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   Chapter 10 Short the Stock of the Qin Family!

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In the Su Group...

Charlotte was busy preparing the draft for her during the lunch break.

It was difficult to write the draft this time. It was related to the literary world, and she didn't know a lot of professional content. She needed to read a lot of materials.

She borrowed a lot of relevant books from the library and was extracting them.

"What kind of book is this?"

Charlotte was startled. She looked up and saw that Simon was reading a book on her desk.

"Stories of art, history of Chinese Contemporary Art, Unveiling the Mysterious Veil of the Masters of Revival, Colorful World of Light and Shadow of the Painters of the Impressions..."

'Damn it! I was caught doing part-time jobs!.

"I don't remember that the Su Group has an art project recently. What are you studying, Secretary Charlotte?"

After turning over the documents, Simon asked with an expressionless face and a hint of interest in his eyes.

"Well, I think... Hmm... My own artistic quality is too poor. I want to improve it, so I bought these books to read slowly. I'd better improve my skills, so that you will be more glorious because of me as a secretary! "

With a fake smile on her face, Charlotte hurriedly tidied up the books on the table, and accidentally dropped one of them, which fell to the ground. Its first page was opened, and the logo of the library of H city was clearly visible.

Charlotte and Simon looked at the book on the floor together. A smile seemed to appear at the corners of Simon's mouth.

Charlotte, on the other hand, wanted to die in pain.

Fortunately, a phone call from the extension on the table saved her.

"Charlotte, someone is looking for you at the front desk."

"My boss, I'm leaving now." Then she slipped away, leaving no chance for Simon to speak.

She took the elevator to the reception desk on the first floor. As soon as she turned the corner, Charlotte saw Agnes.

Why is mom here?

"Mom, what brings you here today? Let's find a place to talk outside. "

After saying that, Charlotte held Agnes' hand and walked out.

Agnes shook off Charlotte's hand.

Looking at Charlotte's face, Agnes felt a pain in her heart, but she remembered what Jessie, the old lady, said.

"If you don't bring Charlotte back, our Qin Family won't recognize you as our daughter-in-law!"

"This time, you are going to make a big scene in the Su Group. You can cry and kneel down if you can. You'd better ruin that girl's reputation and see what else man she can find!"

Agnes made up her mind and knelt down.

Startled, Charlotte squatted down too.

"Mom, what are you doing? Get up! "

Charlotte tried her best to pull Agnes up, but failed.

"Charlotte, go home with mommy. Even if there is a quarrel, it's still your home. Mommy and grandma miss you very much. Even if you find a backer, you can't deny your home."

"Mom, what did you say?"

Charlotte was completely confused. Why did her mother do this to her?

"Mom, get up first. Let's have a talk, okay?"

Even Miss Sun, the receptionist, also came to help, but the two failed to pull Agnes up.

"No, Charlotte, if you don't agree to go back with me, I won't get up."

Agnes was decisive to kneel here, so Charlotte had no choice.

It happened that everyone came back after lunch. There were a lot of people coming and going at the front desk. One woman knelt down, and the two people who pulled her quickly attracted a circle of people.

What's more, there was a hot topic in the company, Charlotte.

Charlotte became the second secretary of the president with a low education (compared with people who had had education abroad). Many people in the company hated her.

But the CEO's office was so high that their gossip couldn't be heard. Now that Charlotte had made such a big noise, of

course they had to gossip.

"Who is that? She looks so pitiful... "

Agnes was dressed up deliberately today. She looked haggard without any makeup.

"She seems to be Secretary Charlotte's mother. Why did she kneel down to her daughter..."

"She had a quarrel with her family and ran away from home..."

"It's more than that. Mom even knelt down when she ran away from home..."

"Secretary Charlotte looks nice, but in fact, she is so unfilial. She even asked her mother to kneel down for her without going back home..."

Looking at so many people around and then at her mother on the ground, Charlotte almost broke down!

But Charlotte knew she couldn't agree to go home.

Because she knew how insidious Jessie was!

Who knew what was waiting for her in that house!

"Why are there so many people here?"

When Charlotte was about to lose her mind, a voice came from outside the crowd.

Everyone turned around and then scattered like birds and beasts.

It was Dylan who spoke. He wasn't scared. What was horrible was that the CEO stood aside with a dark face!

What if the CEO remembers anyone with the bad expression of gossip!

Since no one was watching, Charlotte calmed down a little and continued to pull Agnes up.

"Security guard, someone is making trouble here. Take her out."

Charlotte was surprised and thought, 'Granny Jessie, she is here too?'?

At first, the old lady, Jessie, didn't want to show up, but that idiot, Agnes, was too useless. Seeing that things were screwed up, Jessie had to go forward by herself.

"Mr. Su, my former husband, Noah Qin, and your father were once friends. We have been friends for generations."

Upon hearing that, Simon looked a little bit unhappy.

She continued to rely on her old age and said, "my granddaughter is naughty by nature. She had a quarrel with her family and ran away from home. Thanks to Mr. Simon for taking her in, and disturbing these days, we should take her back."

Then she was about to pull Charlotte's hand.


Simon pulled Charlotte behind him.

Charlotte was almost dragged away by the old lady, Jessie. Charlotte stood behind Simon and felt very relieved when she saw his tall back.

"Did you get my permission to take her away?"

Simon's voice was full of great pressure, and his eyes were as cold as ice, which made the old lady, Jessie, take a step back.

"Mr. Simon, Charlotte is my granddaughter. This is our family matter. Please stay out of it!"

The old woman continued.

"Humph! The Qin Family has few properties left since that black sheep was born. Do you have the nerve to call yourself a noble family?"


"Yes!" Dylan cheered up.

"From tomorrow on, sell the shares of the Qin Group and don't come to see me until the price drops to half of the current price."

After saying that, Simon held Charlotte's hand and walked towards the elevator.


The old lady, Jessie, was shocked and angry. She had long heard of the glorious reputation of Simon's Mall, but she didn't expect that he would sell out the shares of the Qin Group without saying a word!

Looking at the back of Simon, she didn't dare to say anything more. Driven away by the security guard, she could only vent her anger on Agnes.

"Idiot, go!"

Hand in hand, Charlotte felt uneasy when she saw that the disturbance had disappeared.

Why did Mrs. Jessie insist on her coming home? Even if she was a servant, she didn't have to go back in person.

The old lady, Jessie, always thought highly of herself and looked down upon Charlotte and her mother. Why did Jessie come to her now?

What kind of plot was there that she had to take part in personally?

She lowered her head and saw the hand held by Simon. Her face was as red as fire. The CEO was taking her hand.

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