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   Chapter 28 Simon's Cat Taming Experience

Office Romance: Mischievous Secretary VS. Bossy CEO By Ren Ping Sheng Characters: 7216

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It turned out to be a cat.

All of a sudden, Simon burst into laughter. His smile was like the melting of ice and snow, and the flowers in the garden turned pale.

The two maids were stunned. Although they knew that their young master was handsome, he was too cold. They had never seen Simon smile several times when they worked in the Su Family.

They were so stunned that they didn't even know the book in their hands had been taken away.

"He's so handsome."

"It's so beautiful. It's so beautiful."

"Purr... Mr. Simon seems farther away from us. We'd better go back and play with the cat... Purr..."

Simon went back to the living room with the book and read it carefully.

The more he read, the more insights he got. He closed the book with a snap, and his eyes were bright.

Isn't Charlotte just like a cat?

The secret manual on courting Charlotte was in this book!

Charlotte dawdled all the way and finally arrived at the company.

In the elevator leading to the top floor, she was still wondering if she should run away immediately if something unusual happened to Simon.

As soon as she arrived at the CEO's office, she happened to meet Simon who came out of the exclusive elevator.

She suppressed the urge to turn around and stood in front of Simon, trembling.

"Good morning, Secretary Charlotte."

However, as usual, Simon nodded to greet Charlotte and went straight into the CEO's office.

Charlotte was a little stunned. What trick was Simon playing?

She returned to her seat and continued her work yesterday. After a while, the extension on the table rang.

Simon said in a magnetic voice.

"Miss Charlotte, come here!"

Coming! Charlotte's spirits were lifted up. He must have some evil intention to ask her in!

Charlotte cautiously walked into the CEO's office, which was 2 meters farther away from the desk than usual.

"Boss, what can I do for you?"

"Go and gather the senior executives of the company above the director level to have a meeting together."

"Then copy the documents I sent to you according to the number of people in the meeting and put them in the meeting room in advance."

Said Simon without raising his head.


Charlotte continued to wait for his action.

After a while, Simon looked up and found that Charlotte was still there. "Oh.".

"Miss Charlotte, it's all right!"

Charlotte still felt strange until she went out. Was it over?

Where was the blazing look in Simon's eyes before? And his gentle words?

If they were in a normal relationship, the woman would guess if there was something wrong with their relationship.

But for Charlotte, this way of getting along with each other made her more comfortable.

In this way, Charlotte reported the work to Simon as before. He also took it as nothing had happened and ordered Charlotte as usual.

When it was time to get off work, Charlotte's vigilance could not completely disappear, at least she could get along well with Simon.

Before leaving, Simon said to Charlotte casually.

"You'll wait at home this week. Maybe I'll be there a little earlier."

Charlotte hesitated for a while and said, "Okay."

Simon took the elevator to park and got in his car.

There was no difference on the way as usual, but the pace was a little faster.

When he sat down, he took out the book "How to Own a Cat" from his suit pocket.

"A cat is a very vigilant animal. If you want to approach a cat, you must not move too fast. If you slowly and imperceptibly approach a cat in daily life, it will gradually get used to your existen

ce. Then it will not be far from the moment its belly is touched."

The first one was so useful. According to the superior, he didn't deliberately contact Charlotte, but the result was very good. The invitation after work actually succeeded!

Simon decided to take this book as the Scripture and do it step by step.

He continued to read the next section.

"As the saying goes, there is no cat that doesn't want to eat. If you want to get closer to the cat, you have to feed it from time to time. If you control the cat's stomach, it will take the initiative to ask you for delicious food when it sees you. What's better than a cat taking the initiative to look for you?"

That's a good idea!

Charlotte was good at cooking, and most of the people who were good at cooking liked to eat. If they wanted to cater to her, wouldn't the delicious food be better than flowers and jewelry?

So on the second morning, when Simon passed by Charlotte's desk, he put a delicate box with a cold air.

"Grandpa gave it to you."

The box was painted with abstract lines, surrounded by flowers. The color was elegant and very beautiful.

Charlotte opened it curiously.

"Wow, it's so beautiful."

Eight bright colored round balls were placed in the box, blue, orange yellow, silver white and red brown. Each ball was different in color, but they were round and cute.

Each ball had a beautiful pattern and a unique shape.

Charlotte looked at the eight spheres carefully and found that they were handmade chocolate based on the eight planet of the sun system!

There was even a special planet ring around the scarlet brown star, Saturn, which was a unique idea that impressed Charlotte.

Such a beautiful chocolate could almost be regarded as a work of art. Charlotte was reluctant to eat it.

"This is a gift for grandpa. He gave it to you despite the pain. You should eat the handmade chocolate as soon as possible, or it will be easily melted."

Seeing the surprised expression on Charlotte's face, Simon thought that he had made the right choice.

Then he left.

Although he really wanted to see Charlotte enjoy the chocolate, in order to act as if nothing had happened, he'd better leave.

Hearing that it was a gift from someone to Mr. Alfonso, Charlotte thought that the chocolate must be very expensive. She tried to find the brand information from the box, but she couldn't find anything.

Seeing that the chocolate was melting, she really didn't want to waste such a good thing.

She picked up the chocolate representing the earth and put it into her mouth.

The slightly bitter chocolate melted in her mouth, smooth and inconceivable.

She tried to bite it gently.

The smell of alcohol briskly exploded in her taste bud.

It turned out to be a liqueur chocolate.

The taste of the wine slowly flowed into her mouth, like the sweetness of the cherry wine. In the center of the chocolate was a whole big cherry.

She gently bit the cherry, feeling the bursting juice flowing in her taste bud.

It's so delicious! !

Charlotte closed her eyes and pressed her lips to feel it on the seat for ten minutes.

She opened her eyes and saw the remaining 7 pieces of chocolate.

But the expiration date of these handmade things was very short. It would be a waste if she didn't eat and let it melt.

Bearing the pain in her heart, Charlotte put the remaining chocolate into her mouth one by one.

Each of them was wonderful. Charlotte enjoyed a feast today.

When he was listening to his subordinate's report in the office, he was still restless.

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