlotte very much. She is here to accompany me!"

Judy was confused. What

on earth did Charlotte come for?

Although she was depressed, Judy was good at acting.

With her deliberate flattery, the four of them ate happily.

Seeing that the fruit tea was not enough, Charlotte picked up the teapot and said to make another one.

Judy hurried to say that she wanted to help her down the mountain.

Charlotte walked to the lake, turned around and said to Judy with a smile.

"Miss Judy, you are not here to help me make scented fruit tea, are you?"

Judy was a little surprised at Charlotte's reaction, but soon she sneered.

"It seems that you are smarter than I thought."

"Of course, if I'm not smart, how can I escape from your trap, Miss Judy?"

Charlotte sat down on a bench by the lake and asked with a sweet smile, tilting her head.

"But I'm curious. What would Mr. Simon think if he knew it was you who organized the spy incident?"

"What are you talking about? Wade gambled by himself. What does it have to do with me?"

Judy was a little panic at that moment, but immediately replied calmly.

Charlotte got her tail!

Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. She had long wondered why Wade would suddenly gamble to such an extent, even though he loved money!

Sure enough, it had something to do with Judy!

Judy also felt a little regretful. She had planned to tempt Wade to gamble and then buy some information from him. She would report it to Simon to win his favor.

Later, she tried to frame Charlotte, but Charlotte saw through this trick.

Looking at Judy's face, Charlotte sighed and said sincerely.

"Miss Judy, I'm not familiar with you, but since Mrs. Glenda is so satisfied with you, you must be born in an extraordinary family. From your appearance, you are also outstanding, and you are resourceful. Why do you have to chase after Simon?"

Facing the "ignorant" Charlotte, Judy sneered.

"Do you know who Simon is?"

Charlotte was a little surprised.

"The CEO of the Su Group!"

"It seems that you know nothing," said Judy sarcastically.

She took out her phone and showed a photo to Charlotte.

It was a strange machine. Charlotte looked at it for a long time but couldn't understand. She raised her head and asked Judy.

"This is the latest achievement of the research and development center, representing the most advanced J technology in the world. It uses XXXXX, which can promote the XXXX technology to the YYYYY stage..."

Charlotte was confused.

"Wait, what do you mean? Does it have anything to do with the CEO?"

"Your CEO is the leading scientist of J Technology!"

What! Charlotte was shocked.

How could his domineering president be a scientist?

"Since I met him when I was a child, I swore to marry Simon. In order to match him, I had been studying hard since I was a child. Others were playing and I was reading; others were shopping and I was reading boring text. When I knew that he was going to study scientific research, I followed his steps and went to America to study. My youth was almost all for Simon. "

"Finally, my efforts paid off. I'm now a leading young scholar in J Technology and a member of the foreign research and development center of the Su Group." A trace of arrogance flashed across Judy's face. At her age, her achievements were indeed astonishing.

"No matter from family background, appearance, or future direction, we are a perfect match! We will become the Curie couple in the scientific world! "

"But why do you show up?"

"And you have become the girlfriend of Simon!"

"This has made my efforts from childhood to adulthood a joke!"

Judy sat down beside Charlotte and looked into the distance with a blank look on her pretty face.

Charlotte had seen Judy for several times. She was either arrogant or noble. It was the first time that she was so fragile.

Seeing Judy like this, Charlotte didn't want to play tricks on her anymore. She sighed and told Judy the truth about their "boyfriend-girlfriend" relationship.

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