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   Chapter 9 Why Would I Have Such a Mother

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"Charlotte, why do you work in Orchid Club?" John asked softly.

"I borrowed some money from Orchid Club before. I need to work to pay off my debts."

Charlotte smiled bitterly. Thinking of what had happened today, it seemed that she couldn't go to Orchid Club anymore.

What about money?

"I can give you the money."

Before Charlotte could say anything to oppose, John continued.

"I lend you the money. You can pay me as much interest as Orchid Club gives you, okay?"

Charlotte thought for a while and agreed, but on some conditions.

"Brother John, I'll write you a note. I'll pay you back in 3 years."

Give me the IOU. It was true that Charlotte didn't want to take advantage of others at all when she was a child.

John felt more sorry for Charlotte.

"Charlotte, if you don't want to go back now, I'll book a room for you in the hotel nearby, okay?"

Charlotte nodded.

They came to the budget hotel next to them. Wearing a large suit and slippers bought from the convenience store, Charlotte came to the hotel with a man in the middle of the night to check in. The hotel staff couldn't help but take two more looks at her.

"Humph! Young people nowadays really don't behave themselves. They are so young, dressed indecently, and even come to check in with a man in the middle of the night."

A scornful voice said.

Charlotte's face turned pale.

John looked to the side and saw a middle-aged woman in luxurious clothes with her hair in a bun. She was so precious that it was strange for her to appear in an ordinary fast hotel.

"Old lady, don't mind other people's business. You look so haggard. I'm afraid that even the botox can't save your face. You are so mean. It seems that no one wants to sleep with you in the hotel." John said sarcastically.

"Yes, ma'am. Don't tremble. The powder on your face is about to fall." Charlotte answered.

The receptionist couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Charlotte and John looked at each other and smiled. The estrangement between the two seemed to disappear in the quarrel.

What John said was like a knife stabbing into the middle-aged woman's heart.

"You!" The middle-aged woman, Glenda Ou, trembled with anger. If her clothes hadn't been stained, she wouldn't have condescended to the fasthotel to deal with it. And she was even insulted by these two young people!

She vented all her anger on the servant who came to pick her up. "Why are you so late? I'll deduct your salary for a month when I get back!"

Glenda Ou turned around and was about to leave. But she didn't forget to look back at Charlotte and John. She remembered these two people!

On the second day, Charlotte came to work with full energy. She had to make money as soon as possible. Although John didn't urge her to pay the money, she was still suffering from heavy debts.

She contacted several part-time jobs and found a job that was suitable for her recently.

When Charlotte was in college, she worked as a substitute in her studio. She accepted all kinds of articles, including articles, books, and even some professional books.

It was just that this job was short of money and troublesome. Later, Charlotte gradually stopped doing it.

This time, the draft involved some foreign language books, which were in a hurry, so the price was very high.

Humming a tune, Charlotte accepted the work and sorted out the documents secretly before Simon came.

Charlotte's phone rang. It was her mother.

She picked up her phone nervously and walked to the staircase.

"Charlotte, when will you go back to the Qin Family?" There was no tenderness in the voice on the other end of the phone, but only request.

"Mom, I can't go back to the Qin Family!" Charlotte sai

d firmly.

"Well, if you don't come back, your parents must be supported. We have used up the one hundred thousand you gave last time, you can give me another one hundred thousand."

The person on the other end of the line said without surprise.

"Mom, where can I find one hundred thousand dollars? Last time you knew where the money came from..."

Thinking of what happened in Orchid Club, Charlotte]'s eyes turned red.

"I don't care how you get the money. If you don't give me the money, just come back!" The woman's voice on the other end of the phone was emotionless.

"Mom, I can't give you any more money. If you want me to support you, you can move out and live with me. I will provide for you in retirement. Or I don't have any money for you!" Charlotte hung up the phone first. It was not easy for her to be tough with her mother.

Last time, her mother forced her to give money, so she had to borrow money from Orchid Club to sign the work contract.

She couldn't give her mother more money now!


Charlotte covered her mouth, leaned against the wall, squatted helplessly and cried silently.

Why? Why did her mother always stand on the opposite side of her when she tried to escape from that house!

Why should she stand with those who hurt her!

Why did she have such a mother!

After crying for a while, Charlotte remembered that it was still office hour. She wiped her tears, tidied up her clothes and hair, and left the staircase.

She walked in such a hurry that she didn't notice the sound of a long sigh coming from downstairs. Seeing that, Simon's eyes were bottomless. He clenched his fists and wanted to hold her in his arms, but he didn't dare to go forward.

In the house of the Qin Family.

The old lady of the Qin Family, Jessie Qin, sat on the sofa with a gloomy face, and Agnes sat beside her.

Jessie Qin had forced Agnes to call her daughter because she wanted Charlotte to go back to the Qin Family so that they could achieve their ulterior purpose.

But Jessie Qin didn't expect that the idiot, Agnes, would come up with such a stupid trick to force Charlotte to offer one hundred thousand. She didn't expect that Charlotte would really take back one hundred thousand!

Damn it! What's the use of one hundred thousand! What she wanted was Charlotte!

Thinking of this, Jessie Qin couldn't help but roar at Agnes.

"You have raised your daughter well. I don't know what kind of dubious business she has done to pay so much money!"

Agnes stepped back. "I... I don't know. I called her to force her to come back, but I didn't want her to send the money... "

Seeing this, Lisa interrupted, "Mom, it's useless to scold her. Charlotte is a strong girl now. It's not easy to be obedient when she finds a backer outside."

Seeing Lisa speak for her, Agnes cast a grateful glance at her.

But Lisa turned her head and ignored her.

Well, if it weren't for the one hundred thousand dollars that Agnes asked for, she wouldn't care even if she saw Agnes was scolded to death!

"What kind of backer did she find?" Asked Jessie Qin.

Lisa thought for a while.

"She found a job in the Su Group and now lives in Daisy's house."

"The Su Group!"

Jessie Qin hesitated. She had heard of the name of the Su Group, and it was not easy to offend.

Daisy's family was a rich and powerful family, and the girl looked innocent. Her father was an old fox, and it was better not to provoke him.

"The Su Group can't stop a mother from looking for her daughter, right?"

As Jessie spoke, she looked at Agnes and sneered.

"Agnes, I'll go with you and pick up your daughter in person!"

She must take control of Charlotte and waited for the change of Eason's condition!

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