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   Chapter 11 The CEO Was Also Gabbed to Get Married

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When they arrived at Charlotte's office, Simon let go of her hand, turned around and said, "it's none of your business. Stay here and work hard."

After saying that, he walked back to his office and closed the door. Looking at the hand that had just held Charlotte's hand, Simon thought of the warmth that he had touched. His face was like a blooming flower, and his peach blossom eyes were slightly bent, revealing a smile that made the woman scream.

Before Charlotte, who was left behind, could say anything to express her gratitude, she only saw that the back of Simon quickly slipped away as if he was escaping.

"Why do you think Boss left so fast today?"

Charlotte muttered to herself.

She looked at her own hand and felt the warmth wrapped in it just now. She thought of Simon, the God who had saved her in despair.

Her heart seemed to be touched by something, and happiness was like blooming fireworks, surging into her heart.

It was almost time to get off work. Charlotte came to the CEO's office and waited.

When Simon went out on, Charlotte walked up to her and said with a little embarrassment.

"Mr. Simon, thank you very much for what happened today. They are my mother and... Grandma, I really can't do anything to them. If it weren't for you, I really can't end it today... "

Before Charlotte finished her words, Simon interrupted her.

"Do you really want to thank me?"

"It's true. Mr. Simon, I will work hard in the future..."

Charlotte anxiously expressed her loyalty.

"Don't wait any longer. Let's go to my house to cook today."


Cooking again?

I said I would work hard, but I didn't say I would be a cook.

Charlotte, who didn't dare to retort, followed behind Simon and murmured.

When it was the first time that Charlotte came to the villa of the Su Family, Charlotte was not in the mood to look at it carefully.

This time, Charlotte sat in the car and carefully looked at the scenery of the Su Family's villa.

After he drove in, they had to pass a hill to see the Su Family's villa.

The villa of the Su Family was located among the mountains. Behind it were mountains, and lakes. In front of it lay a large lawn.

It was surrounded by green, and the white villa of the Su Family was like a fairyland.

Charlotte thought it was quiet enough when she went to Judy's villa.

It was not until today that she saw the villa of the Su Family that she realized the feeling of being far away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. The quiet and distant feeling made her calm down.

The two got out of the car. Charlotte was too focused on the surrounding scenery to continue walking.

Seeing the dumbfounded look on Charlotte's face, Simon smiled.

"Do you like this place?"

"Yes, I like it!"

Charlotte nodded repeatedly.

"I don't think so. It's too far from the city and the traffic is inconvenient."

Said Simon deliberately.

Charlotte turned her head and glared at Simon. He was not satisfied that such a beautiful place was far away from the city.

'How dare she glare at me? She's losing her temper.'

Unfortunately, Charlotte came back to reality right away and lowered her head to continue pretending to be a quail.

Thinking of the scene that Charlotte's eyes widened just now, Simon still felt eager to see more.

The two entered the room one after the other.

Mr. Alfonso, Simon's grandfather, was sitting on the sofa and tasting tea. He was very happy to see Charlotte.

"Girl, I'm so lucky to have you here."

Charlotte liked this seemingly serious but actually kind old man very much last time she came here.

She replied straightforwardly.

"Actually, Mr. Alfonso, your cooks' cooking skills are much better than mine. You like to eat what I cook just for fun."

Mr. Alfonso burst into laughter.

"Then I'll wait to eat your 'fresh' today!"

After two times of acquaintance, Charlotte went straight to the kitchen and began to prepare the food.

Today, she was going to make some desserts that matched the d

ishes. After a while, she went into the oven and put everything that should be put in the fridge. The rest was to wait.

At this time, Simon went into the kitchen.

Perhaps it was because Simon was at home, he wore a light blue cashmere sweater and light gray casual trousers, making him look comfortable and relaxed.

It was the first time that Charlotte had seen such a Simon. She was stunned.

"Secretary Charlotte, let's go out for dinner." Simon invited.

"No, No. I have to look at the oven."

Charlotte didn't know why, but she just felt it was not good to have dinner with the CEO.

Alfonso's voice came from the dining room outside.

"Charlotte, why don't you come over? Do you want for such an old man to invite you?"

Hearing Mr. Alfonso's loud voice, Simon was a little sad and laughed. Grandpa's assist was really effective.

"Yes, yes. Miss Charlotte, you are our guest. We can just look after the oven."

A cook said.

Simon cast a satisfied glance at the cook.

"Secretary Charlotte, let's go."

Then he walked out of the restaurant first.

Charlotte had to follow him.

Charlotte thought she would be on pins and needles during the meal.

Unexpectedly, it was a very happy meal.

The chef of the Su Family was very good at cooking, and it was very suitable for her appetite. The dishes were fresh and lovely, and the soup taste was rich, which made her eat a little more unconsciously.

Like his grandfather, Mr. Alfonso was afraid that she would not be full. The concern in his words was warm.

Simon was no longer sharp in the company. The warm light and the home-made dishes made him look like his brother.

However, during the dinner, Mr. Alfonso complained a lot about what happened to Simon, and he even complained towards Charlotte.

"Look at this boy. He's not young. He didn't even bring his girlfriend home, let alone marry his wife."

"It's so lonely to live in such a big house. I don't even have a grandson as long as I'm at home during the day."

Looking at his grandfather's complaining face, Simon seemed to be about to cry.

'Oh my God! There are dozens of servants, security guards, drivers and gardeners in the villa. Have you ignored them?'


Charlotte didn't know what to say, so she just held the bowl and giggled.

"I've been urging him to go on blind dates and get married every day, but he refused. Don't you think it's annoying?"

It seemed that Mr. Alfonso was about to get angry.

Charlotte thought that even if she became the CEO, she couldn't escape the fate of being forced to marry.

"Grandpa, please stop. Secretary Charlotte is embarrassed."

Simon reminded him.

"Don't say anything. I got angry when I heard you. Charlotte." said Mr. Alfonso with a kind smile.

"Try this black chicken soup with pinenut. It's good for girls to eat more black chicken."

The delicious black chicken soup quickly dispelled the embarrassment on the table.

Except for this little episode, the hosts as well as the guest during the dinner were very happy.

But Charlotte was a little confused. She heard that Simon's father died early, but why didn't his mother have dinner at home? And the Su Family didn't mention the hostess in their words.

However, it was the family affair of the Su Family, and she had nothing to do with it.

After the dinner, the cook brought the desserts to the table. The three of them began to enjoy the desserts again.

Today, Charlotte prepared almond tofu and yogurt cake. Alfonso ate them with relish and praised them from time to time.

Charlotte felt a little strange. The cooks of the Su Family were very good at cooking, but why couldn't they make dessert?

Grandpa, you've gone too far. Simon reminded his grandpa with his eyes.

Raising his eyebrows, Alfonso asked, "really?"

Simon nodded vigorously.

After finishing the last bite of the cake, Mr. Alfonso drank the matched tea.

"Charlotte, can you go out with me?"

Then he stood up and walked out in a hale and hearty manner.

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