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   Chapter 5 Finish the Meal and Sell the Materials

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"Charlotte, why are you walking alone?"

"Brother John!" Charlotte seemed to see her savior.

It was John Cheng she hadn't seen for long!

"Can you give me a ride?" She really didn't want to walk.

"Come on, silly girl."

As soon as Charlotte got on the car, John Cheng passed her a bottle of ice water.

The air conditioner and cold water in the car made Charlotte exhale comfortably.

Compared with the harsh environment outside the car, it was like heaven in the car.

John Cheng drove away.

Seeing that Charlotte got on John Cheng's car with a bright smile on her face, Simon didn't realize that his face was as dark as the bottom of a pan.

The driver saw Simon's face and didn't dare to move. Just now, the boss asked him to drive fast to catch up with Miss Charlotte, but as soon as he arrived at the place, he found that Miss Charlotte had gotten on someone else's car.

"Go back to the company." The driver shivered with fear when he heard what Simon said.

On the other side, the atmosphere in the car between Charlotte and John Cheng was a little awkward.

"Charlotte, long time no see. How are you doing?"

John Cheng broke the silence first.

"Not bad..."

Said Charlotte, playing with the mist on the bottle.

They hadn't seen each other for a long time. John was her childhood playmate, who she had been chatting with all the time, now had concealed something.

"Oh, I just came back. Now I'm in charge of technical work in a company. If you have anything, you can call me."

John Cheng handed his business card to Charlotte.

When they arrived at the place, it was a hot pot restaurant. Daisy had arrived in line ahead of time.

As soon as Charlotte got off the car, Daisy ran over and saw John Cheng on the driver's seat.

"Charlotte, this handsome man is..."

Daisy winked and pushed Charlotte.

"Well, this is..."

Charlotte paused.

"My brother, John Cheng."

Daisy's eyes lit up when she heard it was her brother. She didn't care why her brother had a different surname.

"Since he is your brother, let's eat hot pot together. There are so many people here."

John wanted to spend more time with Charlotte. Why not? "Well, Charlotte, would you mind me joining you?"

"Of course not. Let's eat together."

Regardless of complicated emotions, John was easy to get along with.

She looked at the boiling hotpot on the table next to her and smelled the spicy hotpot in the shop. No matter what she was thinking, the most important thing now was to eat hotpot.

John served the two ladies enthusiastically, pouring drinks and bringing snacks.

Red mutton, round meatballs, green vegetables, blinds, duck sausage, rotten bamboo, fans, mushrooms and bowls of various colors were served.

Everyone put their favorite dishes into the pot, and the impatient Daisy always wanted to get them out before the pot was boiled.

John quickly pressed down her chopsticks.

"Daisy, the mutton can't be eaten until 15 seconds after the pot is opened."

Then he put a piece of mutton into the spoon.

"If you use chopsticks, the part that the chopsticks reach will not be able to touch the hot soup, which will lead to the scald. The best way is to scald the mutton slice in the spoon."

Then he put the scalded mutton, blinds, mushroom and other food on the dish in front of Daisy.

"Usually, everyone likes to use a sesame paste or a sesame oil plate to dip the mutton, but I think it has a refreshing feeling and a special taste when you use a sand tea sauce to dip the mutton. Daisy, have a try. "

Daisy tried the sand tea paste and said in surprise, "it tastes good. Mr. John, you are so good that you know such a special way to eat."

"When we studied abroad, we missed the domestic food. But we didn't have enough materials, so we had to make it by force. I didn't expect it to taste good. Now I have a person

who is good at cooking."

"Don't call me Mr. John. You can call me Brother John like Charlotte. You are Charlotte's best friend. As Charlotte is my sister, you are also my sister. Why are you too polite?"

John's smile was gentle and elegant. Looking at his handsome face, Daisy blushed and quickly lowered her head to eat the meatballs.

Charlotte was a little absent-minded when she heard the word "study abroad". Simon was also studying abroad. Could he also be good at cooking?

John was secretly happy to see the way Daisy ate. She must be very satisfied with this meal. It was not a bad thing that he had served for so long.

At least Charlotte's best friend would say something good for him.

After dinner, the two girls were sent home by John. They washed off the smell of hot pot and sat on the sofa watching TV leisurely.

"Charlotte, is John your paternal cousin or your maternal cousin?"

Daisy asked.

"Neither. He is my stepbrother?"

Charlotte kept silent for a long time before answering.

"Well, I don't know your mother..."

"Yes, my mother took me to marry his father when I was a child."

Charlotte unconsciously grabbed the tassel beside her pillow and recalled the past.

"Dad Cheng loves mom very much and treats me very well. And John also treats me well. I was very happy during that period..."

Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. My mother married my blood father, the man who made her suffer for the rest of her life.

Looking at the expression on Charlotte's face, Daisy stopped asking.

"Charlotte, your stepbrother is excellent. Does he have a girlfriend?"

Charlotte was stunned.

"I don't think so..."

There was no pillow in his car, no wedding ring in his hand, and no photo of the girl in his wallet and cell phone.


Daisy thought. She wanted him.

Although Daisy was born in a rich family, she was the only daughter of her father. She was not interested in business, but there must be someone to inherit the family property.

Since she grew up, her father had arranged blind dates for so-called business elites.

These people were either pretending to be arrogant, did indecent things to her in private, or they were obsessed with her identity as a daughter of a rich family and bowed to her.

She didn't like any of them!

Until today, when she saw Charlotte's brother, who was so gentle and considerate, and spoke literally, and studied abroad, she thought he must be a handsome talented young man.

She was tempted by such a person.

The second day, as soon as Charlotte sat at her desk, she received a call.

"Do you have any information about Simon?"

A woman's voice came from the other end of the line.

Business is coming! Charlotte got excited at once.

"Yes! Do you want a basic or a complete set? "

"What's the basic? What's the full set?"

"The basic information includes his weight, age, birthday, preliminary resume, such as his education background. The complete set includes diet, clothes, hobbies, lifestyle and more details. "

The lady who answered the phone had obviously been introduced by her other clients and answered very quickly.

"I want a full set!"

"Okay, the whole set costs 8999 dollars. No discount! If you pay the money quickly enough, you can be given a picture as a gift. It's definitely not exposed to the public! "

"Someone told me it was 6888. Why did you raise the price so soon?" The woman was surprised.

"Miss, the information is incomplete. The information is less than 8999 when it is 6888."

"Okay, I want a set, but I want to receive the goods today."

She added.

"I'm in H city. You can bring it to me."

"Pay the price and deliver the goods at the same time!"

Charlotte was very happy to make a big deal. She recorded the address and phone number of the other party and began to prepare materials.

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