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   Chapter 13 The Delicate Scent In The Storage Room

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Suddenly, the light was on, and Charlotte's eyes were dazzled by the sudden light.

She covered her eyes with her hands and closed them for a while before slowly opening them.

There were shelves of different sizes on the wall and in the middle of the room. There were all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and some rice noodles. It seemed that she was the storage room of the Su Family.

When she saw the apples and pears rolling on the ground, she guessed that she had just dropped them.

A pear happened to roll at the feet of the man at the door. He bent down and picked it up.

It was Simon, who was standing at the door in pajamas, looking down at her who fell to the ground.

Simon was also shocked.

He thought of Charlotte, who was on the first floor. He was worried about her injured foot and wanted to check if she had a rest.

When he passed the living room and heard some noise in the kitchen, he didn't expect that Charlotte would fall to the ground.

"Why did you fall down again? How's your foot?"

Simon squatted down and helped Charlotte up to check if her foot was hurt again.

Charlotte] blushed.

"I... I'm fine. "

As a guest at his home, she was caught sneaking in the kitchen and pouring a lot of things.

Oh my God! She had never been so clumsy before.

It was all her fault. Why did she get hurt!

Seeing that Charlotte's face was so red, Simon thought she was not feeling well again.

He was about to pick her up and go to the living room for a thorough check.

Charlotte stopped him immediately.

"Boss, my foot is much better now. I can walk by myself."

The two didn't notice that the door of the room was quietly closed behind them.

"You fell down two times. How can you walk by yourself?"

Said Simon in a serious tone. Seeing that Charlotte's exposed ankle was covered with gauze, he felt very sorry for her.

"Why don't you go to bed at midnight? Why do you come out?"

Charlotte shrank back.

"I... I'm thirsty. Come out and drink some water. "

She thought of the cup on the ground and picked it up immediately.

Simon looked at Charlotte, who was holding a cup.

He didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. He asked slowly, "Amy is in the room next to yours. Why don't you ask her to get up and help you pour water?"

Did the servant neglect her?

The expression on Simon's face was a little stern.

"It's late at night. How can I call Amy up? She told me that I could ring the bell, but..."

Thinking of what she had done, Charlotte regretted not calling Sis Amy.

Speaking of this, Charlotte suddenly shivered and felt a little cold.

Seeing Charlotte, Simon looked around.

"This is the storage room for food materials at home. The temperature is about 5 degrees centigrade all year round. Don't stay here any longer. Let's go quickly."

After saying that, he helped Charlotte stand up. She barely stood with one foot. They turned around and saw the closed door.

Simon supported Charlotte with one hand and twisted the handle with the other hand.

It didn't open.

On the contrary, it twisted again but still didn't open.

The two of them looked at each other.

How could they stay in the storage room with 5 degrees centigrade!

Charlotte wanted to cry.

"When I went downstairs, I checked my watch. It was 1 o'clock in the morning. Normally, the cook would get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to prepare breakfast. We just need to wait for 4 hours and someone will open the door." Simon said calmly.

"But..." Charlotte shivered even more, "it's so cold."

Looking at Charlotte in her thin pajamas, Simon sighed deeply. He unbuttoned his pajamas, pulled her into his arms and wrapped her tightly with his pajamas and body temperature.

Feeling the sudden warmth, Charlotte couldn't help indulging herself in it.

She suddenly realized that she was in the CEO's arms?

Excuse me?

Was it the duty of the superior and subordinate to keep in touch wi

th each other so closely?

Charlotte began to struggle violently and murmured.

"Boss, I don't think it's a good idea. Please let go of me. I'll find something to keep myself warm."

"Be quiet," said Simon, holding her more tightly.

"This is an expedient. The body temperature of two people is more warm. Don't you want one of us to get sick?"

Charlotte couldn't get rid of him and blushed.

The CEO's words were right, and compared with the coldness in the room, the warm embrace of Simon was more attractive.

"Well, in order not to make you sick, I will give up desire to keep you warm..."

Hearing Charlotte's nagging, Simon couldn't help laughing.

They found a place and the two leaned against the wall.

Although the problem of temperature was solved, the atmosphere seemed a little embarrassing.

Looking at the vegetables and fruits around, Charlotte found a topic and asked casually, "president, your storage room is quite big."

"Yes," said Simon, carefully withdrawing Charlotte's exposed hand into her clothes.

"Although there are my grandpa and me in the house, there are a lot of people, such as cooks, gardeners, and drivers, and they need a lot of food materials. It is necessary to build such a large storage room."

"But," said Simon, looking down at Charlotte, "you are quite lucky. What we entered is only a low temperature storage room for vegetables and fruits. If we enter the freezing room for meat and seafood, we may not be able to go out today. The temperature there is twenty degrees below zero all year round. "

"Wow," Charlotte was shocked, "Boss, your design is not reasonable. Why don't you lock the door and let others in such a dangerous room?"

After saying that, Charlotte remembered the key she had found on the door. It was locked, if she hadn't unscrewed the key.

"Yes, I have to talk to the housekeeper and ask him to lock the door this time."

Said Simon seriously.

Feeling guilty, Charlotte changed the topic.

"Boss, it's so late..."

"Don't call me Boss." Hearing a strange "Boss", Simon was inexplicably unhappy.

Charlotte was confused by the sudden question of Simon.

Why didn't she call him boss?

"Then... Mr. Simon? "

Mr. Simon...

"Forget it. Call me Boss." Simon was a little discouraged.

He wanted to get closer to her, but was pushed back by her again.

"Okay." She thought the CEO was really inexplicable.

"Boss, why do you come down so late?"

Charlotte continued to ask.

Simon hesitated for a while and said.

"I want to see if your feet hurt badly. Can you have a good rest?"


Boss, are you caring about me?

Charlotte didn't know how to respond.

"Ha-ha, thank you very much, Boss. In fact, my feet have recovered a lot, ha-ha."

She failed to bring up two topics in a row, and Charlotte didn't dare to speak.

Holding the beauty in his arms, although the environment around him was messy through his pajamas, the soft jade fragrance in his arms still made Simon gradually distracted.

Charlotte was tall among the girls, but now she curled up in the arms of Simon like a kitten.

When they got along with each other every day, he knew that Charlotte had a good figure, but the first intimate contact with her still made Simon amazed.

Charlotte was wearing a conservative white pajama. Even though her skin was not exposed, the thin pajama still made her soft skin felt by Simon.

With her buttocks up on his lap, he recalled the waist he had just held. It was so slender.

Her delicate face gradually turned pink because of the warmth. The rose red on her lips was better than any lipstick.

Her long black hair fell on his chest. Simon sniffed gently, but there was no fragrance. There was only a faint lemon fragrance, which was her favorite smell of body wash.

Simon got hot and unsettled. In order not to think further, Simon cleared his throat and remembered what his grandfather had told him before.

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