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   Chapter 6 Being the Secretary of Simon Is a Dangerous Industry!

Office Romance: Mischievous Secretary VS. Bossy CEO By Ren Ping Sheng Characters: 6083

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When they went out for lunch, Charlotte arrived at a quiet villa group.

Charlotte said her name, and the security called to confirm before her entering.

The environment of the villa group was very good. Although it was not very big, it was quiet in the center of the noise, and the scenery was delicate and lovely. People who could live here must be rich.

Would such a rich person be so anthomaniac to the point of buying information?

Charlotte was confused.

When they arrived at the villa where the seller lived, Charlotte knocked on the door.

A housekeeper opened the door and respectfully invited Charlotte to sit down on the sofa. He also prepared tea and desserts for her and told her that the master would arrive soon.

After a while, a girl in pink home clothes with a bun on her head came downstairs, sat opposite Charlotte and looked at her with a smile.

It seemed that she was the buyer.

Charlotte took out the documents.

"Miss, this is the information you want."

The girl took the bag, but didn't open it. Instead, she handed over an envelope.

Charlotte took the envelope and pinched the thickness, which was much higher than what she said.

"Miss, you seem to give a little more."

"Don't call me miss. Judy Zhu. Can I call you Charlotte? "

Judy Zhu said affectionately.

"Of course, but this envelope..."

Charlotte insisted.

"I invited you here today not for these materials. To be honest, I have known these things for a long time." said Judy Zhu.

Judy Zhu put her feet on the sofa and put her face on her hands.

"I heard that Charlotte, you are so powerful that you can arrange someone to enter the CEO's office. Is that true?"

'Damn it! How dare Rose say that to others! '

Thousands of emotions flashed through Charlotte's mind, but she didn't show them on her face.

"Of course not. Miss Judy, who told you that? I just want to sell intelligence and make some money. How dare I interfere in the CEO's office?"

Charlotte denied seriously, with anger and fear, as if she was really wronged.

Judy Zhu was not cheated by Charlotte's performance.

"Since I asked, there must be evidence."

Judy took out her phone and showed it to Charlotte.

It was a selfie of Rose in the CEO's office!

Rose, this idiot! She deserved it that she couldn't attract the CEO!

"Miss Judy, I don't know where this photo was taken. How dare you say it's in our CEO's office? It's so ridiculous."

It was not a good place to stay here for a long time, so Charlotte decided to run away.

"Look, you have also taken the documents. It seems that you don't come to me for the documents. I don't want the money. I'll leave now."

Then Charlotte stood up and walked out.

"Wait, do you know who I am?"

Judy said coldly as she sat up straight.?

Charlotte was a little confused. If you were the daughter of Bill Gates or the princess of Saudi Arabia, why did you come to me?

"I'm your CEO's fiancee and your boss' wife in the future!"

Judy's identity was real

ly frightening.

"Then why are you looking for me today?"

Seeing that Charlotte's attitude had eased and that she was even a little respectful, Judy could not help smiling with satisfaction and turning to a lazy look.

"I have been engaged to your CEO since childhood. We haven't seen each other for a long time. We are a little alienated from each other. I really hope that someone can help us make a connection."

"I heard that you are the closest person to the CEO in the company, Charlotte. I hope to ask you for help. Of course, the payment is inevitable. Take the money in the envelope as the first payment."

Then she handed the envelope to Charlotte.

Charlotte listened to him respectfully and took the envelope.

Seeing her take it, Judy happily picked up the teacup.

"Miss Judy, since you are the CEO's fiancee, you can naturally find him and he will provide you with any help you need."

"I'm just a secretary. I'm in charge of some trivial matters in the company. I don't have the ability to help you. I don't dare to take this envelope."

Looking at Judy's gloomy face, Charlotte glanced at the door and found that someone seemed to be standing in front of the door.

Charlotte looked at her watch and exclaimed exaggeratedly.

"Oh, it's working time this afternoon. I have to go." While taking her handbag, she said, "I specially told Special Assistant Dylan that I would come to your villa to send some things. He also specially told me to go back early."

Judy waved her hand casually and the man at the door disappeared.

"Miss Charlotte, since you have something to deal with, just enjoy yourself. As you know the place, you can come and have fun in the future."

Charlotte strode out with wind under her feet. She hurriedly left this place, thinking that ghosts would come here to play.

Judy looked at the envelope on the table and impatiently asked the housekeeper to clean it up.

Judy didn't dare to touch Dylan. She heard that Charlotte loved money the most. She thought she could buy it off effortlessly, but she didn't expect that Charlotte was so slippery!

She took the phone upstairs and made a call. The gloom on her face turned into sweetness.

"Auntie, I'm Judy."

"Yes, I've come back. In order to reconcile with Simon..."

"But I heard that something happened to Simon's group recently..."

"Okay, I'll come to your house tomorrow and tell you in detail."

After hanging up the phone, Judy snorted and thought, 'who does Charlotte think she is? It's easy for her to get close to Simon!'

Charlotte trotted all the way back to the company. Her heart was still pounding. If she hadn't mentioned Dylan to frighten Judy, she might have been detained somewhere.

As the secretary of Simon, it was really a dangerous industry.

As soon as she took a sip of water and calmed down, she heard the call from Simon.

As soon as she arrived at the CEO's desk, she heard the words of Simon.

"You don't have to go to work this afternoon. Come home with me."

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