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   Chapter 7 Grandpa of the Su Family Loves Sweet Food

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Why did she go home with the CEO as a secretary?

Charlotte was in a state of dementia.

Seeing that Charlotte was dumbfounded, Simon couldn't help laughing.

"What are you thinking about? My grandfather told me that your desserts are delicious and he wanted you to cook them at home."

Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief.

Of course, there was no problem to make dessert, but she still had...

Seeing the expression on Charlotte's face, Simon had already guessed what she was thinking.

"I won't let you do it for nothing. You can work overtime after work today. Double salary."

Charlotte stood at attention.

"I promise I will make dessert for elderly gentleman!"

Now that she had double salary, she would stop her secret part-time job after work!

Charlotte followed Simon to the parking lot.

The driver had been waiting for her at the door. He opened the door and waited for Simon to get in.

Charlotte consciously sat in the front passenger seat, in the same row with the driver, leaving the spacious back seat to the CEO.

"Sit in the back seat." "I need to tell you Grandpa's preferences."

Well, Charlotte was obedient and sat in the back seat.

Simon's car was a very comfortable commercial vehicle. It was not conspicuous on the outside, but spacious and comfortable inside. There were people sitting in the front row and in the back row.

To be honest, as the secretary of Simon, Charlotte often went out with him.

But basically, Dylan followed them. Charlotte and Dylan took the same car.

It was the first time that two people sat in the same car like this.

No matter how spacious the car was, it was still an airtight space.

She were so close to Simon that they seemed to feel each other's breath and temperature.

Gradually, Charlotte felt a little uncomfortable. She tried her best to shrink herself down, in case of affecting the CEO.

All of a sudden, Simon leaned towards her. Charlotte was stiff and didn't dare to move.

His arm was about to put on her shoulder

Charlotte slapped Simon's hand right away.

The two of them were stunned. Simon cleared his throat.

"The fridge is over there."

Charlotte turned around and saw the fridge looking at her innocently.

"Boss, I've learned some martial arts before. My body is so fast."

Charlotte had to giggle.

Simon felt a dull pain in his arm. She was so strong.

"Let me tell you Grandpa's preferences."

He sat upright and changed the topic.

Charlotte quickly took out a small notebook.

"When he was young, he liked spicy food. When he was old, the doctor said that he should eat light food, but grandpa always said that it didn't taste, and then he preferred sweet food. But the doctor didn't recommend too sweet food. How to make dessert with strong taste but less sugar depends on your ability."

"There are all kinds of materials at home. Let's see how you can use them."

"This time, you can go all out!"

Looking into Charlotte's eyes, Simon emphasized in a thoughtful tone.

Charlotte hurriedly said, "Boss, don't worry. I will make your grandpa satisfied!"

When they arrived at the Su Family's villa, Charlotte didn't have time to appreciate the luxurious villa and the outdoor garden of the Su Family. She went into the kitchen and began to work.

A few hours later, Charlotte took out the finished product and told the Butler waiting next to her that dessert was ready.

Several desserts were placed on the table.

Charlotte smiled and introduced them one by one.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Su. The desserts you are going to have today are red bean and coconut cakes, black wheat and coconut scone.

Pumpkin cheese cake, fruit jelly. I hope you like it. "

The image of Simon's grandfather was similar to what Charlotte had thought before.

It was an old man who looked like Simon very much. Although he was old, he was still tall, with slightly wrinkles on his face, and his hair was still white, but he was hale and hearty. Obviously, he was an old man who was difficult to deal with.

"Little girl, is this really dessert? Is it the kind of dessert made by our chef before? Without sugar, can it be called dessert?"

Grandpa didn't look well. It seemed that he had been tricked by the dessert cooked by his cook.

"Mr. Su, you can have a try. This is my exclusive secret recipe. I promise it will taste sweet enough."

Charlotte explained with a smile.

Mr. Su picked up the fork and put a piece of red bean and coconut cake into his mouth.

As soon as he chewed it, he smiled with satisfaction. He looked up at Charlotte and continued to eat.

As he tasted the desserts one by one, Charlotte felt relieved. It seemed that Mr. Su was satisfied with her desserts.

Seeing that Simon frowned and seemed unhappy, she walked over and explained in a low voice.

"I didn't add too much sugar in these desserts. They are basically fruit sweets, and there are some sugar substitute. There are also some pumpkin, wheat and other grains in them, which are very good for Mr. Su's health."

In order not to be heard by Mr. Su, Charlotte whispered in the ear of Simon.

She didn't notice that her breath touched Simon's face and earlobe.

All of a sudden, Simon's body tensed up. His hand trembled slightly as if he could not control himself.


As soon as Charlotte finished her words, she couldn't help but poke at Simon when she saw that he didn't move.

Simon suddenly moved and walked out, leaving only Charlotte behind.

Why did he leave?

Was Mr. Simon satisfied or not?

After sending Charlotte away, Simon sat opposite the table, looked at his satisfied grandfather and asked with his eyes.

Mr. Su wiped his mouth and said to Simon.

"This girl is not bad."

Simon's eyes lit up. "Of course, I have a good taste."

Ignoring Simon's arrogance, Mr. Su continued.

"In order to please me, the girls your mother brought with her kept adding sugar to my food, regardless of my health."

"The housekeeper told me that she would calculate the heat carefully before she made every dessert. Basically, she used fruit to increase the sweetness. When she had to add sugar, she would try her best to control it, without affecting my body."

With Mr. Su's explanation, the smile on Simon's face deepened and she looked very proud.

"Why are you laughing? She doesn't seem to know what you are thinking."

Mr. Su couldn't bear the pain.

"Of course I need grandpa's help."

Simon poured a cup of refreshing tea and passed it to his grandfather fawningly.

"Okay. You can bring that girl back from time to time and make dessert for me."

"But, have you decided how to pass your mother's test?"

Simon still smiled, but his tone was different.

"No one can stop the person I want!"

"Good boy, you have the same experience as your grandfather!"

Mr. Su couldn't help smiling, imagining the beauty of his great grandson.

As soon as Charlotte got home, she held her aching arm and planned to have a good rest.

The phone suddenly rang.

"Charlotte, I'm in a hurry. How about working overtime today?"

Charlotte rolled her eyes.

"Manager Zhou, didn't I say that I would ask for leave today? I can't go."

"Charlotte, I have no choice but to come to you. How about this? As long as you come, I don't want the interests of the money you borrowed before. All I need to do is to return the principal!"

Charlotte was tempted by the money. It would cost her a lot.

"Okay, wait for me."

Orchid Club...

Charlotte, dressed in the bunny girl's clothes, walked in the dim corridor with a tray full of wine. The soft carpet eased the discomfort caused by the high heels.

She remembered that when she just arrived at Orchid Club, Manager Zhou looked at her with appreciation.

"Although I'm in the club, I'm just a princess and won't be a barmaid."

The princess was a waitress in the nightclub. Although such girls were also one of the most eye-catching standards in the entertainment places, princesses would not end up with accompanying the guests. All she needed to do was to serve tea and water.

She didn't know why Manager Zhou agreed to her request and lent her a sum of money at a low price.

In a twinkling of an eye, Charlotte had been working part-time in Orchid Club for more than two months.

She worked here with a high salary and a share of tips.

Although there were some indecent men, most of them went to the club for the ladies.

Even if there was someone staring at Charlotte, the agile Charlotte would quickly dodge and not let others take advantage of her.

"Charlotte, a bottle of whiskey and 4 glasses of wine are needed in room 6. Hurry up."

"Here you are."

When she arrived at room 6, in the dim light, beside the table full of various kinds of foreign wine, men and women intertwined. When she first came, she might blush and dare not look, but now she had calmly ignored it.

Charlotte put down the bottle and cup and was about to leave.

"Hey, that newcomer. Come here."

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